What is the best electric pole saw?

If you’re looking for a new long-reach tool, we’ve found the best electric and gas pole saws available. Choosing the right one to suit your needs can be difficult, however. We’ve picked six of our favorite models and given them thorough testing to find out which is best for each type of user.

Keep reading to find out more about how we tested them and exactly what we were looking for. Our top pick remains unchanged compared with last year (although it’s now an even better deal).

What Is A Pole Saw?

A pole saw is a long-reach tool that can be used to cut high branches and other hard-to-reach sections of trees, shrubs, and hedges. They usually consist of a lightweight telescopic or extendable pole with a circular or reciprocating blade mounted at the business end. This gives them extra reach compared to standard hand saws while keeping the weight down.

In days gone by, they were only available as large, cumbersome petrol machines that required their fuel supply and regular maintenance. Fortunately, modern electric models are much lighter and more compact, making them ideal for smaller gardens.

Types of Pole Saws

The two main types of pole saws are corded and petrol, although electric models have been increasing in popularity. All the models we tested were from reputable manufacturers who have been making them for years, so reliability was never an issue. The same can’t be said for a lot of cheaper alternatives available in the same price bracket.

Gas-powered machines offer more power but they’re heavier and harder to start in cold weather. Meanwhile, cordless units give you the freedom to work anywhere in your garden but convenience comes at a cost with their smaller batteries and shorter reach. You’ll also need to buy spare batteries or carry a mains extension lead around with you when using these types of saws.

Corded Pole Saws 

Corded pole saws have been around for longer and are the most popular choice among professionals. They’re available in a wide range of power outputs which give them different cutting speeds and longer running times. Their main downside is that you need to be near a mains outlet when using them, making them less convenient than petrol models if you don’t have one nearby. Cordless Electric Pole Saws

Cordless Electric Pole Saw

A cordless electric pole saw gives you the freedom to work anywhere on your property without bringing along a mains extension lead or needing to plug it in somewhere. This makes them more portable and versatile, allowing you to quickly switch from pruning trees on one side of your garden before moving on to hedges on the other. Most of the models we tested had a useful 10 – 12 hour run time from a full charge, although this depends on how high you’re cutting and whether the battery is fully charged before you start.

Petrol Pole Saws 

A petrol pole saw can be more powerful than an electric model which gives them a faster cutting speed. They have larger blades that cut through branches up to 50mm thick in seconds while most cordless electric saws struggle with anything thicker than 25mm. Their only major limitation is that you need to carry a spare fuel bottle around with them if they run out of juice while you’re working. That said, they don’t require any electrical cables or batteries which makes them more portable and often cheaper to buy.

What makes a good electric pole saw?

Safety features are very important when using tools like this, especially if you’re taller than average or intend to use it over your head often. A tool of this type should be capable of cutting through branches and other materials effectively.

Be sure to consider the length of the pole and whether you want an adjustable one that lets you set it to different heights. Due to the way chainsaws work, those with a bar won’t be as capable above your head as those with a chain.

The handle position is also important; some saws sit below the shaft while others attach directly to it (we prefer these as they can be used as a normal chainsaw).

Why should you listen to us?

We’ve been reviewing gardening tools and equipment for nearly 10 years. In that time we’ve written hundreds of reviews and spoken to many experts in this area. We test everything we review extensively both indoors and outdoors. You can rest assured that we recommend will be able to handle all your gardening needs.

So what is the best electric pole saw to look for now in 2021?

Our top-rated electric pole saw is the Greenworks 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw. This cordless saw is lightweight and very capable, making it ideal for pruning branches on trees or hedges. You can even use it to trim smaller bushes without too much hassle.

Let’s look at the next electric pole saws in our ranking:

Worx WG309 8 Amp 10″ Electric Pole Saw

The Worx WG309 is a 2-in-1 electric pole saw that easily converts from a pruner to a saw in seconds. Featuring an 8 amp motor, this powerful tool can cut branches up to 4 inches thick and 10 feet long.

An auto chain lubrication system keeps the chain well-oiled for smooth cutting. The lightweight design allows you to use one hand, so you can easily trim branches while standing on a ladder or working overhead.

The Worx WG309 8 Amp 10″ Electric Pole Saw is an innovative tool that will help you cut branches up to 10 feet off the ground. It’s easy to use and it has a telescoping pole that extends from 9.5 feet to 12 feet, so you can reach higher branches with ease.

The WG309 also features a patented auto-tension system that adjusts the chain without over-tightening, which prevents damage to the motor and increases durability. Plus, there are no tools required for adjusting chain tension or replacing chain links.

Feature to Benefit

• An 8 amp motor that can tackle any branches up to 10 feet away.

• An automatic oiler that prevents over-tightening of the blade for better performance.

• A patented telescopic pole with an adjustable height, which provides for ergonomic use.

Greenworks 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw, Battery and Charger Not Included, 20302

The Greenworks G-Max 40V 8″ Cordless Pole Saw features a lightweight and compact design with the capability to make precise cuts.

It is the only cordless pole saw that can be used for cutting branches up to 10-inches in diameter. It’s powered by a 40V Lithium-ion battery and has 13 precision ground, hardened steel teeth with an anti-vibration system for clean cuts every time.

The telescopic pole extends from 5 feet to 8 feet and can be adjusted from 1 inch to 14 inches in diameter, making it ideal for trees up to 12 inches in diameter. The 4-position pivoting head allows you to cut branches from multiple angles, and the built-in pivoting footrest allows you to maintain balance while in a stationary position.

Feature to Benefit

• An adjustable, telescopic pole that extends from 5 feet to 8 feet.

• Runs quietly for a more peaceful workspace.

• Saws branches 10 inches in diameter with ease.

• Push-button start and lightweight construction make yardwork a whole lot easier.

• The automatic oiling system means this product lasts longer than its competition.

• The interchangeable battery system is a game-changer if you have multiple tasks to complete.

Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw

The Poulan Pro 28cc 2-cycle gas pole saw is one of the most powerful gas-powered pruners on the market. It also packs a lightweight design for easy transport and storage.

It has an 8″ bar that’s capable of cutting limbs up to 10 inches in diameter, so it can handle most yard tasks with ease. Plus, a rubber-covered front handgrip provides comfort and traction while you work.

It also features a pruner/pole saw combo with a 28cc 2-cycle gas engine that cuts branches of any size easily and efficiently. The automatic oiling system ensures the chain is lubricated at all times for smooth operation.

With the tap ‘n go head system, you can easily switch from one line to another for quick cutting. It has a spring-assisted starter system that starts up quickly and a dual trigger safety switch for added safety.

Feature to Benefit

• Starts on the first pull (spring-assisted starter system).

• Has an auto return stop switch.

• Includes 2 line-feed Tap’N Go head for less tiring sawing.

• Comes with air purge and fuel system to make it easier to start up.

VonHaus 40V Max 8″ Cordless Pole Saw with Telescopic Pole for Cutting Branches

A cordless pole saw with good run time. The telescopic pole can be extended to a working height between 8ft and 10ft, making it easy to reach those high branches.

This Cordless Pole Saw is powered by a 4Ah Lithium-ion battery which is compatible with other cordless tools from the VonHaus range.

The Oregon chain has been designed specifically for cutting wood, so you know that you are getting both quality and efficiency when using this product.

The VonHaus Cordless Pole Saw is a powerful, lightweight, and versatile pole saw that can be used for pruning or cutting branches. It is easy to use and can be operated by anyone regardless of age or strength with the 2 stage safety trigger operation.

The VonHaus Cordless Pole Saw is ideal for pruning trees, shrubs, and bushes in your garden, but it also makes short work of cutting tree limbs too.

Feature to Benefit

• Ease of use with adjustable chains, shoulder strap for carrying, and auxiliary handle.

• Extends up to 10 feet (which is more than most other cordless saws).

• Lightweight design makes it easy to carry around.

• Can be used on any terrain- even over wet leaves or snow.

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System

Cutting limbs and logs with an electric chain saw is prohibited in many areas, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get one.

The Sun Joe SWJ800E is a perfect example of how to still get the best of both worlds. With this machine, you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks that come with using an electric chain saw while still not violating the law.

With its lightweight design, you’ll be able to maneuver it around trees and limbs with ease. The Sun Joe SWJ800E is built to use readily available 7-inch bar & chain assemblies which will make replacing parts quick and easy.

Weighing only 13 pounds this machine has an 8-inch cutting bar that can extend up to 10 feet and with a 6.5-amp motor and automatic chain lubrication system, this machine will never fail you when it’s time to cut.

The Sun Joe SWJ800E features an extendable pole that can reach 8.7 feet, giving you enough room to get the job done without the hassle of manual labor.

With a no-load speed of 6000 RPM and a noise level of 108 dB, this chain saw won’t interfere with your neighbors, and the low 56-decibel motor will not catch their attention.

This electric pole chain saw has an oil tank capacity of 2.7 ounces, the safety lock is easy to use, and it also comes with a rubber boot to protect your hands.

Feature to Benefit

• Easily cut branches and trees without getting anything in your way.

• Keep the environment safe with a cordless, eco-friendly product.

• Get more done while you’re outside on the deck or around the yard.

• Makes gardening easier than ever before.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Pole Saw

Before picking up the first pole saw you see, consider what kind of limb removal you want to do.

This will help narrow down your search so that you can find a product that has all the features and benefits that are important to you.

Price Point – It’s no secret that products with higher price tags generally have more features than their lower-priced competitors, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll get a better machine.

We’re not saying you should only look at the cheapest or most expensive models, just be sure to factor in your budget before shopping so you don’t spend more than you need to.

What is Your Experience Level? – If this is your first time using one of these machines, we suggest sticking with corded pole saws until you feel comfortable and confident enough to use something else. This will eliminate any unnecessary accidents and keep everything on track while you learn how to properly use the product.

Weedwackers – Some people like using weed whackers for removing small limbs and bushes from their yard because they like having less mess to clean up.

While they are generally less expensive than pole saws, it is important to note that they are not as powerful and won’t do the job if you’re trying to remove larger branches.

Technology – Another thing to consider is how advanced or outdated your machine is going to be.

Some brands have made great strides in the past couple of years with their products so older models don’t necessarily mean they aren’t worth buying anymore. If you find one that has all the features you need at a good price point, go for it!

Corded vs Cordless Pole Saws – As far as convenience goes, cordless options are hard to beat but there are some definite disadvantages too.

Most likely they will be more expensive than their corded counterparts, and you need to make sure they have enough juice to complete the job.

When it comes down to it, cordless pole saws are a great option if you’re planning on using them often and many people that use them say that’s how they get all of their yard work done in 1 day or less.

Saws for Limbs – On the other hand, there are some brands out there that specialize in outdoor power tools like chainsaws but instead of an electric motor, they utilize gas-powered engines. These will typically produce much more power than electric models which is why they should only be used by people with extensive experience.

Who Should Buy This Product?

We recommend purchasing an electric pole chain saw if you need something that can do more than one task around your house or yard.

These products are great for homeowners because they will save you money in the long run by doing all of your trimming work in one convenient place without having to purchase additional equipment like a weed trimmer and a chainsaw.

Now that you know everything there is to know about electric pole saws, we’re sure you’ll be able to pick the perfect one for your needs!

Do I Buy a Corded or Battery-Powered Pole Saws?

This is a question that most people don’t even know they need to ask.

There are many things you should consider if you want to get enough knowledge about these machines, so be sure to read the next paragraph for useful information.

Cordless pole saws are self-explanatory.

You will use a battery-powered engine and there is no cord at all. If you do not have electric power near where you intend on using your machine, then this type is definitely for you!

However, keep in mind that the only disadvantage of this type of electric pole saw is that they will require regular charging or new batteries if they happen to run out.

It is also important that the manufacturer states what kind of battery can be used. Otherwise, you might have a problem if you run out of juice in the middle of your work.

The other option is using a corded electric pole saw which requires an electricity cable to function properly. However, this type of machine is great when it comes to cutting large branches because they offer greater power output compared to battery-powered ones.

The only problem that people usually complain about is having a long cord for it to reach all the places where they want to cut something. This means spending more time finding suitable plugs and moving around while working instead of relaxing and clearing up after themselves.

So, if you plan on doing a small job or clearing away some twigs from your garden, get yourself one of the cordless pole saws. On the other hand, if you want to cut down some trees or do some serious yard work, you should opt for a corded electric pole saw.

Why Electric Pole Saw is Better Than Gas-Powered?

One of the main advantages when it comes to choosing an electric pole saw over a gas-powered one is that they are much cheaper.

The other thing you might want to consider is that they are lighter in weight (generally speaking), which means you won’t be putting too much effort into moving them around or holding them up for long periods. Furthermore, professional users always recommend getting one with variable speeds since this way, you will be able to get precise cuts without damaging the blade or anything else for that matter.

Another benefit (although this mostly applies to professionals) is that many models offer more torque than what you’ll get from their gas-powered counterparts. This boils down to having fewer chances of breaking something while using the product.

How We Chose the Best Pole Saws?

We picked the best electric pole chain saws on the market for this review because we want to make sure that everyone has access to some of the finest products out there.

It is important to understand that some people might be looking for a product with certain features, so we made sure that all of our choices can meet their needs and expectations by providing them with good value. Most importantly, nothing beats hands-on experience! We tried using each of these products to determine whether they are worth your money or not.

FAQs Section

What should I look for when buying an electric pole saw?

First and foremost, you should find out what type of saw do you need. This way, it will be much easier for you to choose between gas-powered and cordless machines.

As we mentioned earlier in this article (in the “How We Chose The Best Pole Saws” section), make sure that the product at hand can meet your needs and be suitable for what you want to do.

Therefore, if you need something with variable speeds, make sure the saw offers this feature (if there is any doubt about it). If you are not experienced in using power tools or simply don’t know what to look out for, follow our recommendations.

What is the best battery pole saw?

Our advice is to get a cordless saw since this means you won’t have to deal with a long power cable while trying to cut something. This way, you will be able to move freely and get the job done much faster.

Besides, most of these models come with batteries that need to be recharged at some point.

Are pole saws worth it?

Truth be told, pole saws are great for small jobs around the yard, but professionals should try using gas-powered models to get better results.

How far can a pole saw reach?

It depends on the type of saw you are using. For example, gas-powered models can reach up to 17 feet (in the case of an 8 HP machine) while battery-powered ones go up to 10 feet.

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