Best Washing Machine 2020 (Upcoming) : Buyer’s Guide

Best Washing Machine 2020

Afterspending more than 120 hours on research together with my research team, we didfind the HaierHLP21N Pulsator Washing Machine as the best washing machine in 2020 that makesmost people happy. Based on the reputation of Haier brand over the previousyears, this washing machine is as reliable as any other modern and effectivewashing model. It does have some of the fastest cycle times any washing machinecan have and it also has an excellent performance.Below are reviews ofthe Best Washing Machine2020

  1. Editors Choice: Haier HLP21N PulsatorWashing Machine

Ourtop pick is the impeller washer HaierHLP21N Pulsator. Thismachine is known for being gentler on clothes when compared to its agitatorcounterparts hence; your clothes will last longer when in this machine. Thismachine will help you save energy and water since it is energy guide and watersense certified.


Thiswasher has a capacity of 6 pound that suits any small family. It measures17-1/4 by 17-3/5 by 30” and 43lbs in weight. This makes it one of the mostportable machines in our list.


Haier HLP21N Pulsator hasgot times for both the spin cycle and wash cycle hence; the user will not do itmanually. It comprises of up to 3 water levels that have three wash cycles; thequick, heavy and spin only.

Ease of Use

It produces little noise hencepeople with aged people or kids can do the washing even at night. It also haswheels making it very mobile and can be used both outdoor and indoor.

Warranty and Price

It is available at a price ofapproximately $300 which is not high when you consider its performance andfeatures.

Things We Like

  • Goodfor apartments and small houses.
  • Easyto set up and use.
  • Haseasy to understand and use programmable digital control.
  • Gentleon clothes.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Has a verysmall load capacity.
  • Some userscomplained on its timer not working well.

2. Runners Up: Giantex Mini Compact Washer

Comingin second in our list is the GiantexMini Compact Washer. This washing machine comprises of two different cycles- thenormal and soft cycle. 


Ithas a spin capacity of 6 lbs and a wash capacity of 11lbs. However, we do havea smaller version that has a spin capacity of 6lbs and a wash capacity of10lbs. Its motor is 1300 rpm meaning better spin power that results toeffective wash and drying.


Giantex Mini Compact Washer doeslag behind it terms of programmability. Despite having a wash cycle timerresponsible for making washing easier, it does not have a spin cycle timer. Italso lacks the extra rinse cycle.

Ease of Use:

This washing machinecomprises of two water inlets that are responsible for filling water. However,its adaptor never links with the kitchen sink hence, one has to manually fillit in.  One great thing about this washermachine is that it is much easier to store and its operation is quiet.

Warranty and Price

Thiswashing machine is available at under $100 price range. However, it does nothave any warranty which is a big letdown.

Things We Like

  • It is capable of washing woolen garments.
  • Has a removable lint trap that makes cleaning easier.
  • One does not need lots of detergents.
  • Noiseless operation

Things We Don’t Like

  • No warranty
  • Has a short drain hose.

Most Advanced WashingMachine: Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer

Noshortage of features in Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer. It comes with a SteamTreatchoice that ensures stubborn stains are completely removed.  With this, we do not have to use bleaches orother types of harsh chemicals.


This washing machine hasa 5.2cu. ft. with 14 wash cycles wash capacity. This is the highest capacity in allthe machines we researched. It weighs 205 pounds and it is made from stainlesssteel and it is stackable.  We do have asmaller version on this machine, the 4.5 cu. Ft and the 5.2 cu. ft.


Thiswashing machine comprises of an extra rinse cycle.  This is where all the fabrics are directedthrough the washing and draining cycle. Thereafter, you can have the washerstopped; more detergent added and has the cycle repeated again using warmestwaters fabrics can handle.

Easeof Use

Usingthis washer is quite easy thanks to its multiple controllers that helps inensuring clothes come out cleaner, softer and fluffier. This machine also helpsin keeping the electricity bill low thanks to its capability of drying loads ofjeans less than 20 minutes. However, this washer lacks cycle end signal whichis not common from such a top washer machine.

Warrantyand Price

KenmoreElite 41073 Washer machine comes with a one year warranty which is neversatisfactory when you put into consideration its high price which is slightlybelow $1000.  Despite this not beinglesser than the other front load washer in our list, it could definitely bemuch better if it had a much longer warranty period.

ThingsWe Like

  • A durable and reliable washer unit.
  • Comes with a much larger 5.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • Full with advanced functionalities and features for easier use.

ThingsWe Don’t Like

  • It is expensive.
  • Not gentle on clothes.

5. Best Portable WasherMachine – Della Small Compact WasherDellaSmall Compact Washer consists of three rotary knobs namely, Wash Selection,wash timer and spin timer. We do have two different tubs for spin and washcycles. You will only see the advanced pick together with two Della machinescoming with built in drain pumps which is a great feature that enables one todrain dirty water with ease.


Dellais a very common name in the washing machine industry. The Della Small CompactWasher has an 11 lbs capacity and a 3.3lbs spinning capacity. This is verysmall and forces the user to use the spin cycle at least two times for a singleload. It is capable of handling heavy sheets.

Ease of Use

Wedo not have any machine that is quite complicated like the Della Small CompactWasher. Carrying this machine is much easier although there are times when thepackage might appear to be bulkier. Although it does have noisy operation thatwill never create any form of disruption in our day to day activities.

Warranty and Price

Thiswashing machine does cost approximately $100. However, its period of warrantyvaries between the sellers. For example, the machine which we tested did comewith a 1 year warranty period.

Things We Like

  • Has a good build quality which makes it durable.
  • Its compact size does fit well in smaller spaces.
  • Has a very powerful operation with great results.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Its spin dryer does make a lot of noise.
  • There are people who did complain about its lint filter.
  • The BestMini Washing Machine- Portable Mini compact washing machine

Thiswashing machine comprises of three knob controls for the spin, wash and draincycles. We do suggest that one should not use lots of laundry soap. However,one should instead consider using the HE soap since it does not create lots ofsuds.  You can also consider adding somesoap and water to the washer side have it agitated for some seconds to ensureit does mix well before you add the dirty clothes. In case you leave water inthe spin tub, there is a possibility that there will be growth of mold and thatthe spinner will stop working.


Havinga spin capacity of 5 lbs and a wash capacity of 8 lbs, the twin tub machinedoes have a great performance which at times is better than the full sizewashing machine. This machine is made from a strong and long lasting plasticmaterial which will not shake when plumbed in a washing machine.

Ease of use

Thiswashing machine is almost similar to other types of portable mini washers.Using it is quite easy. It weighs approximately 27 pounds and can easily bemoved from one place to another without lots of hassle.  Although this can be much easier when morecasters are added, it is considered to be the only certified product in ourlist of machines making it safe to use.

Warranty and Price

Thiswashing machine has a very short warranty period of only 4 months. This can bevery frustrating especially when we consider the warranty period of othermachines with the same price range. However, its price range of around $100seems to be reasonable when we consider its functionality and features.

Things We Like

  • Capable of washing all types of laundry.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has a great design.
  • Its spin cycle stops automatically when lid is lifted.
  • Both the dryer and the washer can be used simultaneously.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Has a very short warranty period.
  • Its drain and cord hose are short.

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