How to build a frame for an electric fireplace insert

With the holiday season in full swing, many people are thinking about how to celebrate their favorite winter traditions. One of the most popular ways is with an electric fireplace insert.

From creating a cozy atmosphere for your living room to making it easier to keep warm during a blizzard, an electric fireplace insert can help you enjoy all that winter has to offer.

This blog post will show you how easy it can be to build a frame for an electric fireplace insert so you can get away from the hassle and expense of going out and buying one yourself or having someone else do it for you!

You will need the following items:

-A saw, or circular saw if you have one.

-A drill with a hole bit and screwdriver attachment.

-Wood glue (optional).

-Screws that are long enough to go through your wood and into the studs behind it.

It’s as simple as measuring your space, picking up some supplies from your local store or online, and following these easy steps: 

Step 1: Measure your space.

Accurate measurements are key to getting the best results, so take your time here and double-check that you’re measuring correctly.

Step 2: Choose your wood. 

Picking the right kind of wood for this project is important as any soft or weak wood will end up cracking under pressure from a baseboard heater or built-in fireplace insert.

One option is red oak hardwood, which offers high strength and durability at a great cost! Another great option is the cheaper pine boards, but store them outside for a few days before use to let them acclimate to their new environment – this will prevent warping.

 Step 3: Cut everything down

After you’ve started assembling everything and made sure the fit is good, you can go back and cut everything down.

To do this, lay out all of the measurements on a piece of paper and make them as accurate as possible.

 Step 4: Assemble!

Once your wood has been cut down to size, it’s time to start assembling! Use glue if you have any, or just use screws – either way, works just fine. Be sure that whatever you’re using is compatible with the material(s) in use here. Then just screw it together like normal!

 Step 5: Final assembly & installation

Once everything is assembled, put it into the place where your electric fireplace insert will be going. Make sure there’s enough room for it to be installed properly, and that there’s room for the cord to run out.

 If you aren’t in the process of installing it yet, then just make sure it can be put into place easily and you know how to do so as well! If everything is working properly, all that’s left is to get an electric fireplace insert installed!


We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and are ready to get started on your fireplace. Be sure to share pictures of the finished product!

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section below! Or if you’re planning on incorporating an electric fireplace yourself, share your story with us as well. We’d love to hear about it!

Feature to Benefit

• Curb the chill with this one-of-a-kind electric fireplace insert.

• Enjoy your favorite TV show, movie, or video game in faux firelight!

• The color-changing effects will feel like you’re sitting by the campfire

• Thaw out during a cold day and enjoy the warmth without turning up the thermostat

FAQs Section

Can I frame an electric fireplace with wood?

Yes. Nothing is preventing you from framing an electric fireplace with wood, but it will mean either having the trim of your choice routed around the electronic margins of a unit or in other cases if you are framing on top and because it is not mounted flush to the wall, it could limit the type of trim that would go on top.

How do you frame an electric fireplace?

One way to frame an electric fireplace is by building a recess into the wall. In this case, it’s best to build the recess before the brick is laid on top of it as a way of avoiding having to break through the brick once it has been set. Another way is by covering up everything with plywood and drywall.

How do you build a fireplace surround?

Build the fireplace form out of concrete. You may want to hire an expert for this step because it usually means pouring and shaping concrete before it sets. Be sure to get a foundation that is at least 3′ deep to guard against exhausting the groundwater supply.

Purchase some firebrick with 4-inch size, place them on all four sides of the fireplace box form, layering each layer about 1-2 inches thick or until desired height has been reached and does not vary more than 2″.

Purchase refractor brick for inside bricks below firebrick level; they have heat resistant qualities and also prevent the passage of smoke thru fake chimneys so your home is not “smokey”.

Do electric fireplaces need to be vented?

Yes. An electric fireplace is a real fireplace – it looks like one, operates just like one…except that it’s powered by electricity instead of gas or wood. This means that an electric fireplace requires a vent where the chimney would normally be on top of a traditional wood-burning fireplace to dissipate any heat generated.

Ingesting excessive amounts of carbon monoxide can cause flu-like symptoms, nausea, and in severe cases death by asphyxiation or poisoning.

Be safe! Keep your room ventilated when using your electric fireplace!

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