Best Replacement burners for electric stove top: Top 5 Guide and Reviews

Replacement burners for electric stove top

What are the best replacement burners for electric stove-tops?

Electric stoves have been in use for decades and have become an integral part of our homes. They provide a convenient method to cook food at home quickly and help save time when we need it most.

Over time, however, these stoves begin to show signs of wear and tear just like any other appliance we use at home. They start to wear out and sometimes, become unusable.

In such cases, you must get your stove repaired or buy a new one altogether. However, before you do that, there might be another way around which can help you save money and time; replacement burners for electric stoves.

Replacing the burner of your electric stove with a new one might turn out to be more cost-effective than buying a completely new stove.

Best Replacement burners for electric stovetop

If you are looking for the best replacement burners for electric stoves, you have come to the right place as we will guide you through all that you need to know about this appliance so that you can make a more informed decision.

KITCHEN BASICS 101 MP22YA Electric Range Burner Surface Element Replacement for Whirlpool KitchenAid Maytag

Our first pick when it comes to replacement burners for electric stovetops in the Kitchen Basics MP22YA. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this product can fit almost any electric stove out there in the market. Your appliance will look new again with this affordable replacement burner.

Feature to benefit

– Two 8″ 2100 watt 240 volt 5 turn burners and two 6″ 1500 watt 240 volt 4 turn burners.

– All four burners can be used simultaneously with the touch of a button.

– The drip tray is easy to clean and remove for cleaning or replacement.

– The control knobs are made of metal and the rest of the range is made of stainless steel.

– This electric range has an automatic shut-off if one or more elements are left on after cooking time has ended.

• Add a dash of humor to your kitchen with this replacement for your old, busted, worn-out burner surface element.

• Never have to worry about it falling off again after years and years of use!

• One-of-a-kind design perfect for any avid grill master looking for an upgrade or replacement.

S-Union 4 Pack MP22YA Electric Range Burner Element Unit Set

The S-Union 4 Pack MP22YA is yet another affordable replacement burner that can make your electric stove look and function like new again.

The S-Union 4 Pack Electric Range Burner Element Unit Set is a professional replacement part and an ideal choice for your home. This element unit set is made of metal and has a high-quality construction that will last for years to come.

It is designed with precision engineering, making it the perfect fit for most standard electric ranges. This product features universal compatibility, allowing you to install it quickly and easily without any hassle or extra tools required.

It offers great value for money, as they are made of non-metallic material with large resistivity. These electric range burner element unit sets have been tested by the manufacturer to match and/or exceed specifications of OEM products.

Feature to Benefit

-Save yourself the time of replacing a stove drawer by purchasing this great kit that includes 2 replacement burner surface elements

-Install these in your electric range and break down the cost into monthly payments.

-No more scrubbing mineral deposits off your old burners, just enjoy cooking with new ones.

KITCHEN BASICS 101 WB30M1 WB30M2 Replacement Range Stove Top Surface Element Burner Kit

Our third pick when it comes to replacement burners for electric stovetops in the Kitchen Basics WB30M1/WB30M2. This product can fit almost any electric stove out there in the market, which will make your appliance look new again with this affordable replacement burner.

The Electric Range Burner Element Unit Set includes (2) 6″ 30M1 and (2) 8″ 30M2 electric burners. Made from high-temperature stainless alloys, these burners are made in the USA.

They are designed for use with gas ranges, but can also be used with electric ranges if the range is equipped with a pilot light ignition system. The unit set is covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Feature to Benefit

•, Unlike other parts, this durable Stainless Steel Surface Element will last for years and won’t burn your food!

• This is a replacement for the original surface element and will fit perfectly on top of any stove.

• Get peace of mind knowing that we manufacture our products with high-temperature stainless alloys so you will never have to worry about it again.

• We use only the best materials which are made in the USA and guaranteed not to corrode or crack like those cheap imported parts.

LONGADS WB30M1 and WB30M2 Electric Range Stove Burner Replacement for GE Hotpoint

The GE WB30M1 and WB30M2 are electric range stove burner replacement parts for the LONGADS series of stoves. They can be used to replace a faulty or broken part, as well as to upgrade an older stove with more modern features. The two models differ slightly in power output, but both provide enough BTUs to keep your cooking area at optimum temperature.

The long-lasting coil provides up to 24 hours of continuous heat without the need for constant supervision, while the precision thermostat allows you to regulate heat output at precise intervals for perfect cooking every time!

Feature to Benefit

• Keep your favorite electric stove in service longer

• Quickly replace an electric range burner with these easy to use units

• Stop paying for expensive repairs when you can easily fix it yourself!

• Save money on installation costs by replacing the burner yourself.

• An inexpensive and practical solution to replace a worn-out part in your electric stove.

  • 2 pcs WB30M1 specs include 6″ 1350 watt 208/240 volts 4 turns
  • 2 pcs WB30M2 specs include 8″ 1765 watt 240V/208V volts 6 turns

GE WB30M2 Genuine OEM 8″ Surface Element Coil for GE Electric Ranges

The GE WB30M2 is the replacement range burner for many different types of the electric stove. This is an OEM part so it’s guaranteed to fit your appliance without any problems.

For those who live in a world where the kitchen is their domain, it’s important to have dependable appliances. It features a premium material coil that is 8″ in diameter and can be used on gas or electric stovetops for more versatility!

Feature to Benefit

• Impressive prices

• Exact fit so there’s no need to worry about it not fitting or being too loose

• May reduce the risk of injury because you don’t have to move around an oversized burner.

 • Durability because each one is made out of steel and should last for years.

Final Verdict

If you have a stove burner that’s not working anymore, then pick up one of these replacement burners from any of our above-listed choices. All are made from high-quality materials and will offer you years of service without burning out or corroding. Be aware that the wire coil is designed to fit into a specific housing unit for a proper fit, so be sure to read the description carefully. We hope you enjoyed our guide!

How to choose the Replacement burners for the electric stovetop

There are many things to consider when choosing replacement burners for the electric stovetop. There are certain factors you should consider before purchasing a replacement burner for your electric range.

The first factor is the size of the cooking surface you have on your electric stove. If you have different size cooktops, then you should purchase either two or four burner units so you have enough to cover all of your cooking surfaces.

If you have an 8 or 10-inch cooking surface, then the most cost-effective choice would be two units because it will match the cooktop perfectly and not leave any spots uncovered with heat.

If you only have one size cooking surface, then choose between purchasing either 4 or 6 burner units so you have the correct size to fit your cooktop.

The next factor is to consider what type of power output you will need. If the best performance is required, then a person should choose units that have higher wattage power outputs. The higher this number, the more heat that will be delivered, which means it can boil water faster.

The last thing to consider is the length of time you will need for cooking. If you are just boiling water or heating a cup of coffee, then you can get by using low-wattage burners that are made from thin wire coil.

Unfortunately, this type of burner does not work very well when trying to boil water or perform other more difficult tasks. If you are planning to cook on your electric stovetop, then the best choice would be to purchase the nickel blue rod type of burner.

This type of element works very well because it can deliver a powerful heat source to quickly boil water and perform many other cooking tasks. It’s important to make sure the type of burner you purchase matches the wattage power needed to perform the task.

Thank you for your interest in replacement burners for the electric stovetop! We hope this article was helpful and wish you the best of luck with your replacement range burner!

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