Best Linux Laptops to buy in 2021

While most of us use Windows and macOS for our go-to operating systems, some people simply favor Linux and it is easy to understand why.

The absence of bloatware aside, using a Linux laptop is a unique experience as it’s lightweight and efficient in using internal resources. As it’s been around for over three decades, many government organizations and top businesses have chosen Linux as their preferred system.

In fact, a Microsoft cloud developer revealed that the tech giant uses Linux in its cloud platform Azure’s switch program. Microsoft is not the only tech giant favoring Linux, as Google and Facebook have also developed some of their rollouts on the OS.

Although Linux has a reputation for being the technically complex alternative to popular operating systems macOS and Windows, the extensive and multi-leveled courses for Linux on Udemy alone highlights its degree of usability as well as customization potential. It is designed in a way that allows its users to address the deficiencies of its mainstream, commercial counterparts. It’s becoming increasingly clear that greater flexibility offered by free and open-source software like Linux is an edge in itself.

As Linux laptops come with the open-source OS, it has become an obvious choice for many IT professionals, and you can run Linux on any of the best laptops of 2020. This includes Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Lenovo’s Flex 6 to name a few.

Best Linux Laptops 2020

But if you are the kind who wants less tinkering here is a list of the best Linux friendly laptops worth your money.

Dell XPS 13

Named by ZDnet as the best Linux laptop of 2018, the Dell XPS 13 is really on top of its game. Armed with the latest 8th-generation series of Intel processors, the Core i7-8565U, it’s packed with an indomitable processor. Yet, the big draw of this laptop is its long battery life as it can last for 12-hours with a 4k display.

Pinebook 64

If you’re looking for a cheap ultra-portable, ultra-affordable computer that can run Linux, the Pinebook 64 is the laptop for you. It was launched at a retail price of $100—making it one of the most affordable compact laptops out there. If you’re a coding beginner or a student, the Pinebook is the budget option for you.

System76 Serval WS

This laptop comes in two monitor sizes, 15- and 17-inch iterations. They come with a whopping i9 desktop-class CPU option with GeForce RTX20-series GPUs and a 64GB RAM. Alternatively, you can swing towards their more powerful System76 Galago Pro laptop if the specs of the Serval WS are lacking. Just like the Serval WS, you can easily configure it with a Linux operating system.

Purism Librem 13

The Verge was quick to anoint it as the laptop with the best physical security for the paranoid. This Linux laptop is simply the most secure commercially available computer out there. With an Intel Core i7 6500U (Skylake) processor and 4 to 16GB of RAM, the Librem has surpassed its predecessors. Its storage can even be upgraded from 120GB to 4TB.

ZaReason UltraLap 6440

This unit is all about customization — making it a perfect option for those who do love to tinker with their laptops. At its level of power, the $1000 starting price point is reasonable compared to its counterparts. ZaReason UltrapLap 6440 is powered by an Intel i7-8550U and comes with 32GB of DDR4 RAM. Aside from being a powerful laptop, it is also extremely versatile and portable— allowing you to use your Linux OS anywhere.

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