Best Robot Vacuum Reviews 2020: Buyer’s Guide

In the world of technological advances we always look for easier methods and gadgets to replace our old methods of doing daily chores. Now daily cleaning of your home, offices and space is made easier each year with advanced and improved Robotic vacuum.Who will not want to just sit aback, relax and watch that small intelligent device clean your room even without you lifting your finger? Several years ago “robots” were just a dream and later a basic device but today it’s the next gen gadget that is taking over several jobs.

Best Robotic Vacuum 2020

Small and compact Robotic vacuum are launched every year and here we will witness the Top 10 Best Robot vacuum 2020. The Best Robot vacuum 2020 have some jaw dropping features that you cannot miss. The advanced navigation, wifi connected scheduled cleaning and remote controlled bots are something that is we have been waiting for.Well, these robotic vacuums come for a price and we will make sure that you choose the correct vacuum robot for your space.
Listed below are the best selling Vacuum Smart Bots which you can avail it. Here we present you the Robot vacuum reviews 2020. After several research and extensive tests we have our results. The Robot vacuum review will be honest and point out both the pros and cons of the robotic vacuum.

Top 10 Best Robot Vacuums 2020

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1) Dyson 360 Eye:

Best Robot Vacuum 2020

To start of with the first Robot vacuum reviews 2020.
Best Robot VacuumDyson’s 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner is the newly launched vacuum robot. It is a next gen robotic vacuum which has gone through extensive trial in Japan and its the Best Robot vacuum 2020. It’s suction power is strong enough to clean well on all kinds of surfaces, extremely smart to navigate without any hassle and simple enough to use.

The Dyson 360 Eye is a little, tall and neat bot which will impress at the first glance. It’s size is small enough to clean corners and edges of our space. But it is not short enough to clean underneath your furniture or bed in your home. The 360 Eye has advanced infrared sensors and also 360 degree standard-definition camera that that interprets the surround and cleans accordingly. The Dyson 360 has innovative way to clean your space. It doesn’t require brushes because the cleaning brush bar runs along the full width of the cleaner. The bot has highly systematic and symmetric movements.It goes out from the dock in concentric and systematic squares throughout your entire house. Hence the cleaning is very precise.

There is a reason why it is in the top of the list. Hence it only has few loop holes.The bot has few loop holes such as it sometimes loses internet connection and the scheduled cleaning is not executed well. Another disadvantage it has is the small defect in its navigation system. It gets stuck on objects and furniture. It needs a decent path to an open space or else it might get stuck on its way. Otherwise the vacuum bot has the best features that could be available.
  • Not to miss out the cleaning. The bot has an amazing capability to clean the dirt and dust which is better than many top clean bots in the competition.
  • The navigation is methodological and systematical. It has the best navigation provided.
  • It has small footprint which is an innovative and new idea.
  • Also it has discrete docks for charging.
  • The design of the bot is too tall for certain furniture. Hence cleaning under every furniture is not possible.
  • Cleaning zones cannot be assigned or controlled.

User’s Guide:

The Dyson 360 Eye is rated best in our Robot vacuum reviews, and the bot is completely in a different league. It has amazing cleaning abilities which cannot be missed. The vacuum robot does it’s task with perfection.But it’s  pricey and the fact cannot be ignored. But the product is worth the price. It delivers its service without any fuss or hassle. It is a premium product that is worth it’s price.

2) iRobot Roomba 880: The Best choice for allergenic

The brand “Roomba” has surely become the master inBest Robot Vacuum
manufacturing the best robot vacuums till date. Apparently, iRobot’s latest model, the Roomba 880, combines the utmost satisfactory vacuuming with intelligent navigation technology, which are smartly synchronized.

The vacuum has a round shaped design which makes it adept at navigating  in any corner of your house. The rotating side brushes, criss-cross pattern and dirt sensor technology makes effective cleaning of the edges. The small battery powered columns can be placed around the corner of your place and which is set up as a doorway barrier to provide effective cleaning and to avoid a halo area that the vacuum is not suppose to enter. With a wide range of pre-programmed cleaning settings you can easily change them while cleaning your space or for effective spot cleaning. All of this can be done with just a remote control button. It has an in-built HEPA-filter, which can efficiently collect finer and micro particles altogether. Precisely, 69dB on hard floors and just 67dB on carpet, the noise created is lower than a traditional vacuum cleaner. The Roomba 880  additionally has provided two devices called“Lighthouses” that can be put up around in different corners of your house which will help in guiding the vacuum as well as prevent it from reaching out certain areas which you don’t want to be accessed.

There are only few drawbacks such as, It has no smart phone connectivity or network connectivity. It also takes a longer time to recharge itself. And lastly it is quite expensive and does not come at an affordable price.
  • After a detailed review it can be assured that iRobot Roomba 880 can easily clean effortlessly on almost any surface.
  • The plus point is that the device has no brush bristles to clean.
  • The latest iRobot Roomba 880 quickly recharges itself, but a drawback is that the battery doesn’t last long enough and the efficiency is not maintained.
  • The another major drawback which is observed is that the device frequently clogs and lacks quality suction power.
  • Even when it is not full, it needs to be emptied quite often. For heavy cleaning this can be a major setback.

User’s Guide:

The Roomba 880 is the best robot vacuum available and also the second Best Robot vacuum 2020. It makes less noise and is has efficient cleaning. The vacuum is a great choice for the people who are working and do not have time to clean the house themselves on regular basis. It is the most reliable and trustworthy Robot vacuum. It provides a value for money service.

3) iRobot Braava Jet:

Best for removing wet stains

Third on the list of Best Robot vacuum 2020 Best Robot Vacuumis the iRobot’s another vacuum bot is on the top which is the smallest and most intelligent robot vacuum cleaner. The Braava Jet is specially designed to be used to clean up spills and dirt from bathroom, kitchen, and hardwood floors. So if you are looking for leaning up wet stains you could try Braava jet 240.

The replaceable pads with highly intelligent and advanced built-in cleaning agents will automatically switch into damp,dry or wet mopping modes. It has a 150ml reservoir and also a vibrating cushion that helps the pads to scrub up tough stains from the floor. It does offer the a very clean hard and rough flood floors without you having to make a single effort. By using its own autonomous tracking system, it has the ability to navigate around the open spaces. It then sprays the floor with water and then mops it with either a wet, damp or dry cloth which is soaked in cleaning solution. It is able to navigate itself around and also has a number of safety features to prevent it falling down stairs. All these features function well and requirements are met properly.

The price is in the  reasonable range and has decent rating in our Robot vacuum reviews. IRobot’s Bravajet 240 concentrates more on quality over quantity, so the quality aspect is better taken care of but as far as quantity is concerned it does cleans up a large amount of dirt efficiently. For example it could have problem in removing tough rubber scruffs.During the demo, the Jet did a great job cleaning up dirt and even coffee stains, but couldn’t remove some tough rubber scruffs.
  • Has multiple cleaning modes to choose from. Modes such as wet mopping, damp seeping and dry cleaning or rubbing.
  • It has a small size which makes it accessible to congested places for clean.
  • While cleaning it does not makes sound. Its quite while cleaning.
  • It has an affordable price.
  • Tough stain cleaning might require manual intervention which is bit inconvenient.
  • It has small coverage area for cleaning.
  • Also reportedly using your own cleaning solution does not go well with this bot.
  • A series of error codes beep up instead of actual error message which makes it difficult for the user to identify the error.
  • Additional cleaning scrubs can get quit expensive.

User’s Guide:

The new enhancements they have made on it make it worth a look. Although the Braava Jet 240 has few disadvantages bu they can be overlooked.It gives more options for cleaning. Also the price point on it cannot be ignored. It is one of the most affordable that is offered.This provides you with the hassle free cleaning experience.

4) iRobot Roomba 650:

The best seller at an affordable price

The Roomba 650 is a mid-ranged which is
affordable and is fourth on the list of Best Robot vacuum 2020. It has a total three staged cleaning system that can clean up everything and anything.

With a great price range and features it is surely the best option.controlling systems. A large Clean button on top is provided  to indicate charge and ready status by lighting it up as green, yellow and red. The Dock button is also provided that guides the bot go search and mount the included charging dock. The 650 model also includes scheduler buttons and a date/time display to allow for basic delayed operation. It can also scheduled to clean up to seven times per week. When it’s done, it automatically returns to its dock to recharge. The battery life is amazing and Roomba 650 wins here hands down with battery life. It easily runs 45 mins to 1.5 hours on a single charge.

Roomba uses a much basic algorithm that depends on a lot of random twists and turns to cover the room but other vacuum bot cleaners imply true room mapping technology to determine the best path and and covers most of the space.

The Robot vacuum reviews will be honest and according to it’s research ,Roomba 650 is certainly not the logical vacuum bot cleaner. The haphazard and shabby tracks it leaves is not impressive. It can end up taking a lot more time than expected. A miraculous and quick cleaning cannot be expected.
  • It has a great and powerful suction which can clean up a lot of dirt.
  • It is highly easy to empty and maintain.
  • Navigates most surfaces without any hassle or problem.
  • It takes pretty long to charge the bot which is a bit inconvenient.
  • With no battery meter on the bot it is very difficult to determine the charge remaining or used.
  • The only works fine and efficiently on defined space. It lacks cleaning efficiency on undefined space.
User’s Guide

 It does an excellent job in keeping open spaces and areas clean but it can create a bit inconvenience in keeping small and complicated spaces tidy. The  Roomba 650 gives an amazing service at an affordable price.

5) iRobot Roomba 980:

Advanced and Intelligent vacuum bot

The iRobot Roomba 980 has everything that you reallyBest Robot Vacuum
wanted in your cleaning bot.It perfectly cleans your floors as well as carpets. Schedule cleanings can be assigned and you can located your bot at a go by your smart phones. You can also take control over it via tablet or your smart phone.It has all the extravagant features that you are looking for in a vacuum.

The material used in to clean your space is very impressive.It uses stronger suction power to clean up the carpet which is a plus point. Soft, rubber roller design that helps pick up hair on its way. No manual digging or brushing is required for this bot vacuum. As with the best robot vacuums, the iRobot Roomba 980 sends out a message that lets you know when it needs to be charged. Also there is an indication when it’s bin is full.The bot is easy to maintain and the battery life is amazing. All you have to do is to instruct it to clean your space and it will do the best it can.

This robot vacuum has a noticeable louder noise than any other robot vacuum. When it comes to cleaning larger particles,the bot misses out few pieces which is not expected. It does not perform well on the hard surfaces, rather it does well on carpets. While you are controlling the bot via your smart phone or tab, it does not facilitate you with the notifications about what your bot is doing at the moment. It does not inform you about its every move.
  • It is very easy to use and there are no complications.
  • The bot has advanced mapping capabilities that can navigate through your space.The camera and location sensors give it an edge over the other vacuum bots.
  • The bot is app controlled and can be controlled by your tab or smart phone.
  • The iRobot Roomba 980 is very easy to maintain at a lower cost.
  • The bot has imperfect cleaning at certain type of spaces and the type of stain or dirt it has to clean up.
  • The application through which it is controlled does not have loads of features. The application is primary and basic.
  • It creates noise while cleaning which can get frustrating at times.
  • The battery life is not impressive and it needs to be charged constantly.
  • The price is too high. The price is not affordable which is a drawback.

User’s Guide:

The Roomba 980 stands fifth on the list of Best Robot vacuum 2020 and has better features than its previous models and surely a value for money product according to Robot vacuum reviews 201. It’ navigation is impressive as well as the cleaning. Even though it has few drawbacks, it yet come out to be desirable. It is easy to use and controlling it all the more easier. Although there are few drawbacks with its application that connects you with the bot. It is the future of cleaning bots which could be modified more. It is a bit pricey but the results are very desirable.

6) LG Hom-Bot Square(VR65502LV)Quiet and Effective vacuum bot

This LG robotic vacuum cleaner has several modesBest Robot Vacuum that could clean your space. It has an innovative mapping system that navigates its way through the space.The intelligent robotic vacuum has impressive modes to clean ,which gives it an edge over the other robotic vacuums.

You have the option to choose from the seven different cleaning modes.  The different modes are : first the default is “Zig-Zag”Mode which cleans the floor in a zig zag manner. Others are the “Spiral Spot”” mode and a “Cell-by-Cell mode” which bifurcates your spaces into several sections to focus on  each one once at a time.The Robot vacuum reviews are detailed, hence according to the research , this vacuum has contoured corners paired with long side brushes to reach the tougher corners. It can be used for a variety of floor surfaces.You can also set it out in “Repeat Mode” in which it will continuously clean your floors until the battery needs charging, or schedule cleaning runs that start at a specific time.The cleaner can be controlled by a remote to assist it to clean certain spaces properly according to your choice.

Even with its few loop holes it has made it to the Best Robot vacuum 2017.A minor drawback is that it continues to lag behind the bot in the competition that cost less than LG hom bot.The variety of modes give a good feel about the vacuum but when it comes to performance, the modes are somewhat disappointing. The bot does not prove itself to be true to the exaggerated features and modes specified by the manufacturer.
  • It is a quiet cleaner and does not create an absurd noise while cleaning. So you can experience a peaceful cleaning process.
  • Has variety of modes to choose from. Each having its unique abilities.
  • Controlling it is very easy and hassle free.
  • The bot has an amazing battery life. Which lasts longer. It could only get exhausted faster if certain energy consuming modes are used to clean your space.
  • It misses out certain spots which can be frustrating at times. You need to manually take control over it to clean the space.
  • As the effectiveness of certain modes are not impressive. You might end up using only the turbo feature every time, which can consume lot of battery life.
  • The bot is quit expensive and the price you might pay would not be worth it.

User’s Guide:

Although it is not the best produced by the manufacturer, it has several attractive features. It has its own issue that the owner might have t deal with such as manual cleaning of certain spaces. As soon as yo might want a perfect cleaning the bot might not be able to prove itself but than that, the navigation, controlling of the bot and battery life is very amazing. It is overall a good primary bot that could clean your space satisfactorily.

7) Neato Botvac ConnectedThe smart vacuum

As the world technology is advancing , even  our Best Robot Vacuumwelcoming new technological advances in our home.  The Neato Botvac Connected is one of those smart devices which clean in a smarter way.It connects to your Wi-Fi at home and creates a connection with the Neato app which needs to be downloaded in your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). It gives cent percent ability for you to now control your bot.

The unique D shaped bot can easily clean the corners and the walls and is on the seventh position in the Best Robot vacuum 2020. It can easily find its way around obstacles and not get stuck anywhere. That approach embedded in the bot sends the Botvac around the perimeter of the room, where it determines its way along the walls.It also uses its laser assisted navigation abilities to sweep and clean back and forth across the center of the room, nimbly dodging your furniture as it goes.For more efficient cleaning it uses eco and turbo modes. It has side sweeping brushes to tidy up the edges.When it’s job is done it will return to its dock station.Staying connected to the robot vacuum has been made easier. Now even you can even schedule cleaning through Wi-Fi connection. And you can direct it to clean anytime through your mobile. It also  has a long-lasting and durable lithium ion battery for longer cleaning duration.

Some of the loop holes observed were that, it sometimes missed few patches of the room even after the full cleaning of the room or the space.Another full cleaning is required to clean the space properly.It does sometimes messes up with pet’s litter and leaves few bits which is sometimes annoying.
  • The unique D shape design cleans corners efficiently.
  • Real-time object detection really works well. It scans and methodically cleans rather than bumping around the obstacles.
  • It has powerful Eco and Turbo cleaning modes for heavy dirt cleaning.
  • WI-FI enabled Cleaning app can ease up to control the robot vacuum from any corner of your house.
  • Pet hair sticks to the bristles easily which could make its cleaning pretty tough and time consuming.
  • The setup process is very quirky.

User’s Guide

The Neato Botvac Connected has almost all the abilities that a robot vacuum should have. It has very powerful suction. Its design allows it to clean efficiently. It also has smartphone and tablet app that lets you choose its cleaning time, even if you are not at home. It gives full control via the smart phone app. This is the best at such a price range. With such great features this could be a good choice for keeping your room tidy.

8) Samsung POWERbot VR9000The new and notable Vacuum Robot

The Samsung POWERbot gives a decent result Best Robot Vacuumand is in the Best Robot vacuum 20120 list. The most important category, that is cleaning is done very well. With an impressive navigation system, it prevents it from bumping into most obstacles in its path. Samsung POWERbot is its latest model released by the samsung company.It has a sleek copper body with highlights. The look is quite promising and so are the cleaning abilities.

The Samsung’s Powerbot VR9000 is robot vacuum cleaner having advanced  sensors to navigate through your room and avoid obstacles.A wide drum brush promises comprehensive cleaning. With the “CycloneForce” mode,  you can actually increase the suction power up to 60 times more. The smart vacuum bot will find its way back to its charge dock. It is equipped with a remote control that  with the power to specifically point out to the extra dirty spot that you would want your bot to clean.The vacuum robot has some innovative features such as a  virtual guard tower that can be used to avoid areas or certain spaces that you would not want it to enter.

The precise details of Robot vacuum reviews say that , it works well on other surfaces but when it comes to rugs it fails to impress. It is a constant battle for the Powerbot. It assumes the rug to be an obstacle and misses out to clean it. It also gets stuck on stairs which is not expected at all.This is quite a drawback. The large and bulky size does not allow the vacuum bot to reach out to corners and the edges. The cleaning process is slow and time consuming. It’s cleaning is not quick as expected.
  • The robot vacuum has a decent navigation that does not bump into objects in your home. You can rely upon it’s navigational skills.
  • The cleaning works well on hard floors. The cleaning is very impressive and you will be quite impressed with it.
  • The cleaning is gentle when it comes near the furniture. It makes sure that it does not harm your delicate furniture edges while cleaning.
  • Has a remote control which gives manual control over your bot.
  • The vacuum might struggle while it is cleaning small steps in your house. It can create a bit of inconvenience.
  • The bot does not work well on the carpet. It struggles on the carpet while cleaning. The cleaning is not effective and some dust particles might remain.
  • The bulky shape of the bot does not allow it to get close the edges of the room and complete a proper cleaning.
  • According to it’s capabilities, the price is very high.

User’s Guide:

The Samsung Powerbot VR9000 is an slightly above the average cleaning vacuum robot. It slightly cleans better than the other cleaning bots in the competition. By looking into it’s  inabilities, you might not want such errors to occur frequently.The cleaning is decent and average. The cleaning is material dependent which is not expected. Other than that The vacuum has several cleaning modes and good navigation abilities. This might not be the best choice if you are looking for a daily heavy cleaning vacuum robot.

9) Rollibot Mini BL100  :

The multitasking bot vacuum

The cleaning bot, Rollibot mini BL100 is aimedBest Robot Vacuum on being small and compact. The small size has loads of features enabled and goes a bit ahead than other bots in the competition by facilitating you with several modes such as sweeping ,moping and sanitizing your space. The three in one combination works wonders for this bot.

The bot is puck shaped and it comes with a remote control so that you get a control over the gadget. It mainly uses zig-zag pattern to clean the floors. It has an average of 100 minutes of cleaning capacity which is quite good.It has Double Side Brushes and a three-section design to trap more dust, pet hair.The ultra violet lamp provided kills off bacterias and germ in the home. The bot can also mop the floor with its micro fiber cleaning cloth to remove sticky dirt. It has a bump sensor to bounce off furniture, so that it does not bounce into it. It has a Double HEPA Filtered dusbin to trap the dust and not to let it out again in the atmosphere. You can also take control over the bot by the remote control provided with it. The robot vacuum finds it way back to its base through its sensors.

It might lack on few efficiency factors such as the mopping. The mopping is not that impressive and that is created while cleaning is also disturbing.These are few of the drawbacks. The bot has several features but the effectiveness of the cleaning modes are not quite good. The result could be somewhat not as expected or up to the mark.
  • With a variety of modes, the Rollibot will clean your space and make it really clean.
  • The medical grade UV germicidal lamp eradicates the germs from the space.
  • This robot sweeper has a rubberized cover on the underside so as to protect the wooden floor.This step is highly appreciable.
  • The price is very reasonable and low. Which is a plus point.
  • It comes with two replacement brush heads and a spare HEPA filter.
  • The Rollibot isn’t the most flexible of droid cleaners. It makes few trouble while cleaning carpets.
  • There is only a narrow vent that takes in the dust. If a hairball misses that, there is a possibility that it will come out the other end.
  • The mop will work fine on smaler areas but it dries out quickly when it comes to larger spaces.
  • The bot makes some pretty annoying noise that might irritate while it is working.

User’s Guide:

The bot is fast and efficient and is in the bottom of the list of Best Robot vacuum 2017. It can be welcomed to your house if you require three different types of cleaning such as moping,sweeping and sanitizing. The advanced bot removes germs for the ultimate cleaning. If your are looking for a multitasking vacuum then this is the suitable choice for your space and home to be cleaned.

10) iLife A4:

 Robot vacuum for less than 200

It is now the best that you can get in robot vacuum Best Robot Vacuumfor such an unbelievable price.The features and the cleaning power is very impressive and cannot be missed upon.

With a height of just 3 inches tall, it is easily able clean each and every corner with efficiency.The iLife A4 basically has a three-step cleaning system. It is equipped with a side brush that sweeps up dirt and dust from all the corners.A high-capacity 2600-mAh battery that easily lasts between 130-150 minutes, and it has multiple cleaning modes for varying levels of dirt and surfaces.It can be scheduled to clean when you’re not home.A convenient remote gives the advantage to direct it to corners and small areas.The sensors do not let it fall from a height or get stuck at a space.It also automatically returns to its base station to recharge itself.

The bot stands last in the list of Best Robot vacuum 2020. One of the problem faced is that it did repeatedly gets stuck under furniture whereas this is not suppose to happen.It has no features which restrict it from entering certain areas. Another major drawback is that it repeatedly got caught on cords. Lastly, it is also disappointing that never made it to the charging dock on its own.Unfortunately,few of the promising features are not accomplished.
  • It is a very powerful and the cleaning is quite impressive.
  • The setup is very simple and sorted. No complications or confusions. It can be easily handled.
  • It has a lower rate and is affordable for all.
  • It not one of the intelligent vacuum bot cleaner launched. It has basic algorithms used to do the task.
  • It gets stuck and the sensors are not effective enough.
  • It does not get to its dock in a go. It takes several attempts to do so.

User’s Guide:

The iLife A4 has a very powerful suction and has a small and compact size which makes the device  easier to each spaces and is very simple to use. It is least expensive bot with such features. It is suitable for the ones with lower budget and are looking for power cleaning of open spaces.

Robot Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

Maybe till now you are not sure what to buy or what should be the basis on which you are suppose to buy the Robotic vacuum and select from the the Best Robot vacuum 2020. Basically all the robots are not equally designed. Different bots have different designs and abilities. So in this informative guide all your doubts and requirements will be met.

The key features are listed below to get you an idea about on what basis you should select the best bot for your home or space . So keep on reading the Robot vacuum reviews 2020 and lets get started!

Maintenance and accessoriesAuto-Scheduled cleaningBattery Charge and Power RequirementsCleaning Performance of the botSize of the dustbinHouse size & Navigation capabilities of Robot Wifi App ControlPrice

So that’s all folks! Hope your questions and doubts were cleared. Choose your Robotic vacuum according your requirements and cleaning space. Wish you select and get the Best Robotic vacuum this year.


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