Best Tablet 2020 (Upcoming) : Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Tablet 2020

The functionality of atablet in a compact size is what makes it more unique and worth having forbusiness and other entertainment. Sometimes you find it hard t carry yourlaptop with you all the time and you would prefer a much compact device toplace in your handbag or even in your trouser pockets. Tablets come in handywith notes, photos and other important files that you may need during the day.

Well,2020 comes with awhole new stepped up a level on the tablets to offer more in terms ofperformance and much easier to use and reliable than before. They are morepowerful than even the standard laptops out there in the market.

I know looking for thebest tablet for 2020 for yourself could be a bit hectic for that is why; wehave come up with the selected best 2020 tablets for you. There are differenttypes of tablet best for gaming, affordable, for kids, for money, for reading,for drawing, best for under 200 and many others. Here are the best tablets 2020to have

1.    Apple iPad Pro

Apple has come with a newlevel of tablets that is far better than what they have delivered before. Thescreen size has been increased and much faster in term of processing and alsocomputing power. If you remember correctly, a few years back, most of the tabletswere slow ad a bit small in terms of screen size and also the generalperformance of it was not that great.

Designed with anoutstanding 12.5 inch or 10.5-inch display feature, it brings much better imagedisplay and clearer due to the great number of pixels in it. The tablet is moreinteractive with the user than the previous tablets from the samemanufacturers.

The previous screen sizewas of around 9.7 inches, but with this new screen size that is larger andbetter, you can have a full-sized onscreen keyboard for more comfortabletyping. It runs on the latest Android operating system of v11 and uses specialtechnology the Promotion with great refresh performance of 120 GHz that helpsyou to transition between the apps and the other pages. The responsive rate ofthe screen in amazing and you have to get your finger on the screen, and itcould sense it immediately.


•    4GB RAM

•    6 core chipset

•    CPU performance

•    Apple pencil  for drawing

•    10 hours of battery life

•    512 storage


•    Great performance

•    Large storage 

•    Faster processing capability

•    A 10 fusion processor

•    10.5-inch display

•    10-hour battery life

•    Promotion technology


•    A bit expensive

2.    Microsoft Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Prois a new level tablet to have in 2020. Equipped with great features to improvethe performance and the need of the people, they are perfect for anybody. Hasbeen designed to deliver the best to the customers and improvement from thepreviously released table. The reason why this tablet has been ranked as thebest for 2020, is because it has excellent design and chipset to increase thespeed of performance and even better than the competitive tablets of the samerange in the market. Having been improved from the Microsoft Surface pro3, itoffers even better service like the processor, battery life, and fasterstartup, great front speakers

The design itself of thetablet has been made to make it lighter and easier to carry around r place inyour pocket. For Windows users, you will enjoy the applications and the windowversion it has.  With a great 12.3display capability, you have a much full screen to watch your movies and showwell and much easier. When you are typing on your tablet, the onscreen keyboardmakes a teaser for you.


•    Capable of transforming into 3 operatingmodes laptop, tablet and the studio mode

•    13.5 hours of battery life

•    I7 Intel processor

•    8GB RA


•    Intel i7  processor

•    12.3-inch display

•    13.5 hours of battery life

•    1TB SSD

3.    Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Fire HD 8 Kids editiontable is one to have for your kids to learn and entertain themselves as you doyour stuff. With a vibrant HD display and more than 10 hours of battery life tokeep the kid busy and enjoying. The tablet comes with a 1.3 GHz quad-coreprocessor, 1.5 GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, Dolby Atmos audio, microSD slotof up to 400 GB. The tablet facilitates you to watch millions of programmes andmovies without any limitations. You can as well take photos and videos with its2MP front and rear facing the camera.

What makes the tabletstand out is the features it has and the ability to work with many games andapps like Facebook, Netflix, and many others that are compatible. Having agreat resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, the HD display offers great imagequality that is bright and vivid. When you watch movies from this tablet, youwill notice the images are quite crisp, brighter and stunning video thanks tothe IPS LCD. With this tablet, you should rule out the worry for more storage.The storage capability as we have seen is large and still comes with space formore in MicroSD expandable. The good thing with this is you can as well enjoyunlimited free cloud storage for contents from Amazon. The 2mp rear camera it’sgreat for taking photos and videos. Though the video is great but its only 720p videos and this could be improved to offer higher pixel videos.

This Fire tablet has beenengineered by Amazon to help in everyday life and has undergone more than 50tests to conquer wear and tear. The durability of the tablet is beyond yourexpectation with twice durability as the iPad mini. You are able to play gameswell and with great motion no matter the type of game you are playing. You canas well read from Kindle eBook from the tablet and have a different kind oflighting depending on the time of reading. If you are reading at night, youwill enjoy the blue shade that automatically adjusts and uses the backlight. Hecomes ou can listen to with the tablet is unlimited. This is thanks to theAmazon Digital Music Store


•    1.3 GHz quad-core processor

•    1.5 GB RAM

•    32GB internal storage

•    Dolby Atmos audio

•    MicroSD slot of up to 400 GB


•    Has good parental control

•    Kids subscription in Amazon



•    Has no offline content

4.    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

When looking for a tabletthat can deliver great performance and image quality, then Samsung Galaxy TabS3 is the perfect   Tablet for you.Equipped with a high dynamic range on the AMOLED display, it delivers cinematicimages and videos with much more detail. It has great contrast bringing out thebest of the black and white levels of the contents making them much brighter

The S pen is faster andsensitive to give a much faster response than ever from the previous tablets SPen. Since the S Pen does not require you to charge, you will not be limited onwhen to use it or switch to touch mode. With this pen, you are able to scroll,translate and even type without anything coming between you. The interactionbetween you and the device is friendlier than what you could imagine. Thespeakers are powerful producing smooth and well-balanced sound from what isplaying on the screen. It has a sensor for you to use the fingerprint as apassword and any other thing you what to do. It is much easier for you to switch from the touch mode.  The only thing that I can say is a downsideis a fact that the keyboard of the tablet is sold separately from the tablet.


•    Features AMOLED display

•    Available S Pen

•    Powerful Quad speakers

•    Quad-Core(2.15 GHz + 1.6 GHz Quad)

•     Qualcomm APQ8096


•    Comes with great S-pen

•    Android nougat

•    AMOLED screen

•    Has USB C

•    Micro SD slot

•    Great battery life

•    Has split screen apps

•    Easy and light to carry


•    The storage fills up easily

•    The S pen as no storage place

•    Fail to go to landscape mode when thekeyboard is connected

•    The keyboard is sold separately

5.     Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

When we talk of theultra-fast performance and great design, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 comes with allthat. With this compact size device, you are tablet o work with it fromanywhere and at any time and really enjoy what it offers. Sometimes I find noneed t have another laptop; this is because what the tablet does is typicallythe same.

The movies that you watchfrom the tablet are more like the cinematic ones in the theatres, but thedifference is the screen size. The pictures taken using the tablet are clearand crisp that you do not need to have a different camera to take a morebeautiful picture than this.

It comes with expandablememories apart from the one you are using already internally designed with it.So, if you have lots of apps and file that need to be installed and store inyour phone, you do not need to worry about running out of storage at anymoment. With this tablet, you are able to share and connect between otherSamsung devices and enjoy music and other movies from your friends

Since the phone has beenimproved to cater for different environment and needs, you do not need to beworried about taking photos from low or sunlight lighting environment. Theyalways look great due to the adaptive display technology.


•    Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) OS, 9.7″2048×1536 (QXGA) Super AMOLED

•    Quad 1.8GHz Quad + 1.4GHz Quad

•    Octa-core application processor

•    32 GB ROM and 3 GB RAM

•    Fingerprint sensor

•    Battery life 5,870 mAh


•    Has biometric security

•    Great outstanding performance

•    The resolution is much great

•    Has 32GB storage


•    The battery life is average

•    Has silkscreen button making it easy to hitaccidentally while working on the tablet

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