3 Best Foldable Jetson Electric Bikes Review: Top 3 Reviews and Guide

Jetson Electric Bikes Review

When you think of electric bikes, the first company that comes to mind is probably Tesla. However, there are many other companies out there making electric bikes and we put together a list of our favorite brands for your convenience.

Tesla isn’t the only name in town when it comes to electric bikes – here’s a look at similar another popular brand – Jetson!

“We all know that the Jetsons were an amazing cartoon series in the ’60s that showed us what life would be like in the future. They had flying cars, robot maids, and automatic dog walkers. Well, guess what? We may not have any of those things yet, but we now have electric bikes!

Have you ever wanted to ride a bike, but were too lazy? Riding a bike is fun, but it’s not always practical.

Jetson Electric Bikes are here to help you get around town without having to work up a sweat. They’re lightweight and easy to use so that anyone can use them. Plus they come in all kinds of colors so you can pick your favorite one!

You don’t even need any training wheels because these bikes are designed with an adjustable seat post and handlebars. And if that wasn’t enough, they also include front and rear LED lights so other people can see you at night time!

Don’t wait another minute – buy your very own Jetson Electric Bike today. It’s perfect for everyone from kids to adults who want something fun and exciting this summer.

If you live in the city or just don’t want to deal with traffic and parking, riding an e-bike might be for you. But there are so many different kinds of electric bikes on the market that picking one can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve done all the research for you and picked out our top 3 favorite e-bikes!

Jetson Bolt Folding Electric Bike

Jetson Bolt Folding Electric Bike Review


  • Wheel Size: 12 Inches
  • Dual Type Suspension
  • Size: 40″ x 20″ x 37″
  • Portable & Rechargeable

If you’re like me, then you have a love-hate relationship with your bike. You love riding it because it’s great exercise and getting some fresh air is always nice.

But the downside of biking is that there are so many parts to maintain, including lubing the chain and pumping up your tires regularly. It can be annoying to spend time on these tasks when all you want to do is ride!

Well luckily for us lazy bikers out there, Jetson has created an electric bike that takes care of most of those pesky tasks for us! The Jetson Electric Bike Bolt Folding Electric comes with a set of features designed just for people who hate taking care of their bikes as much as I do.

This bad boy includes an LCD computer that shows your speed and distance traveled, as well as an adjustable seat. It also has front and rear LED lights for riding in the dark and a portable bike stand so you can fold it up easily when you get home!

This bike has a 250-watt motor and can go up to 15 miles per hour! It’s perfect for those of us who are too young to drive.”

Why did we like it?

• Add a little bit of fun to your commute

• Get around town in style and on time.

• Never worry about buying gas again.

• Get to work 10 minutes early every day.

• Say goodbye to traffic and parking.

• Save your money.

• A budget-friendly way to take care of work-related stress.

Jetson Lumi 3 Wheel Light-Up Kick Scooter Review

Jetson Lumi 3 Wheel Light Up Kick Scooter Review


  • Wheel Size: 5 Inches
  • Rear Braking Style
  • Age Range: Big Kid

The Jetson Lumi 3 Wheel Light-Up Kick Scooter for Girls or Boys, Ages 3+ is a new scooter on the market that has just been released.

The Jetson Lumi is the latest and greatest light-up kick scooter to hit stores in recent years. It’s perfect for children ages three and up with its lightweight design, sturdy construction, and fun features like LED lights!  

Jetson Lumi 3 is the ultimate all-terrain ride-along toy. It features wheels, adjustable handlebars, and a durable tone to withstand your child’s rough play. The Jetson Lumi 3 will make any kid happy this Christmas!

Why did we like it?

• Use less electricity

• Have fun while you commute to work/school

• Get more exercise by replacing your car with an e-bike!

JETSON Jupiter Kick Scooter for Kids Review

Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter for Kids Review


  • Size: 24 × 10.5 × 8.5 inches.
  • Rear Braking Style
  • 100 LED lights

“It’s never too early to start training your kids for the Olympics! With the JETSON Jupiter Kick Scooter, they’ll be ready to go in no time.

The scooter features a patented design with 6″ wheels and an adjustable height handlebar for a comfortable fit. Simply turn on the LED lights and watch their face light up as they race around outside in style.”

The Jetson Jupiter electric bike is a rear brake, lightweight design that has been on the market for about 6 months. This sleek and affordable bike offers all of the features you need to get around town quickly and easily. It’s a great option for those who are looking to buy an e-bike but don’t want to spend too much money!

Why did we like it?

• Safely transport your groceries from the store.

• Ride into dusk with our powerful lights.

• It’s a dream come true for environmentalists.

• Freedom of mobility and travel.

Jetson E-Bike Reviews Conclusion

The Jetson is a great bike that can go up to 20 miles per hour on average. It’s perfect for commuters, families who live in the suburbs, or people looking for an exercise machine indoors when it’s raining outside. We hope you found this review on Jetson Bikes helpful and if so please share it with your friends on social media!

Feature To Benefits

• Save money on gas and parking

• Stay healthy by riding an electric bike

• Ride in style with Jetson Electric Bikes, which come in many shapes and sizes.

Getting around is hard when you’re a kid. You have to ride your bike like everyone else, but that’s not safe enough for some people who want their kids to be able to get around on their own.

Electric bikes are the perfect solution for parents who want to give their children the freedom of riding a bike without having them worry about getting hurt or going too far away from home.

An electric bike lets your child enjoy all the fun of biking while still feeling safe and protected because they can go anywhere they want without worrying about being tired out by pedaling up hills or running into traffic on busy streets. This allows them more freedom than ever before with less risk than ever before. The best part? They’ll love helping you clean off your car after grocery shopping!

FAQs On Jetson E-Bikes

Where is the Jetson bike made?

San Antonio.

There are several assembly points for the bike, but it’s primarily manufactured and assembled at Jetson Manufacturing in San Antonio. We also assemble the bikes in Illinois to help keep costs down.

The company is so environmentally conscious, that they’ve partnered with Luster-Life Manufacturing out of Madisonville, Kentucky to remanufacture old batteries and match them to brand new Jetson bikes! You’d never guess by looking at our bikes that we reuse parts like this!

How fast is the Jetson electric bike?

The speed is limited to 25 mph.

You can pedal harder if you need more power.

After giving it a little gas, we were able to keep up with traffic on this bike! We imagine that would be tough without the boost button and gears; but as soon as we hit the turbo button and switch into higher gear, we felt superhuman.

The Jetson may not be of much help climbing mountains or going very far distances, but it will get you up hills with ease and navigate around city terrain nicely (although busy intersections are tricky).

How long does a Jetson bike last?

Answer: Jetson bikes are extremely durable. They can be used outside and the “few scratches” we incidentally get are hardly noticed. The color coating in particular is designed to stay bright over time, even while it’s being used indoors or outdoors.

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