Best Refrigerator 2020 (Upcoming): Buyer’s Guide

Best Refrigerator 2020

All types ofrefrigerators are capable of doing what you will need a refrigerator to do:Keep your food cold and preserve it. So, whenever you are choosing the best refrigerator2020, what matters is going for one that will suit your budget, space andstyle. We do have several types of refrigerators in the market. However, after100 hours of research, we did find LG 260 L 4-StarFrost Free Double Door Refrigerator as the best fridge in 2020.

Best Refrigerator 2020

The main objective of this article is to offer you the topbest refrigerator in 2020 and a buying guide for refrigerators that will enableyou to understand things to look for when buying one.  Here are the best Refrigerator reviewsin 2020.

1.     Best Frost Free DoubleDoor Refrigerator- LG 260 L 4-Star

 LG has been known to be among the topmanufacturers of the best frost free refrigerator in the market. Thisrefrigerator does have a capacity of 260 liters and it has a double door. Itmeans that you will have a separate freezer box.

Concerninginverter technology, you will enjoy the Smart Inverter Compressor services fromLG. The ice beam door cooling facility is one of the most important features ofthis refrigerator.

Thisbest fridge in 2020does come with an automatic smart connect facility and itspremium flourish finish is the reason behind its attractive look.

Its 4-starenergy rating makes it possible for one to save lots of power while at the sametime it has an attractive price. It also comes with a one year warranty whileits smart inverter compressor comes with a nine year warranty.

Things We Like

  • Hasan ice beam door cooling facility.
  • Itis a fairly large refrigerator is idea for a family of 4-5 people.
  • Ithas an excellent appearance with a great steel body.
  • Itis an energy efficient refrigerator.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Adjustingthe racks is difficult when you need to put in larger utensils.
  • Itsegg tray is small.


2.     Runners up Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator- Whirlpool340 L 3-Star

Most peopledo associate Whirlpool with the best washing machines in the market. However,they are known for coming up with some of the top refrigerators in the market.Actually, the refrigerator we will be talking about is one of the best fromWhirlpool.

This best French door Refrigerator in2020 comes with a 340 liters capacity while its double doormakes it perfect for larger families. It is a three start refrigerator. Mostpeople who have used this refrigerator consider it to be intelligent keeping inmind its 3 Intel sensors on the display panel together with the RC and FC.

With thisrefrigerator, you will have a deep freezer that comprises of a tower coolingfacility. Flexi vents presence will make it possible for free flow of fresh airinto the tray where you will do away with the stale smell. This will help keepyour food fresh for longer periods. Its active Deo facility will ensure thatthe refrigerator does remain fresh every time. It is considered to be among thetop quality refrigerators currently available in the market that caneffectively store fruits while they remain crisper for a long time.

Its friendlyuser interface together with the stabilizer free operation is the extrafeatures. It comes with a one year warranty.

Things We Like

  • Thereare no curves inside this refrigerator.
  • Itis a perfect refrigerator for bigger families.
  • Itsactive Deo facility will ensure freshness.
  • Itslarger freezer will enable one to place their mixer jars vertically.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Itis a three star refrigerator.
  • Thereare previous customers who did complain about its non functioning odor sensor.

3.     Haier 247 L

Haier 247 L,a 247 liter capacity refrigerator   hasHaier technology which is considered to be the best in the market.  It uses the hour Icing technology which makesit easier to make ice cubes. It takes less than 60 minutes to make ice cubes.Its cool pad facility is available where you can maintain the foods chillnessfor a period of 10 hours even during power cuts.

It is alsocapable of withstanding fluctuations in the voltage in the ranges of 135-290volts. You will never require a stabilizer when you have this refrigerator. Its360-degree air flow will ensure that it is able to cool every part of thefridge.

Its Vitamin Cfilter will also enable one to store the vegetables and fruits for up to sevendays without going through any moisture or freshness loss.

Its childlock feature will help in ensuring the fridge is out of bounds for kidsespecially when you are not around.

It is athree star refrigerator that comes with reciprocatory compressor which helps inlowering its maintenance cost.

It comeswith a one year warranty and a 10 day replacement guarantee.

Things We Like

  • Hasa uniform cooling.
  • Iceforms quickly.
  • Ableto maintain food chillness for at least 10 hours.
  • Thevitamin C filter will help it retain freshness of vegetables and fruits.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Itis a three star refrigerator.
  • Difficultto get service centers.

4. Best Selling Double Door Refrigerator – Samsung 253 L

All over the world, Samsung is known to be a very reliablename whenever we talk about consumer electronics. However, the Samsung 253 Ldoes have a two star rating and is considered to be among the best sellingdouble doo refrigerator. It has a digital inverter technology that makes itpossible for the compressor to function tirelessly at varying speeds. This willhelp in enhancing the compressors life and improving the cooling.

Rolling hinges found on the shelves will make it possiblefor one to remove the trays and slide them at the users’ convenience. Itsrecess handle together with the hidden hinges will help make the refrigeratorhave a more attractive look. Its twist ice maker trays enable one to easilyremove the ice cubes.

Its drawer also comes with excellent insulation which isable to prevent moisture escape especially when the levels of humidity are low.With this refrigerator, you will get all round cooling. This best refrigerator2020 is also able to work well during high voltage fluctuationshence one will not require a voltage stabilizer.

It comes with an onsite warranty of one year while itscompressor has a 10 year warranty period.

Things We Like

  • Hasan attractive look.
  • Itconsists of a digital inverter technology.
  • Itsrolling hinges make it much easier for one to do away with the trays.
  • Compressorhas a 10 year warranty.

ThingsWe Didn’t Like

  • Thereare times when its control knob gets stuck.
  • Itis a two star refrigerator.
  • 5. Whirlpool 245 L

    Whirlpool 245 L is considered to be one of the mostcompact refrigerators currently available in the market. It has 245 literscapacity and is a very intelligent refrigerator that uses6th Sense DeepFreeze Technology. Its fresh flow air tower willensure that all the refrigerator contents do remain fresh for a very long time.Fruits and vegetables do remain crispier thanks to the Vegetable Crispertechnology it uses. Its glass shelves have been toughened hence they neverbreak easily and can bear heavy loads. The refrigerator is capable of workingunder heavy voltage fluctuations.  You donot have to use a stabilizer since it comes with an inbuilt stabilizer.

    It also does have a reciprocatory compressor that willensure the cost of maintenance is low. It does have a two start BEE rating andcomes with a one year warranty on the refrigerator and ten years warranty onthe compressor.

    ThingsWe Like

    • Hasa 6th sense DeepFreeze technology.
    • Ithas a reciprocatory compressor hence no need forlots of maintenance.
    • Cooling is uniform because of fresh flow air tower.
    • Has a vegetable crisper that maintains fruits and vegetablesfreshness.

    ThingsWe Didn’t Like

    • Itlacks light on the upper cabinet.
    • Thelower cabinet is a bit small.
    • Itis not energy efficient.

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