Best VR Headset 2020: The top Virtual Reality 3D display device

Imagine a scenario where I say that Flying like a winged creature, Extreme Mountain Biking, Riding Real-Life Roller Coasters, Visiting College Campuses and Historical Monuments, Sky Diving and a great deal more, whatever you can now involve and feel like in genuine by sitting at your home itself.

Amazing!! Isn’t it?

The Virtual Reality technology is trending day by day and also replacing the obsolete technical devices. It is remarkable that the developers have made it possible for the tech lovers to have a more enjoyable experience through this VR technology. This computer technology not only connects its users with realistic images but also provides them sounds and other sensations, so that, they can connect with the virtual world completely.

If gaming is one of the key factor that over joys you then VR headsets are one of these VR tech devices that are widely used with computer games and other applications, including simulators and trainers and  are thus best gaming headset.

And therefore, choosing the exact VR headset for iphone and any android device or PC spending the quality money on it should be worthy of notice.

They contain a stereoscopic head-mounted show (giving separate pictures to each eye), stereo sound, and head movement following sensors (which may incorporate whirligigs, accelerometers, organized light frameworks and so on.). Some VR headsets additionally have eye following sensors and gaming controllers. There are different gadgets, for example, the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR have the new portable based VR headsets that will transform your little Smartphone into an additionally spellbinding virtual reality show.

2019 had been a year good for the VR headset devices. This New Year, 2020, is expecting something new for an unexpected surprise.

Best VR Headset 2020  

So, before you opt for buying a VR headset you must keep in mind few of its technical specifications such as the lenses, types of sensors used, its field of view (100-120 degrees), display quality, resolution (preferable 2160 x 1200) etc. there are several options available on the market in various categories as per your need.

We will be discussing here about some of the top 10 best VR headset reviews and about their features which can be a good guideline for the people who have not bought it still now. Those who are thinking of buying it, it can be a good thing for them. It will guide them to the right way and help to find out the right device suitable for them. With  the New Year, with precise features and VR headset reviews, everybody expect to get a new featured device which will allow them to get a new technological advancement.

Samsung Gear VR , Oculus, HTC, Play station are the few preferences of the people to get the right and desired device within an affordable price range.

The various features and the user’s guide have also being provided for the buying procedure. It will help you to decide and judge over each one of them. Good guideline can be a right thing for deciding which one to buy and get the right idea about the devices.

Top 10 best VR headset 2019

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Some iphone VR Headset you can look in 2019 to buy other than Daydream and Samsung VR :

Tepoinn VR HeadsetMost importantly, it comes at an extremely moderate cost.  Its plastic equipment may not be the sturdiest and may require more watchful utilization, yet it can hold up all alone. The new form can fit a huge iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus too effectively, and the head strap offers a somewhat cozy fit and is therefore number 1
VR  for iphone.

Freefly VR Box Smartphone 3D Headset : It has a smooth look that is constantly awesome in our books however style were not considered on this rundown. The cushioning makes it exceptionally agreeable to wear, the strap keeps it cozy in spite of the fact that it can without much of a stretch vibe choking after some time, and the cell phone clip keeps the device cozy and set up. It can oblige up to 6.1 crawls of a screen and offers a 120-degree field of view and tracks set out developments toward the total immersive experience and therefore it will be the best vr headset for iphone 6 users.

Homido Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphone: Homido is a reasonable victor in numerous classes. Most importantly, it is exceptionally agreeable and advantageous to utilize – on account of its cushioned head strap and cushioned internal diagram. Simple to state, it is ideal for fling clients due to its choice solace. Homido can suit up to 6-creeps in screen restrain so your broad iPhone 6 Plus units should fit rather comfortably and subsequently an another alternative after Freefly VR as best vr headset for iphone 6 clients.

These above are some cheap iphone vr headsets you can essentially look and purchase on the off chance that you have little spending plan else underneath are the top and the best VR box/headsets which merits the most deserving of purchasing for iphone, android and PCs as well. So Have a Look!! 🙂


Best VR Headset to buy in 2020

Mainly this virtual reality headset is for the PC games. By plugging it into computer, one can able to play the game with the 3D display. There are many advanced technological systems that have made it more popular.

Best VR Headset
The HTC VR headset has 70 sensors. And this is for the 360 degree movement of the head and track the movement. The refresh rate of the device is nearly 90 Hz. These devices support the game pads. And along with the game pads, this device is also having the touch controllers. So competing with the other companies, HTC Vive is also going along the track and getting a new phase with the upcoming year 2018.

The reason why it is listed in best VR headsets at top position because there is a special feature of the HTC VR  headset– the light house room tracking. It is helpful in getting the actual movement in the gaming world and helps to move around.The display of the HTC vive is having the OLED display, which offers vibrant display. The refresh rate is high which allows the motion sickness and provide a smooth movement allowing a good gaming experience.

HTC has made something which has totally changed the experience of the computer gaming. Instead of sitting and playing the game at one place, jump out for the fighting with the sword and experience a new way of playing the game. One has to try it for the incredible experience that the HTC VR box provides to you. Thus it is something which is parallel to its cost and it is quite justified to get such a high cost. Comparing it with the other devices and pricing would be very wrong and will not be quite justified.

  • Best Brand for its quality.
  • Awesome and Incomparable experience of playing game.
  • High controller device.
  • Comfortable to handle.
  • Has High room scale tracking device that help in the high definition view.
  • One of the best gaming headset.
  • Costly
  • Bulky
  • Hazard related to the potential tripping.

Quick Review:

While buying this device get to know about VR headset reviews and various features. Comparing it with other for prices may not be a good way to compare it. Thus it is the best one to buy from any online store. The best VR headsets 2020 enlist this HTC headset. If you are
still not having it, have it and get the incomparable experience.

2. Oculus rift:

Best value Product in 2020

It is another virtual device that has also gained a height of the popularity with various attractive specifications and therefore it is ranked at the 2nd position in the table of Best VR Headsets 2020. The oculus rift has many similar specifications which have been allowing people to experience a new life in the virtual world. Though it is also a device with high rate, yet it is one of the best ever virtual reality devices that have attracted the notice of all the people. Technologically advanced features that have allowed people to get the various advantages will allow people to have the right way to deal with the various advantages of the deals.

Best VR Headset

The device can be easily connected with the personal computer with the USB and the HDMI. The integrated audio can also be plugged in to your own headphones.

The control of the games can be done by the controller that most of these devices have.

The controller gives you a feeling of playing the games in a real world even when you are playing in the virtual world. Thus it totally changes the mood of playing the game and get totally involved in it. Oculus touch is the new technology that has been launched by the technology department for the touch and sense the gaming detailed making it more real to play the games. Gamepad is the preferred one here than the controller which is much more advanced in the Sony or HTC.

Check this : best game controllers for vr headsets
While dealing with the qualities of the VR headset, it is a light weight device even it is having a bulky look. Though the wearable part is like an obstruction in front of your eyes, but while you fix it in front of your eyes it changes the entire world around you and get you into the world of virtuality. The face plate has been made comfortable with the padding and thus it does not have a hard feeling on the face. The oculus rift is having a sleeker design that can have the good exterior look thus allowing the person to feel good. It has two models and glass is being attached with both of them.

  • Quite light weighted.
  • Comfortable fitting over the eyes.
  • Fashionable an attractive design.
  • Simple and easy to install.
  • Top best gaming headset
  • High price
  • quite bulky along with the carrying case.

Quick Review:

Are you aware that the VR box oculus rift has been bought by the facebook? Do you know why? They have understood that this would be a great device in the future in the world of gaming and thus people will accept it in future whatever may be the cost. The new version of the oculus rift will be giving you the best features like good controller. Thus targeting to make it the best VR headset in 2020, oculus rift has been bringing many changes in it for betterment and the best VR headset reviews.
Before buying the best VR box one must be concern enough to get the right guide and the price must be seen. Though it is having a bit high price, yet it is one of the preferred VR for a good gaming experience. And not only games, it is now also being used for the movie which gives you a feeling of the reality in the virtual world. Thus the world has changed and taking one to the virtual world is now not at all impossible.According to the brand recognition and the popularity mark, it is considered as one of the most popular brands for the entertainment device.

3. Sony Play station :

Beginners Friendly VR

While handling with the various features it has been
seen that the design is the first thing that comes intoBest VR Headset consideration. The design of the play station  VR box is though very simple yet it is comfortable and adjustable. The display is such that helps you to get  the ultimate display with the virtual world and giving you a feeling of handling the gaming world and exploring it.

So next time you think of playing games in computer then opt for the VR of the Sony to get into the world of game with the ultimate experience of the virtual world. Redefine the gaming experience with the play station of Sony and get into the world of the game. Play it by riding the spaceship and take up the sword to destroy the enemy. Experience the incredible world of the game. This is considered as the best VR headset 2020.

The play station VR uses the HDMI and the USB for the computer display and the interface connections.The headset when it is being used for the tracking of the head movement, it is quite warm and also soft on the skin. It does not have any residual mark on the face. Thus one playing the game will feel comfortable. The audio part is detachable and can be connected with the device. Inside the headset there is magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerator. Thus this helps entirely to change the virtual reality experience.

The display of the Sony play station is good but it can be the made better. Working on the advancement of the display, the Sony are working on it and getting it on the best range.

The gamepads are there in it but the game controllers are getting a new turn to it. It has been changing the game idea totally giving a new version to it.

You can check here the Best Gampepads for VR headsets
Most of the virtual reality has the motion sickness but it has not been in the play station VR.

  • Supports 4K television set.( For this quality it has been said that it will be the best VR headset 2018.)
  • Advanced version than Xbox.
  • Provides a high image display of the games.
  • 4K blu rays is not possible to play.

Quick Review:

Get aware of the game played anywhere. Play station can be a good VR to take you to the virtual world and make you feel to play the game inside the game world. And is also ranked for one of the true best gaming headset now. Check out the features of the play station before having a final buy of the VR and take a look of the demo product.

4.Avegant Glyph :

This VR Headset is Mediaware Headphone 

Frankly speaking Avegant Glyph is not categorised under the device VR headset but recalled as mediaware. It tends to and has immense power to dissolve you in the virtual world visually and  perceptively.

The headset consists the allegiance headphones larger than ears and fits comfortably that is can be slid over eyes smoothly for the better vision of 2D and 3D graphics. It is very much portable and the headphones frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 20 KHz that is of course the audible sound frequency for a human.

Best VR Headset

Unlike other headsets it doesn’t uses the direct screen but make your eye’s retinas to behave like a screen. Now here comes the interesting Biological part. The device uses your brain as the image processor and uses the natural light to get directly pointing into the eyes without giving mush stress or strain.

It serves 1280×720 resolution per eye but with the more than 2 million DLP mirrors used in the image projection’s look more bright and sharp.
  • High fidelity Headphones
  • Portable
  • Immune to Noise
  • Supports any HDMI device.
  • Costly
  • Needs to Charge
  • Limited up to 4 hrs. battery life.

Quick Review:

Check this VR headset reviews:
The price of the wearable is costly but worthy of buying. The other points have to be emphasize are: serves a very excellent video quality and once you are set with all the controls and positioning you will definitely be able to have an illusion of owning a theatre of your own. The technology of using millions of micro mirrors is the reason why it owns it.

5.Samsung Gear :

Cheap VR headset

Samsung has been in the manufacturing unit for

Best VR Headsetmany electronics devices. It has also being manufacturing the VR too for an excellent game review. It has many updated specification that is making it more popular among the game lovers. The Gear VR has been launched early this year and has gained a high popularity for its various features.

The optical lens of the VR has view of 96 degree view. The display resolution has the 2560x 1440 pixel resolution. And the resolution is being refreshed at the 60 Hz. For the focal adjustment, focus adjustment wheel is being given and thus focussing is very easy.

The game controllers has the touch pad, back button and the volume key. It is also very light weight weighing just 310 grams. It requires the hardware of Samsung galaxy note 5, note 4,  galaxy s6, s6 edge and other supported hardware.
One primary concern about the SAMSUNG GEAR VR is that it additionally underpins apple gadgets and can likewise be considered as the best vr headset for iphone as well and a fairly suited so called gear VR note 4 .

The price is very much cheap and thereby affordable being made negotiable with the price of charge of the phone to play the game.

  • Price Winner
  • Easy focusing
  • Light weighted
  • Not too quick and fast performance.

Quick Review:

The game lover who wants to play the game can have this Gear VR as it is quite affordable. With the various specifications it can be best used for the gaming purpose. The price is quite affordable. User should have a check for the best VR headset reviews 2018 which can be considered as the best for the gamers.

6. Xbox one VR headsets:

Though it has not been officially declared as the VR supported by the Microsoft, but the Xbox VR is one of the VR that has been gaining popularity for its new game lovers. Xbox one  has been the new updated VR that is much slimmer in look now giving a new appearance to the VR headsets. It will be launched successfully in the starting months of the  present year thus gifting people with another best VR headset 2018.

Some of the specifications of the Xbox One VR is being leaked out and has been coming over the ear over rumours. It is a VR headset which will be supporting the Personal computer and the games can be played in the computer taking the player to the virtual world. Some of the games are played good at the VR while others are less supportive. Thus there is a lot of new updation that has been added to this device for making it more attractive and noticeable to the people.

  • Good Looking Appearance
  • Slimmer
  • Affordable
  • Less games supportive.

Though we don’t have any confirmation about any other specifications of the VR but it will look good from the other VR. The exact pros and cons are not specified by any report. We expect to get a strategy after the device is being launched.

Quick Review:

Check out regularly the VR headset reviews and about any other feedback on the update news of the VR. Check it occasionally and that will tell you to get the right thing to buy while you decide to buy the Virtual reality for the game love.

7. Google day Dream View:

Most Affordable Product in this List

It has the latest and the first VR headsets that areBest VR Headset
being used for the mobile headsets. Presently it has been used with the Google’s phone. It has been included with high specification that made it the new updated one for the VR devices. It is one of the simple high quality Virtual reality headset for iphone and android users that are being provided till now.

It experiences and incredible experience taking you to the virtual reality world and making you feel the virtual world feelings.

The headset that is being worn is quite light weight and is comfortable to wear. It is made up  fabric that provides comfortness to the viewer. It is paired with a controller that helps you to control the virtual world motility.

Take the phone and view to any game or movie directly without any other kind of installations, thus it is very easy and simple to use. The technological support of the day dream will make it another time favourite, so it can term as the best VR headset 2020.

  • Best affordable device
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable
  • High Quality Display.
  • Does not have many apps to use.
  • New phones are yet to launch but still not in the market.

Check the Best smartphones preferred for Virtual Reality Headsets

8. Microsoft Hololens:

Expensive yet AWESOME

It is a new thing with comprise both the VR and the  AR qualities and thus make a new experience for the people. It is one of the expensive devices that a person can have. It cost $3000 and is a highly technical device punching the virtual reality and the augmented reality together to make an incredible experience.

Best VR Headset

The display is through the holographic lenses. It has the quality of automatic pupillary distance calibration. It has 4x microphones, ambient light sensor, and environment understanding cameras and has the inertial measurement unit. The processor has the 32 bit architecture of Intel with the Ram of 2 GB the internal storage is of 64 GB. It has also the cameras of 2 MP and HD videos. It has a micro USBport2.0 with Bluetooth and Wifi facility.

The operating system that is being used is windows 10 with the windows store.

  •  Best ever features allowing a high view of both the VR and the AR.
  • Very expensive.

Quick Review:

While a person is buying such a device they have to get high amount to burn the money. Check out the features and how to use it for a best view. Best VR headsets 2018 will enlist this product as one of the top 10 VR headsets 2018.

9. FOVE O:

This Headset is a Eye Tracker

It is a bit different VR form the others. It has the interactive eye tracking facility that allows people to get the eye tracking of the people. The headset is in build with the infrared sensor that allows the person wearing it to control in a new method.


It is one of the eyes tracking VR headset taking humans to the virtual world.

It takes the natural focus on the item that the eye is focusing upon

Improved game controlling option thus helping in the right control of the game in the right way.

  • Able to get the eye tracking
  • Foveated rendering of the image
  • Able to access lot of content.
  • The eye tracking has to be calibrated at the start of the game.
  • High demanding spectacles is needed.

Quick Review:

It is quite less than the other branded VR but providing some of the best qualities feature than the others mostly
the eye tracking facility. For its high tech quality it will surely be termed as the best VR headset 2018.

10. Razor OS VR HDK 2

Best VR Headset under 500

It is one of the main competitors of the oculus riftBest VR Headset or the play station VR having the similar kinds of features. The display of the VR is OLED with the resolution of 2160×1200 dual displays. The headset is quite comfortable to use and thus can bring in a great Virtual reality experience among the user.

 As the name of the VR headset suggest that it is the open source virtual reality. Thus it provides open standard for virtual reality input device. It allows programming of any variety of VR technology.
  •  High end device providing the best of the VR experience.
  •  High display with the open source virtual reality.
  • Old technology of IR tracking.

Quick Review:

The price of this VR is affordable and within the reach. It has been made affordable for the game lovers and wants to play the game.
Experience a new game played through the OSVR with will make you fall in love with it, thus allowing an incredible experience for the viewer to have the VR experience.

VR Headset Buyer’s Guide

It truly is hard to portray quality VR other than to state that you truly feel like you’re there.
Worth the cash yet I suspect as much many individuals are feeling the loss of the negatives.
Loads of splendid hues flare in the focal point and diverts from the experience now and again. Hazy unless you get them without flaw and, after its all said and done they are foggy a bit. Absence of Netflix application.
Oculus Rift : If you’re searching for the entire VR experience, this is the thing that you need. As I would see it the most created and promising VR gadget out there today. Simply ensure you have a PC skilled to deal with this monster.
HTC Vive: An unimaginable experience. its on an entire nother level than the telephone VR things. theyre not remotely tantamount.
Samsung VR: Your experience will change contingent upon your telephone contingent upon your determination and dpi. Guarantees for wonderful visual impacts.
Sony Playstation VR: “Simply Plug and Play – Getting into PlayStation VR couldn’t be less demanding.
Google DayDream View: In the event that you truly searching for little spending gadget for your phone then go for this. It is the best virtual reality headset for iphone, android and other mobile phones.


Before buying our VR headset I strongly recommend U to still read our each product’s Buyer’s Guide. It will definitely help you to understand about the coming generation advancement about the new era technology for Virtual Reality Headset device.

HTC VIVE, OCULUS RIFT and SONY PLAY STATION VR are the top names in the list of Virtual Reality Headsets. So, below you will find a comparison of the these 3 devices hardware. Hope this will help you to choose your smart head-wear.

Display ResolutionField of ViewSystem RequirementsConnectionsSensors

The Origin of Virtual Reality

The History of Virtual Reality – likewise called VR. Obama withVR Headset
A term that applies to multiplications made by advancement in a circumstance that mirrors this present reality. In present, it is being used as a piece of jubilees and other incitement circumstances. For practical reasons, the virtual reality thought has been used for gaming purposes and also for helpful and military purposes. Regardless of the way that we determinedly make usage of virtual reality today, this has been around for quite a while starting at now.

Virtual Reality had ended up being basically common in the midst of the 1990s. It twisted up detectably one of the best subjects for movies and despite for virtual reality preoccupations.

OBAMA, Source: refinery29
On April thirteenth, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer gave a VR notice at the F8 gathering in San Francisco. Outfitted with an Oculus Rift headset, Schroepfer connected up with item administrator Michael Booth, positioned 30 miles away at Facebook HQ. Stall, showing up as a spooky skimming head and two hands, guided his accomplice through 360-degree photos of worldwide urban communities. Together, they could make fine art, collaborate with enlarged elements, and even take a virtual selfie.

Through our web-based social networking accounts, we officially display a refined adaptation of our actual characters to the outside world, singling out minutes, photos, and sentiments for specific communicate. At present, it’s hard to have an important social association online without having the capacity to peruse somebody’s non-verbal communication. Messages can be perused any number of routes because of the nonattendance of inflection and visual signs. With virtual reality, our social connections will turn out to be a great deal more private, yet amid its development stage the possibility to further separation our online personas from our genuine selves will remain a worry. Current VR encounters join symbols extending from polygonic kid’s shows to not-exactly photorealistic facial outputs. As innovation advances, you’ll have the capacity to have a naturalistic eye to eye collaboration that feels like the genuine article. Virtual reality will turn into a definitive strategy for idealism, bringing you and your companions to new and energizing spots while physically staying in disconnection. The commence is both energizing and alarming, and it’s appropriate around the bend.

In the midst of the 90s, Virtual Reality transformed into a thought that was been acknowledged to be what’s to come. With the upgrading plan in PC diversions in the midst of that time, it has considered solaces like PlayStation. Today, Sony PS4 and Xbox One makes use of cutting edge configuration to duplicate reality. These are thoughts started by Virtual Reality.

Various technologies that has brought the changes.

There is another name for the VR headset- HMD or high Mounted display. The display is being fitted with the head to have a view at a mounted height. The tracking technology system of the VR headset can actually help to track the head movement and provide the same image wherever you turn the head. There is another technology to focus mainly on the spot the viewer is concentrating- known as the Eye tracking technology. Thus it is one of the sophisticated technological devices used for the best display of a movie or the games in mobile or the computer.

Companies affording these virtual devices with best features

There are many companies which are having these virtual reality devices. And most of them are having some of the similar features that are in common except few. In the year 2016, many companies had found there are new way of high sale with the best features. The best display of the VR headset of these devices is being preferred and has entered into the mainstream.

Excited about virtual reality? Tell us what you’re looking forward to in the comments below! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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