How VR is Remodelling Travel Industry

Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.

The importance of travelling has always been known to humankind. Philosophers, thinkers and scientists have highlighted the positive impact travel has on the human mind, body and brain.

Travel is a hobby, but also a remedy. Few things can cure a broken mind like seeing new places and breathing in a new culture. A sole thought of an upcoming trip can be an instant mood booster.

After a journey, we often feel like a refreshed version of ourselves or even a new person altogether.

The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

But the concept of travelling has changed over time. People of the 21st century prefer comfort above all, and that’s barely possible when you have to transfer flights and think of your lost luggage.

Reality, Redefined

And what screams comfort if not online gaming? The iGaming industry has skyrocketed over the years and is now at its peak. The trade also seems to have redefined the word “peak”. The gaming industry hit what was thought to be the pinnacle years ago. Now, decades later, it perseveres and remains fan-favourite, world-leading commerce.

In that light, iGaming slithered its digital fingers into diverse types of games. Gaming has expanded and developed so much that it touches upon the real world so much that’s it’s not realistic anymore, but actually real.

Virtual reality has rocked our worlds through mobiles and tablets, as well. VR is moving at a break-neck speed and does not intend to stop. Merging thus with gaming, VR has changed forms many times.

VR also started to inherit the wealth of novels and comics and make them real. Let’s take the long-anticipated The Witcher TV show. Netflix has made the original short story by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski into a series. But before that, there was a video game trilogy with the same title. The first instalment debuted in 2007, while the sequel followed four years later. Finally, the concluded the saga with the 2015’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

No Hassle, Just Comfort

An interesting piece of information regarding The Witcher also concerns virtual reality. In 2016, The Witcher 3 premiered as a first person VR experience. Players reported that the game combined with VorpX beats any other game on the market.

We know that VR can be impactful. But how powerful is VR really?

In a video NBC News posted on their YouTube channel, they talk about VR hardware and software that will change travelling forever. Specifically, they highlighted a few virtual reality apps that let viewers go just about anywhere in the world. Whether you’d like to go snorkelling with marine wildlife or climb the Kilimanjaro. It seems that everyone is embracing the omnipresence of virtual reality.

Another type of VR users is into gaming travels, such as the one related to The Witcher 3. Typically these PC buffs enjoy various types of games, including table games and video slots. The latter is of particular significance, for software providers are advanced and creative in their designs. Video slots come with bright, vivid graphics and immersive sound effects. Players can’t help but feel engrossed in this virtual world. There are websites that post reviews of video slots online, which can help you find your dream online slot.

Raising the Bar

But what about the economic side of virtual reality? Sure, these futuristic ways of travel save you money, but what does it do to the travel industry?

Travelling trade has been transformed by VR to adapt to new circumstances. When searching for the next holiday destination, you look for memorable experiences. Not only do you have to think about the price, but you also need to consider other things. Tedious segments of travelling regard booking the right hotel room, arriving at the airport on time and dealing with the travel agency. After all of it, you end up bored and exhausted.

And that’s exactly why VR can be hazardous to the travel industry. It is cost-effective in every possible way. You only need to purchase the app or the VR headset and you’re all set. Choose your dream location and travel there in a matter of seconds.

However, back to those unforgettable experiences. Reality has been redesigned, but we have a long way to go before we fully move onto VR and disregard real-life travelling.

Most people are sceptical by nature, and it’ll take us all time to wrap our heads around this new innovative concept. But it wouldn’t hurt us to try it out.

Perhaps we should dare to leave your daily routine and try out the best VR deals on the market today!

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