Can you use shaving cream with an electric razor?

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Yes, you can use the shaving cream with an electric razor. But if you’re looking for a close shave then it may not be the best option. It’s better to go with a foam or gel that is designed specifically for electric razors.

Why is it better to use the shaving cream specifically designed for electric razors?

Electric razor heads are smaller than regular razors, so they don’t pick up cream in the same way. The result is poor foam coverage which doesn’t help you get a close shave. Foam or gel that’s made for electronic razors will give you better results.

The problem with shaving cream for electric razors is not the quality of the lather, but rather how much water it has to work with. An electric razor just can’t “grab” as much fluid as a regular razor does, so less foam/lather gets built upon your face.

Still, you can use shaving cream with an electric razor if you want to. Just remember that the results may not produce a great lather for you.

Do you use shaving cream with an electric razor?

When I was a kid, my dad taught me to shave with an electric razor. He told me it saved time and helped keep the blades sharper longer. But he never said anything about shaving cream! It’s not like they have commercials for this stuff on TV or in magazines so I just assumed that you could use water or soap instead.

And then one day, while shaving without any kind of lubricant, I nicked myself right below my nose! That was when I learned the importance of using shaving cream with an electric razor. Nowadays, my face is always smooth as silk thanks to this little bit of advice from daddy dearest!

Tips To Get A Great Shave With Shaving Cream

1. Make sure your foil shaver is clean and well lubricated before applying shaving cream to it. You can simply wipe the razor with a clean dry towel or cloth to do that.

2. Use warm water while taking shower – It softens up your hair making them easy to shave off. Some electric razors can be used in the shower also.

3. Use shaving cream which is made for foam shave razors – It will give you a closer and cleaner shave than normal shaving cream or soap. Preferably, use alcohol-based shaving cream to avoid any after-shave burns because electric shavers are a little tough on the skin, unlike blades.

4. Apply a thin layer of foamy lather over your face using fingers – Do not apply directly from the can as it does not work out very nicely. If your skin is too dry then add few drops of water to make the lather easily spreadable.

5 . Shave with the grain on the first pass – If you want a really close shave then two more passes on each section of your face will do the trick. The first pass should be with the grain of your hair at an angle of 90 degrees to remove most of it followed by two passes against the grain to give you a smooth finish.

6. Rinse with cold water – It will close your pores and avoid any irritation or razor bumps that can happen after shaving. Also, cold water tightens the skin making it easier for you to shave in the next few days also.

7. Apply after-shave lotion or balm – Now don’t go crazy about doing so, just apply a little bit over shaved areas as an excessive amount might irritate your skin if you have a sensitive skin type.

8. Finish off by applying a pre-shave oil to reduce irritation further – It can be used by people having extremely sensitive skin also.

Why Try An Electric Razor With Shaving Cream?

The advantage of using electric shaving cream is that such razors are easy to clean and can be used in the shower with foam or gel. They will give you a close shave without any cuts, nicks, or burns because of their smooth operation.

You can also use them if your skin is irritated and inflamed due to age-related issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and scars, etc. Shave creams made for electric shavers usually contain aloe vera which soothes your skin after shaving reducing redness and its odor-free formula leaves no traces on clothes making it perfect for daily use.

Electric shave creams are designed specifically to give you a smooth finish removing even deep-set hair from your face which is otherwise impossible with manual blade razors. Their non-irritating formula can be used by people with sensitive skin types also.

So it’s up to you whether you use shaving cream or not while using an electric shaver but remember that using shaving creams for foam shave is the best way to get a smooth, close, and irritation-free shave.

Dry vs Wet Shaving with Electric Razor

If you’re wondering about dry vs wet electric shaving, then it’s a no-brainer. Electric razors are much easier to use when they are damp with either warm or cold water. You can use them in the shower or sink if your model allows that because most of the modern electric shavers have waterproof housing allowing easy cleaning and maintenance.

Electric shavers will give you a clean close shave if used properly but be patient as it takes time getting used to different movements for best results. Give yourself extra protection by applying oil on the skin before shaving as this will reduce friction and thus irritation.

Pros and Cons of shaving cream for an electric razor:

+ It’s easy and quick to use – All you need is to lather it up, hold it against your skin for a few seconds and move the shaver. It will save time by preventing the need for re-lathering.

+ No nicks or cuts as blades do not come in contact with your skin which can be irritated by dry shaving.

+ Cleaning is much easier than blade razors as they can be submerged into the water after each shave.

+ Can be used daily without any problems if you have sensitive skin types as well.

+ Makes the shaving process very smooth and enjoyable making it perfect for wet shaving beginners.

– You can’t shave along with your usual routine such as shaving in the shower.

– Traditional wet shaving processes like lathering takes time and they may irritate people due to prolonged contact with water.

So, we hope that we have cleared most of the doubts about shaving cream for electric shavers and you would be able to select the perfect product for your shaver after reading this post.

How to use an electric razor?

Electric shaving is very different from using a blade razor as it does not require much work from your side. Most electric razors have floating heads making them suitable for all types of skin and beard types. You can use an electric shaver in three simple steps:

Step 1: Preparing the skin

Start with washing your face with warm water to soften your beard and open up pores. This is mandatory for getting a clean close shave so don’t skip any steps.

Step 2: Lubricate your face with shaving cream or foam

Apply this to your face by using short strokes in the direction of hair growth. This will lift hairs allowing an effective cut without damaging your skin.

Step 3: Shave by going against or with the grain

You can choose to shave again if your first shave was not as close as you wanted it but remember that this will irritate your skin so be careful. To get a smooth finish, always go for short strokes following the direction of hair growth.

This is especially useful for people who have sensitive skin types because it reduces irritation and makes the shaving process more comfortable, unlike blade razors which can cause cuts and nicks due to their harsh blades even when used properly.

Last words on electric shave cream vs foam shavers: So use shaving cream instead of a traditional shaving foam while using an electric razor and enjoy a clean close shave without any side effects or harm to the skin. If you are using a wet-dry electric razor, then nothing like it because of additional convenience and quick use.

Do ‘s and Don’t s while Shaving with Electric Razor

– Do not apply pressure on your face while shaving as this will result in cuts and irritation. – Use short strokes for best results even if you’re moving against or with the grain of hair growth. This is extremely important to prevent any kind of discomfort or harm to your skin while shaving especially when using blades’ razors.

– If your hair is long, then trim it before applying shaving cream to get rid of extra work while shaving. You can also apply oil instead of cream if you have an extremely dry skin type that tends to be more sensitive because dry shaving creams can irritate people with extra dry skin types.

– Avoid going against the grain if you have a very thick and curly beard as this will result in cuts and discomfort while shaving.

– Make sure that you replace blades of electric shave every 1-2 years for preventing any kind of damage to your skin type.

– Clean your razor after each shave using an appropriate brush or towel to prevent any kind of damage to your electric shaver by dirt, dust particles, etc.

So, we hope that these ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ will help you in getting rid of all doubts regarding what not to do while shaving with your electric razor so enjoy a comfortable and soothing wet shaving experience with no side effects or damage to your skin.


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