How to use wood chips in an electric smoker

Best Wood chips in electric smoker

“It’s time to get down with your bad self and fire up that smoker. Step one is finding the right wood chips for the job.

I know what you’re thinking, “I have no idea which type of wood chips are best!” Lucky for you, this blog post will show you some options so you can pick out the perfect chip.”

So check this out : applewood or cherrywood are good choices if you want a sweet smoke flavor. Hickory is great if you like rich smoky flavors or mesquite if you like a tangy taste.”

“Who says smoking meat has to be complicated?

Smoked meats made in an electric smoker require just three ingredients–meat, water and wood chips!

So don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea of smoking meat. It’s just about getting down with your bad self and cooking something delicious!”

Wood Chip Tray Method

Step 1 : “If you’re using a wood chip tray, place the soaked chips in their own separate pile.

Don’t mix them with any spices or sauce that might drip off the meat into the tray–this would make it harder to tell when your chips are finished smoking.”

Step 2 : “Next, place the wood chip tray above the heating element in your smoker and close it up. You may have to leave a small gap for air flow.”

Step 3 : “Depending on the thickness of your meat, it can take as little as 30 minutes and up to six hours for a full smoke.

However, thicker cuts–like brisket or pork shoulder–will require closer to four hours.”

Foil Pouch Method

Step 1: “If you’re using a foil pouch, simply wrap the soaked chips in aluminum foil and poke some holes around it with a knife. Then place this directly on top of your heating element.”

Step two is to close up the smoker as before then cross your fingers and hope for the best! Depending on how thick or thin your meat is, it may take less than 30 minutes or up to six hours for a full smoke.”

“To make your life super easy and ensure as much flavor gets infused into the meat from those smoky chips possible, try using one of these methods: wood chip tray method or foil pouch method.

The wood chip tray method will give you a little more control over your smoking experience while the foil pouch method will require less monitoring.”

If using wood chip tray , place soaked chips in their own pile and do not mix with any spices or sauce that might drip off meat into tray.

Next, place wood chip tray above heating element and close smoker. You may have to leave a small gap for air flow.

Depending on thickness of meat, it can take as little as 30 minutes or up to six hours for full smoke (thicker cuts will require closer to four hours).

If using foil pouch , wrap soaked chips in aluminum foil and poke some holes around with knife then place directly on heating element.

Close smoker and cross fingers hoping for the best! It may take less than 30 minutes or up to six hours depending on how thick or thin your meat is.”

What is an electric smoker?

An electric smoker is a type of machine used to cook meat through smoke. The main difference between an electric smoker and other types of smokers (such as propane or charcoal) is that it uses electricity rather than flame, gas, or coals for heat.

Electric smoker wood chips – Wet or dry?

Wood chips for use with an electric smoker can be either wet or dry.

Wet wood chips are soaked in water before they are used, and typically produce a sweeter, milder flavor than dry wood chips.

Some smokers even have containers to hold the water that is poured over the smoking material directly onto the heating element of your machine.

Dry wood chips are used at room temperature, and they usually produce a smokier flavor than wet wood chips.

If you’re using dry wood chips, then it’s best to soak them in water for half an hour before placing into the smoker so that they don’t burn too quickly. .

Checkout the YouTube video :

How much wood chips for an electric smoker?

For electric smokers, it’s best to use a moderate amount of wood chips—about one cup is recommended. You can always add more later if you want that smokier flavor.

How long do wood chips last in electric smokers?

Wood chips last for about 45 minutes to an hour when used in electric smokers. If you are cooking something that takes less time, then it’s best not to add the wood chips until at least halfway through the smoking process so they don’t burn up prematurely.

Can I use Wood Chunks or Pellets In My Masterbuilt Smoker?

Yes, you can!

Wood chunks and wood pellets are the two types of smoking material used in electric smokers.

Wood chunks may give food a more smokey flavor than wood pellets because they burn hotter and faster (the average chunk burns for 45 minutes to an hour).

On the other hand, since wood pellets don’t have any bark or sap, they tend to burn more slowly and evenly than wood chunks.

Both types of smoking materials are made from compressed sawdust, so they essentially produce the same flavor when used in an electric smoker.

Wood pellets usually last longer because there is less moisture within them that can evaporate over time (therefore you don’t need to soak them as long as wood chunks).

How to get more smoke from an electric smoker?

If you want a stronger smoke flavor, then it’s best to add the wood chips during the last half hour of cooking or when there is about 30 minutes left. If the food is almost finished cooking, then it’s best to wait until you remove it from the smoker before adding more smoking material.

Is Thick White Smoke A Good Sign?


If your electric smoker produces a thick white smoke, then it’s perfect. This means that the wood chips are producing vaporized water throughout cooking which is called “banking”. The more steam and heat during this process, the better (which usually translates to tastier) results you’ll get from smoking meat in an electric smoker.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Wood

If you’re using an electric smoker, then thick white smoke is a good sign that the food will taste smoky. If there are other colors of smoke (such as blue or yellow), then it’s best to stop adding wood chips until the color turns back to white because those colored smokes can actually give your meat a bitter flavor.

Type of Wood Chips for Electric Smokers

Cherry, apple, hickory, and mesquite are some of the most popular types of wood chips used in electric smokers. You can also try out other woods if you want to experiment with different flavors (such as pecan or oak). Try a combination of lighter-flavored smoking materials such as cherry along with heavier-flavored woods such as hickory.

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