Which is better gas or electric dryer?

No matter which you prefer, electric or gas, they both have their benefits and downfalls.

Gas dryers tend to be more efficient in terms of cost and energy, but this is sometimes at the expense of noise and less durable clothing.

Electric dryers typically take longer but offer a quieter operation with less chance for damage to your clothes.

Before we get into which brands make the best gas or electric dryer, let’s first look at each one individually.

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What type of dryer do I currently have?

Before choosing a new dryer, it is important to know what type of dryer you currently have, since brands make both types.

You may want to take a look at your current machine and see if you can find the serial number on the back. This will usually include information about which brand and model it is.

How to check if I have an electric dryer?

If you are looking for an electric dryer, your machine will have a power supply cord that plugs into the wall. If you still can’t tell if it is electric or gas, look to see what type of venting system you have. If the ventilation tubing runs to one location outside your house, then it is likely gas.

If it has a side vent that runs outside near the dryer, then it is likely electric.

How to check if I have a gas dryer?

If you are looking for a gas dryer, it will consume natural or propane gas. The tank will be located next to the machine and connected by flexible tubing that runs through the dryer cabinet.

If this is your style of the appliance, then you will likely need to hire an HVAC professional to make sure the installation is done correctly.

So, which one is better gas or electric dryer?

Both gas and electric dryers are fairly energy efficient, but this varies by model. If you want the most efficient dryer, look for one that has earned an Energy Star rating. This means that it’s at least 10% more efficient than standard models.

When it comes to which is quieter, typically gas dryers are the quietest. Electric dryers offer lower sound ratings because they do not have an electric ignition system that makes a loud noise when starting up.

Gas dryers tend to be more durable in the long run, since parts are sealed with rubber for insulation rather than plastic. However, this also means that they are noisier.

Which Dryers Cost More: Gas or Electric?

In general, electric dryers cost more than gas dryers. If you are looking to buy one as cheaply as possible, it is best to find a used model rather than going for a new one. However, going too old can be problematic since older models have fewer safety features and tend to have shorter warranties.

Gas models usually have a more advanced ignition system, so they tend to last longer. Electric dryers may overheat if the lint filter is clogged or installed incorrectly, but gas dryers do not have this problem because of their sealed parts.

Gas dryers are slightly less expensive on average than electric models, but some can be had for as little as $50 or less. Electric models tend to range in the $150-300 range for an average model with standard features.

Dryer Installation Considerations

If you need to hire a professional to install your new dryer, be sure they will do the job correctly. Most gas lines require the use of flexible tubing with approved connectors and valves, while electric lines only need an electrical outlet installed near the machine. However, some models can run on either type of venting system.

If your old dryer vents are outside, it is best to have the same type of exit on your new one. If you are converting from gas to electric, hire a professional first.

Dryer Maintenance

Both gas and electric dryers require regular maintenance to run efficiently. Electric models need the lint screen cleaned after each load, while gas may need the vent inspected before use.

Both machines will benefit from an occasional deep clean if you remove the inner drum and clean it thoroughly with hot soapy water. Of course, always unplug your machine before disassembling it!

If you follow all the guidelines written here, your new appliance should be safe and reliable.

Which Lasts Longer: Gas or Electric Dryers?

Both gas and electric dryers are fairly durable, but if you want to ensure your machine lasts for over a decade, go with the gas.

Gas burners are often more robust because they have no built-in electric ignition system that can fail.

If something does break, it’s usually less expensive to replace the part than having an electric model repaired.

However, in both cases, you have to factor in the cost of repairs over the lifespan of the machine compared to its initial purchase price.

In this sense, it’s easier to replace an electric dryer rather than a gas one because of their lower cost.

It is also important that your rear venting exit doesn’t get blocked or impeded by anything.


In short, if you’re looking for a cheap machine that will last a long time, go with gas. If you want something more efficient and expensive, pick electric.

Unless you have an unlimited budget or special installation needs, choose the dryer that best meets your lifestyle and needs.

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