Best Trail Cameras 2020 : Buyer’s Guide

Trail cameras are amongst the indispensable equipment for unmanned outdoor activities. These cameras can take pictures and shoot videos in almost all sorts of weather conditions owing to their rugged manufacturing and water resistant feature. The following trail cameras reviews about the best trail cameras 2020 will help you choose the optimal trail camera for your adventure.

Pyle PHTCM38 Water Resistant With Infrared Night Vision

Pyle PHTCM38 is one of the top trail cameras which is evident by all the features and technology it is packed with. The camouflage pattern on the camera makes it one of the trendy stealth trail cameras. The name and fame of the camera is backed by its technical aspects that deliver a great experience while using it. The following information about the camera will make you more familiar with it.


  • Picture Quality: Pyle has taken the outdoor adventure to a whole new level with its top trail cameras that come with 2 vision mode images. Users can use either 8 MP or 5 MP mode to take pictures. The timer for the photos can be set for any duration ranging from 5 seconds to 60 minutes which makes it one of the must have moultrie trail cameras. With lens aperture of F/3.0, effective focal length of 7.45 mm, and CMOS image sensor of 2.5”, it renders the user with splendid picture quality.
  • Video Quality: The covert trail cameras shoot videos of 640*480 pixel @ 30 fps, and the length of the videos can range from 5 to 60 seconds. All the videos are shot in .avi format.
  • Other salient features: SD Card slot up to 32 GB lets the user expand memory conveniently. It falls amongst the infrared trail cameras. Water resistant feature makes it perfect to use in precipitations which earned it the tag of best trail cameras 2015.
  • Night vision captures up to 45 feet which makes it a part of cheap trail cameras for sale
  • Invisible flash works in complete darkness
  • Water-resistant feature empowers the user to use it perfectly in rainy conditions as well
  • Perfect for gander mountain trail cameras
  • Rugged manufacturing of the camera provides greater durability
  • HD videos missing, but clear enough to serve the purpose
  • No source for external power, but low battery indicator empower the user to change battery on time

Cuddeback 20MP Long Range IR Infrared Trail Game Hunting Camera with Mounting Bracket and Strap

Cuddeback trail cameras have always been famous amongst adventurers. The features and specifications of the trail camera land it amongst the best trail cameras for the money.  All the technical aspects and other specifications of the camera are tempting that incite adventurers to have a shot at such used trail cameras. The following info will reflect all about this good trail cameras.


  • Picture Quality: Since images taken by a trail camera carry significant importance, it is of utmost importance that it has adequate camera aspects. Its 20 MP camera takes clear pictures with its low-light CMOS image sensor which is comparable to that of primos trail cameras.
  • Video Quality: The camera shoots excellent videos which resemble that of wildgame innovations trail cameras. It can record videos for the maximum duration of 30 seconds with good audio quality. Videos shot in darkness are quite a delight to watch as it records videos with excellent quality.
  • Other Salient Features: Cuddeback trail camera comes with mounting bracket and strap that obviate the need for buying such accessories. Its memory can be extended up to 32 GB, and uses 8 AA batteries which is same as the top rated trail cameras on the market.
  • Trigger speed is way faster than Spartan trail cameras
  • Clear pictures with the range of 100 foot flash
  • Fast recover sped for taking continuous pictures
  • Small in size and light in weight
  • The camera is available at a quite affordable price
  • SD Card takes efforts to come out which ensure its safety
  • Adverse environment conditions might affect the battery life, but a plastic case will answer the purpose, and keep the battery safe from any damage.

Eyecon Crossfire Game Camera

Add more thrill to your adventure with this eyecon trail cameras. Its features such as camera stamp time, fast moving targets, temperature, and moon phase make it more tempting. With this camera in your inventory while you embark on adventure, you will have immense thrill and ecstasy. Eyecon Crossfire Game Camera has always been alluring to adventure lovers on the account of its features and specifications.


  • Picture Quality: When it comes to considering the features of trail camera, the image quality mad zooming power of the camera carries considerable weight. 9 MP camera takes clear pictures in both day and night time which fits the tag of trail cameras for security. With photo burst mode, the user can take multiple images per trigger.
  • Video Quality: The camera provides the user with the option of shooting videos with durations of 10, 30, or 60 seconds with 32 fps (frames per second). It shoots quite good videos in different weather conditions which is one of the most important facets of trail cameras.
  • Other Salient features: The card affords SD card up to 32 GB which is found amongst most of the best wireless trail cameras. It utilizes 10AA batteries which gives the best deals on trail cameras. Timer of the camera enables the user to take pictures at any particular moment.
  • Captures fast moving targets with 1.2 second trigger
  • Extra security with flip-down face
  • Fully charged battery takes around 40,000 images
  • Easily optimize the camera placement
  • Rugged manufacturing of the trail camera ensures durability
  • Battery does not fit aptly, but it also assists easy removal of the same

Browning Trail Camera Dark Ops

Browning trail camera is packed with several robust features that are essential to a quintessential trail camera. Amongst trail cameras amazon, this trail camera has been stealing tremendous attention and is must-have equipment for outdoor adventure lovers who seek nothing, but the best for their accessories.


  • Picture Quality: The trail camera has been fitted with 24 MP which takes clear pictures in both day and night. 1.5” color display of the camera provides the user with a perfect screen to observe the pictures well. With the recovery time of 0.5 seconds, the camera can take 8 pictures continuously in a jiffy.
  • Video Quality: Most of the trail cameras on sale do not support much recording duration which leaves the user with disappointed. But, this discount trail cameras can record videos ranging from 5 seconds to 2 minute which is quite significant for its popularity amongst the outdoor gaming adventurers. The camera can shoot videos of 1920*1080 pixels.
  • Other Salient Features: The camera can take pictures up to the distance of 80 feet. Smart IR Video helps in shooting HD pictures with the best quality possible with trail cameras. 6 AA battery of the camera gives extended usage time. The pictures taken show information regarding temperature, date, time, moon phase, camera ID, and Barometric Pressure.
  • The camera supports SDXC card of up to 512 GB which is the best feature of browning trail cameras for sale
  • Long battery life
  • It boasts no glow infrared flash which keeps it hidden at night safely
  • Dual camera lens technology used in the trail camera renders the user with HD images and videos
  • Though the videos can be recorded for up to 2 minutes in daytime, it supports videos for only 10 seconds at night which has been restricted to ensure longer battery life.

SPYPOINT LINK-EVO 12.0 MP Infrared Cellular Trail Camera

Capturing wildlife photos in the dark with this camera is quite fun as its features lets the user take clear pictures and high-definition videos. Cellular trail camera is also amongst the top-most choices of outdoor gaming lovers owing to the fact that this is one of the trail cameras that send pictures to phone.


  • Picture Quality: 12 MP camera clicks clear pictures of the objects in its sight. Continuous mode takes pictures with a great ease that too pretty quickly. IR technology used in the camera boosts the quality of pictures. Trigger time of 0.3 seconds keeps the camera ready for taking multiple pictures in a row.
  • Video Quality: It can record 720p video with sound which is quite impressive, and lets the user save videos of the happenings transpiring in front of the camera.
  • Other Salient Features: motion detectors of the camera cover 5 zones with the help of just one sensor. It supports an SD card of up to 32 GB.
  • A 7 day schedule for taking pictures
  • You can transfer photos taken to your smartphone
  • Time lapse mode of the camera shows the movement patterns of animals being pictured
  • Built-n flash
  • Not adequate flash light for night vision

Bushnell Trail Camera Aggressor Wireless

This aggressor wireless model by Bushnell is known to have some mighty features that let the user take HD pictures and shoot videos with its 14 MP camera. You can control it easily with your iPhone or android phone.


  • Picture Quality: The camera takes HD color pictures. With the trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, it gets ready to take another picture in a jiffy after taking one.
  • Video Quality: It records HD videos of 720p resolution that provides all the necessary details. The duration of the videos recorded is of 60 seconds at the maximum.
  • Other Salient Features: It supports storage capacity of up to 32 GB with an SD card. It lets you keep track of date, time, temperature, and moon phase. It utilizes AA (4-8) battery that powers the camera.
  • Easily accessible using android and iOS applications
  • Battery life of 3 months
  • Takes color pictures
  • Takes perfect pictures within the range of 80 foot
  • It has an average battery life, but it can be overcome keeping new batteries handy

The Exodus Lift II Trail Camera

The exodus trail camera has been the optimal choice of all the adventure and wildlife photography lovers ever since its launching. One of the several reasons that make it worth buying is its support for 64 GB SD card which is way more than the traditional capacity of 32 GB.


  • Picture Quality: The camera has been designed to take pictures with 3 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP, or 12 MP resolutions. It takes HD color photos that are geo tagged automatically by the camera.
  • Video Quality: HD videos can be recorded with this camera with the duration ranging from 1 to 90 seconds.
  • Other Salient Features: 3 seconds of trigger time prepares the camera for the next photo in no time. It can take over 25,000 photos with 8 AA Lithium batteries.
  • Operating hours can be customized as per the need
  • Military and standard time options
  • Microphone in the camera records videos with sounds
  • Excellent night vision performance
  • Night vision consumes a bit higher battery power which is must to generate HD pictures and videos taken using at night

Spypoint Link- Dark Cellular Trail Camera

The easiest activation of Skypoint trail camera without much laborious work is what backs the popularity of this trail camera. Geo tagging of pictures and GPS add another bright aspect to its long list of features that are indispensable to make for an excellent trail camera.


Picture Quality: It takes pictures using the 12 MP camera that clicks HD photos. It works with the trigger speed of 0.7 seconds. The user gets to enjoy color photos in day and infra-red photos in night. With the continuous mode, it can take multiple pictures in a short span of time.

Video Quality: The camera is simply amazing when it comes to recording videos. It records videos of 720p resolution with sound which is quite impressive amongst the cheap trail cameras for sale.

Other Salient Features: Infrared level of the camera gets adjusted automatically. The distance detecting sensor covers the distance of 100 ft. 1 motion sensor of the camera spans 5 zones. With it, the schedule can be set-up for 7 days.

  • You can download taken pictures using the dedicated application
  • Battery life lasts for over 4 months
  • Convenient cellular setup
  • Videos cannot be sent using the application

Other trail cameras that have been at the center of limelight amongst adventure equipment are Spartan trail camera, and academy trail camera. All these cameras will certainly take the joy of indulging in adventure activities to the cloud nine and let you have the most of your outdoor gaming activities. Every camera comes with “how do trail camera works?” guide so that users can access them conveniently.

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