What is the best way to save on electric bills?

In our daily life, electricity is our most important commodity as we do various activities that require the use of it. Electricity is used for powering up home appliances such as lightings, fans, heating systems, and much more. So to save on electric bills, We try different ways but don’t know which one to follow or go ahead with.

Best way to save on the electric bill

Here are a few tips that will help you lower your monthly electric bills –

  1. Turn off all appliances when not in use :

Minor changes in our daily routine can greatly reduce the consumption of electricity. We usually forget to turn off TVs, VCRs, and DVD players after watching or using them. So make sure that all these devices are turned off once not in use. Making this minor change in your daily routine can save you a lot of money.

  1. Use energy-efficient appliances :

Beginning with home appliances, use more energy-efficient ones which consume less amount of electricity while providing the same level of service For example, modern refrigerators are highly efficient and use 40% lower electricity than an old one. To replace all old appliances with new ones. For instance, if you have an old air conditioner that consumes too much electricity, replace it with a new one that has an ENERGY STAR rating on it, so that you will be able to save some extra bucks every month on the electric bill.

  1. Adjust thermostat :

The thermostat is used by the majority of households to control the room temperature automatically. But by lowering the temperature of your home, you can save on electric bills substantially. For every degree lower, your air conditioner will be using less electricity to provide the same level of comfort.

  1. Use LED lights :

As compared to other lighting options like CFLs and incandescent bulbs, LED lights are highly efficient because they emit brighter light while consuming less amount of energy. However, it can be expensive for some people but by following these tips you can surely buy one. Most importantly, LED lights do not contain any harmful material that makes them environment-friendly. It is also advisable to use solar-powered outdoor lighting as it does not require any electrical wiring.

  1. Wash clothes in cold water :

Washing clothes at low temperatures is not only good for the environment but also helps to save a lot of money. When you use cold water, it does not allow dye molecules to disperse into the fabric, which means that your clothes will stay new and beautiful longer.

  1. Plant trees :

By planting trees around your home, you can provide shade to your rooftop and walls which allows them to remain cooler during hot summers. This way, you can save on electric bills since cooling down homes takes up quite some electricity. So by planting trees all over your house, you can easily lower your monthly bills substantially. However this method may take time before it starts bearing fruits, but eventually, it works. 

  1. Use fan instead of an AC :

Instead of using an AC, you can use a fan that uses only 10% of the total consumption of your air conditioner. Not only that but it is also cost-effective as compared to an AC.

  1. Buy ENERGY STAR appliances :

Appliances that have ENERGY STAR rating consume less amount of electricity and save money on the electric bill. So make sure to buy those products which have this rating on them to reduce monthly consumption by a great extent. But always go for a well-known brand as they manufacture high-quality home appliances which are environment-friendly too.

  1. Wear natural fabrics :

In hot summers, people usually wear light clothes made up of manmade fibers such as polyester or nylon. These fabrics do not allow sweat to go away from your body and absorb it on the fabric. So next time, try wearing clothes that are made up of natural fibers such as cotton or linen because these fabrics absorb the sweat and provide you cooling effect during hot summers.

  1. Install timers :

Install timers in rooms that are not in use throughout the day like the kitchen, washroom. that lights in these rooms automatically turn off after a specific amount of time without any manual operation required by you. This way, you can save on electric bills when lights are left ON throughout the day even when not in use.

  1. Adjust refrigerator temperature : 

Refrigerators usually contain an adjustable thermostat for controlling room temperature inside them. Keep the shutters closed when not in use and allow cool air to circulate inside the refrigerator. Adjust the thermostat so that it is as close as possible to the room temperature.

  1. Install motion-sensor lights :

Install motion-sensor lights outside your house as well as on all corners of rooms inside your house. This way, if somebody enters your room or porch, automatic lights will come ON without any manual operation required from your side. By installing this device, you can save a lot on electric bills by buying fewer light bulbs for short-term usage because these devices work with solar power which is cheaper than electricity provided by utility companies. 

  1. Do not leave TVs or PC switched ON when not in use :

Make it a habit to switch OFF your TV or PC when it is not in use. Computers and TVs often contain standby power which consumes electricity even though the appliances are not in use.

  1. Use energy-saving light bulbs :

Using energy-saving light bulbs instead of normal filament lamps or CFLs can save you a lot on monthly electric bills. However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that these lights usually emit less brightness as compared to filament lamps, so make sure that you do not end up using more energy-saving light bulbs than required instead incandescent ones.

  1. Check for air leaks :

Ensure that there are no air leaks around windows or doors because even a small opening allows hot air to pass through it which increases the temperature of the room and more usage of AC. So seal off the cracks around windows and doors to reduce cooling bills.

  1. Install a water heater timer :

Install a water heater timer so that it automatically switches ON your household appliances when hot water is needed during the daytime. This way, you will not have to use those appliances at night, which will help you save on electric bills as well as electricity charges levied by utility companies. You can also take advantage of this device by switching ON all your appliances simultaneously once the device is activated because these devices come with an adjustable thermostat for controlling room temperature inside them.

  1. Use solar energy :

Do not forget about using solar energy to generate power for home appliances. Solar panels are a great source of energy and savings for home appliances.

  1. Use solar water heating system :

If you live in a house with a good rooftop area, then go for the installation of a solar water heater which can help you reduce your monthly electric bills by 90% because these devices work with the sun’s natural heat thus saving lots of electricity charges on your part.

  1. Keep air conditioner thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit :

Keep the setting on AC to 78 degrees Fahrenheit during days and 64 degrees Fahrenheit during nights. This will save you a lot on cooling bills if done correctly. You can also buy an appliance similar to AC called evaporative cooler which works more efficiently when at low temperatures as compared to conventional ACs.

  1. Do not dry clothes in sunlight :

Do not dry your clothes or bedsheets in open sunlight because the sun’s rays are very hot and can burn the fabric of your garments. Instead, dry them indoors under a fan or air conditioner or buy an inexpensive device similar to a “clothes dryer” which works on solar power thus saving you a lot on cooling bills.

  1. Use ceiling fans :

You can make use of ceiling fans while sleeping at night, so that wind created by them will keep you cool throughout the night. This way, no extra usage of AC will be required during nights which further reduces your monthly electric bill. Also, switch OFF ceiling fans when leaving room for a long time because this device can suck up more electricity than similar air conditioners which is not good for your electric bill.

  1. Clean AC filters once in two months :

Clean the filter of your AC device at least once every 2 months to promote better cooling. Dirty filters restrict airflow and result in overheating of the appliance, thus leading to the faster working of the compressor which results in increased usage of electricity. This means that cleaning the AC filter will help you reduce monthly bills.

  1. Use off-peak hours wisely :

   Make sure that any appliances left on standby or running are switched OFF during peak hours or off-peak hours to avoid surge charges levied by utility companies during peak hours. Also, do not forget about turning off appliances overnight, so that you do not have to pay extra on your power bill.

  1. Never leave electronic appliances on idle mode :

Never leave home appliances of vacuum cleaner, washing machine or dryer in ON mode when you are not using them because even though these devices are of off-peak models but still, they consume a lot of electricity during standby mode and thus lead to an increased usage of electricity which is harmful to electric bills as well as environment. Turn these devices completely OFF before leaving home if you do not want them to run during nighttime.

  1. Do not forget about energy audits :

   Last but the most important point to remember if you want to save big on monthly electric bills is that never neglect energy audits conducted by utility companies because they are free for all customers and can help you reduce power consumption to the extent where you start paying lesser on your monthly bills.

So, these are some of the tips which if followed properly can lead to a drastic reduction in the electric bill. If done correctly, one person’s monthly expenses on utilities can be reduced by 50% or even more depending upon household appliances that he/she uses during daytime hours.

Also, do not forget about checking energy-efficiency rating labels of home appliances before buying them because this will help you buy devices with better energy-efficiency ratings thus leading to lower electricity bills.

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