How to clean electric stove drip pans?

How to clean electric stove drip pans

If you’re like me, your electric stove drip pans are just coated in burnt-on grease. I always thought that there was no way to get them clean, but after some research and testing, I found out that it’s actually pretty easy!

Follow my simple step-by-step directions below for a quick and effective cleaning process.

Requirements :

– A dirty electric stove drip pan

– White distilled vinegar (you can also use baking soda)

– Aluminum foil

– A small stiff brush or scrubber (optional)

Step 1: Fill the drip pan with white distilled vinegar and let it soak for about half an hour. You do not need to turn on your stove, just plug it in and turn on the power.

Step 2: After half an hour, remove the drip pan from the electric stove. Remove as much of the grease as possible with paper towels or a scrubber. You may need to repeat this process until all the grease is removed.

Step 3: Cover one side of your aluminum foil sheet with baking soda (or salt if you prefer). The easiest way to do this is to lightly sprinkle baking soda over an area roughly 8 inches long by 4 inches wide, then roll it up like a tube so that there are no open seams on top or bottom, just like how you would wrap candy for Halloween or Christmas presents.

Once you have rolled up your sheet of aluminum foil, place it face down so that it’s touching the electric stove and all of its components.

Step 4: Turn on your electric stove to low heat and let the drip pan heat up for about 10 minutes or until your aluminum foil sheet turns brown or black.

This is what it will look like when you’re done:

The cleaned drip pan should be almost chrome-like, with just a slightly textured finish. The difference in appearance between the before and after photos is pretty massive!

What’s actually happening here?

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat (~220F/104C), which means it heats up very quickly! When you place aluminum foil around your electric stove components, this provides an easy way for heat to transfer from the metal itself into the aluminum foil. The aluminum then transfers this heat into a sheet of baking soda, which has a much lower melting point (~350F/176C) than the drip pan metal itself (up to 2093°F/1147°C).

The baking soda can melt and absorb some of the greases from your electric stove components, even though it’s cooled before you get a chance to touch it!

Just make sure you do not leave your aluminum foil sheet in for too long because otherwise, it will stop working after absorbing all the grease. If this happens, just place another sheet on top of the previously used baking soda.

You’re done!

Dispose of the aluminum foil sheet and reattach the cleaned drip pan to your electric stove.

Clean the electric stove drip pans with ammonia

Requirements :

-One-gallon zip-top plastic bags

– Household ammonia

– Sponge

– Liquid dish soap

– Dishtowel

Step 1: Fill a one-gallon zip-top bag halfway with household ammonia and seal it.

Place the filled, sealed bag on top of the drip pans and allow it to rest for an hour or two before removing the drip pan from the stove.

Let them sit overnight if necessary. If you do not have time to make this solution overnight, you can leave them on the stove overnight without any issues!

Step 2: Fill another zip-top bag with a 50/50 mixture of dish soap and ammonia.

Seal it and place it over one drip pan at a time while still in the electric stove. Allow it to rest for an hour or two before removing the drip pan from the stove.

The dish soap and ammonia mixture is meant to remove any dirt or grease which was not removed by the acidic solution alone.

Simply pour a little bit of your household ammonia down your kitchen sink drain, followed by a few splashes of water. This should help clear out any residue which may have been left behind, ensuring that no bad smells or greasy stains remain on or around your electric stove!

How do I keep my electric stove clean?

Once you’ve cleaned your stove drip pans, they’re easy to maintain. Here are some tips for keeping them clean:

– Make sure to unplug your electric stove before doing any cleaning on it

 – Wipe up spills immediately

 – Turn off the power when leaving your house or going to bed at night

This will ensure that your drip pan doesn’t get too dirty in the first place so that you can just clean it once every few months.

That’s all!

Have a nice day, and don’t forget to share with someone else who might need this tutorial!

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