How to lock up an electric scooter

In the summer of 2018, I rented a scooter from a company called “Scoot”. On September 21st, that same scooter was used to steal my phone. Partially at fault is poor security on the part of Scoot and how they use cheap locks instead of expensive ones.

Is your electric scooter a source of joy or a constant worry? 

If you worry that someone will take your e-scooter, then check out the following tips to protect yourself from theft.

Electric scooters are very expensive and if someone wanted to steal them they could easily do so within a couple of minutes. The only thing their owners can do is lock up their scooters in order not to lose them. So here’s our roundup on how to effectively secure an electric scooter:

First of all, if possible avoid leaving the scooter outside overnight completely unattended. This may seem obvious but there have been recent incidents where people have left their e-scooters in front of stores while they ran inside for just a couple of minutes. That could be enough for someone to steal your e-scooter!

If you must leave the scooter outside overnight, make sure to lock it up properly. When locking, try to use as many locks as possible (preferably strong ones) but remember – less is more here because using too many locks can make it easier for thieves to target your e-scooter.

Two or three good locks are better than five crappy ones which anyone can break easily. When choosing a lock for your scooter, go with either disc locks or chain/cable locks – never use cable ties instead of proper locks! Cable ties just don’t work – they’re not durable and will often snap easily without traumatizing the thief.

The best locks for your electric scooter are U-shaped locks or even better, armored ones. Some e-scooters come with the latter installed already but if yours doesn’t have them then you can buy and install them yourself (this does not apply to cheap electric scooters). Generally, the more expensive the brand of your e-scooter is then the stronger its locks will be. However, some cheap models also come equipped with excellent lock systems!

One thing we recommend: don’t leave spare keys in obvious places such as under mats or underneath cars because thieves know all these hiding spots. Make sure to hide your key well – use a magnetic box on the frame of your e-scooter which can be easily opened with a magnet. If someone tries to steal your e-scooter and they don’t have your key (which they won’t as you will hide it well) then there’s no way for them to hotwire or start the scooter which prevents it from being driven away.

Don’t assume that thieves won’t know how to unlock U-shaped locks: even if you use strong ones with armored cables, the lock itself is still just a regular triangular-shaped one and it’s very easy to open without leaving any trace of tampering! A cheap electric scooter can be opened within 10 seconds with only a screwdriver so make sure yours isn’t left unlocked – ever!

All these tips are not just helpful for your safety but also for others. In case of a serious accident where someone is lying injured on the road, bystanders will have more time to help/call for ambulances if they see that your e-scooter isn’t being stolen.

So let’s sum it up!

1) Don’t leave your electric scooter outside overnight – at most, lock it up in front of an open store for just 5 minutes while you run inside. 2) Lock up your electric scooter properly with disc or chain locks (never use cable ties) 3) Use armored locks and don’t forget to hide the key well 4) Tape down push buttons so they can’t be triggered easily 5) Make sure to check out our video about how to lock an electric scooter!

Hope this helps! If you like our tips, don’t forget to share them with your friends. Your help in spreading the word will allow us to write more useful articles for you! Cheers 🙂

FAQs Section

I’m thinking of buying an electric scooter but it doesn’t come with locks or is equipped with crappy locks. What should I do?

Firstly, check to see if your e-scooter has armoured/U-shaped locks – if so then you don’t need to buy additional ones. If not, go for chain/cable locks instead – they’re a lot better than cable ties!

My electric scooter doesn’t have locks but I think it’s too heavy for a thief to carry. Is that true?

Unfortunately, no – many e-scooters aren’t particularly heavy and can be wheeled away by an experienced thief within seconds. For example, some Segways weigh just 30 kg while their maximum load capacity is 120 kg. Such a heavy-duty scooter will be wheeled away by the thief in no time!

What if I lock my e-scooter tightly with strong cable ties instead of proper locks? Isn’t that enough to prevent it from being stolen?

No, absolutely not – cable ties can easily be broken and you will never be 100% safe using them. With enough strength, a thief can break them in just a few seconds which doesn’t give you the chance to catch him/her even if you are standing right next to your scooter at that moment!

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