Virtual Reality VS Augmented Reality : Know the Difference

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are currently both trending technologies and has become a tremendous fascinating subject to discuss and to experience the world virtually and in augmented form. Both have got now a lot of recognition and are still growing and has become one of the fastest growing technology with a promising future.

Since the technology is new both AR and VR are confusing and seems related but are different. They both distinguish themselves as for different use and entertainment and are worth explaining.

So, We’ve collected the important datas and information from various trusted websites and institutions and have used it to create a graphical and fun to read infographic which will help you understand the clear differences between them for their present and future use.


Here is an Infographic of the differences between



AR and VR both having their own norms in this emerging tech. industry are set out to make it a big consideration.
Augmented Reality fairly deals with virtual levels such as sensations, graphics and images whereas Virtual Reality deals graphically and digitally.

There is a systematic pattern wave between both AR and VR users. The devices creates an imaginary reality world for the purpose of entertainment, gaming and also for practicing real life difficult situations. It is time we progress a step higher as well.

Analyzed and Designed by VIKAS KUMAR, a B.Tech. Student at Thapar University and
a Passionate Tech. Enthusiast.

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