Best electric razor for women’s facial hair: Top 5 Reviews and Guide

Best electric razor for women’s facial hair

Women’s facial hair can be a big problem. Sometimes you get so fed up with the excess growth, that you have to resort to waxing or threading. The truth is, unlike men’s facial hair, women’s facial hair does not usually go away after a certain period.

In most cases, the hair will grow back even thicker and darker. As a woman, you have to work twice as hard to get rid of this excess hair. When it comes to shaving the face, women’s facial hair can be a huge problem because it is soft and pliable.

The shape of a man’s face is not an obstacle for a razor blade since men have flat skin. Women on the other hand have soft skin that tears apart easily when rubbed with a sharp object such as a razor blade.

Since women do not usually shave their face every day as men do, they also need high-quality electric razors designed especially for their faces. While some people use regular razors, prefer using an electric shaver if you want to minimize skin irritation.

This is because electric razors make the shaving process faster and easier. In addition, they help in cutting through tough beard hairs without taking too much of your time.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 best electric razors for women’s facial hair reviews. We will also cover a few buying tips to guide you on how to choose a good electric razor for women. Without further ado, let us get into it!

How does an Electric Shaver work?

Electric razors consist of blades that oscillate at high speeds to cut hair or else grasp them then cut just below the surface of the skin. Since the blades are not exposed, there is a lower chance of the skin being cut. In addition, electric razors can be used both dry or wet. The advantage is that you can shave even in the shower without having to use creams and gels.

Things to consider when choosing an Electric Razor for your sensitive skin


Before buying a razor, it pays to consider the durability and ease of cleaning. Electric razors can be quite expensive and it is a shame to buy one that will not last long.


Women vary in terms of skin type and size. You need an electric shaver that can easily adapt to your skin type for maximum comfort as you shave. This may include changing the speed of the shaver or even switching it to a gentle mode when shaving sensitive areas.

Battery life 

Look for a razor that charges in a short time and has longer battery life. This way you can save time by not having to charge between each use, plus you do not have to worry about the charger being misplaced.

Pivoting head 

The head should be able to pivot at least 30 degrees from side to side and up and down for easier access when shaving. Cleaning – Cleaning electric razors after use is both easy and fast. Look for an electric razor that is waterproof so that you can just rinse the blades under running water. In addition, check if the heads pop off easily for super-quick cleaning.

Best electric razor for women’s facial hair

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver, 3-Blade Cordless with Pop-Up Trimmer

If you are looking for the best electric razor for women that is small and easy to use, then this is it! The Panasonic ES2207P has a compact shape with curved blades to ensure maximum comfort while you shave.

It features three ultra-sharp blades that cut through hair effortlessly without pulling or tugging. The shaver also has an ergonomic grip handle which makes shaving quick and easy.

In addition, this razor comes with additional accessories such as a brush, pouch, etc., basically everything you would need to get started right away. Unlike most other razors, this one is cordless, rechargeable, and only requires an hour to fully charge.


A rechargeable device with low running costs.

Cleaning brush provided for fast cleaning.

Long battery life of about 45 minutes of shaving after 1 hour of charging. Cons Battery can discharge quickly if not used for a few days.

Makes some noise when in use.


consumes a lot of power when charging for more than an hour.

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver, 4-Blade Cordless with Pop-Up Trimmer

Panasonic is one of the leading electric shavers manufacturers in the world. The Panasonic ES2216PC manages to meet the high standards set by other razors in this range. 

It has a sleek and ergonomic design that fits perfectly into your hand making it easy to use even when you are running late for work! 

The blades on this device feature nano-polished finishing which ensures excellent comfort when shaving. Since the head of the razor pivots up and down, you can easily access hair that grows along the chin line or under the nose. This device comes with additional attachments such as a brush, pouch, and others to make it easier for you to get started straight away.


Low running cost.

Long battery life of about 8 hours after 1 hour of charging.

A waterproof device can be easily cleaned under running water.


Limited accessories are provided in the package.

Philips HP6378 Travel Electric Razor with Shaver Attachments

This razor from Philips is designed to give you on-the-go shaving even when you are traveling. It features a compact design that makes it easy to carry around during your travels.

In addition, this electric shaver comes with additional attachments making it easy for you to get started right away without having to hunt down additional accessories.

The Philips Bikini Perfect trimmer is the only bikini trimmer you’ll ever need. It has a precision edging blade that allows for easy shaping around your bikini line, plus a separate comb attachment to trim longer hairs.

The combs are detachable so you can use just one or both depending on how much hair you want to remove. With just the right amount of power and precision, it will give you confidence.


• Cordless and rechargeable, Philips HP6378 removes any limitations on your styling time frame.

• With 6 attachments, easy to switch between clipper lengths or shave body hair for a smooth finish.

• BikiniPerfect Advanced attachment helps you create the perfect bikini line in just 15 seconds.


Not that durable.

Remington WDF4840 Women’s Smooth and Silky Women’s Foil Shaver

If you are looking for a shaver that can provide you with smooth and silky finishing then this is it! The Remington is designed to help eliminate the coarse hair on your legs, bikini line, and underarms.

This product comes with an ergonomic handle which provides an easy grip for comfortable shaving. In addition, it is cordless thus you can use it at any time of the day even when there is no electricity around.


  • The rechargeable device with low running costs.
  • Long battery life of up to 60 minutes makes it suitable for traveling.
  • It can be easily cleaned under running water making maintenance easy thus reducing chances of breakage.


If you do not recharge the device in time then it will drain quickly making it difficult to shave in the morning.

BRAUN Silk-épil 7 7-561 Women’s Electric Razor, Violet

If you are looking for a budget electric shaver then the Braun Silk épil is worth considering as it does not do much damage to your pocket. This product has been specially designed with features such as protective foil and rounded cap which help to reduce skin irritation during grooming.

Despite its low cost, this model still manages to deliver on performance as it can remove hair up until the shortest length of 0.5 mm thus making it ideal for those who wish to keep their bikini lines tidy and smooth even after shaving once or twice a week.

The Braun Silk Epil 7 is the most advanced epilator on the market. It comes with 40 tweezers that are designed to remove even the shortest hairs, making it perfect for legs and the bikini area.

The Braun Silk Epil 7 also includes a trimmer cap to trim longer hairs before epilation, so you can get the best results possible. This epilator has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold in your hand while using it on your skin. It is cordless and waterproof, so you can use it anywhere without worrying about cords or having to finish before taking a shower.


• Cuts hair from the root for up to four weeks of silky smooth skin.

• Cordless and waterproof, so you can create your perfect bikini line in the bath or shower.

• 40 tweezers ensure that all hairs are removed quickly and effectively, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth for days after use.  

• The ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold during use, while a pivoting head ensures that each area is reached with ease – this also helps reduce any painful pinching or pulling.


The trimmer cap doesn’t fit securely when not in use which makes it easy to lose traveling around with it.

Benefits of having an Electric razor for women:

(1) It saves time: 

Whether you like to shave in the mornings or before going to bed, an electric razor will save you the hassle of doing it with a blade. This is because; they provide a close shave effortlessly and quickly without having to go through the pain that comes with manual shaving especially when tackling sensitive parts such as the bikini area.  

(2) Less skin irritation:   A lot of pain when shaving can be attributed to tiny cuts caused by blades on your skin when trying to get rid of hair. When using electric shavers women might experience some discomfort but they are very unlikely to cut themselves unlike when they use razors. With an electric razor, hair removal is extremely fast and efficient hence reducing chances of skin irritation.

(3) It’s cost-effective:  Electric razors for women are cheaper compared to disposable ones that need to be replaced after every use. This is because; they come with long-lasting rechargeable batteries which you only require charging once in a while. When charged, you can use them for up to 60 minutes without running out of power which means they can be used on various occasions when traveling.

(4) Protects hair follicles:   The continuous pulling and tugging when shaving can ruin your hair shafts leaving you with large amounts of ingrown hair in the future. With electric shavers, this problem is solved as there are no blades involved thus preventing any damage from being done to your hair follicles.

(5) It’s compact and convenient:   An electric razor is portable as it fits in your purse easily. When traveling from one place to another, you can use them without having to worry about finding a plug point as they run on rechargeable batteries. In addition, you do not require shaving cream or water when using an electric shaver as they are waterproof making them suitable for even sensitive skin. 

(6) Helps to prevent Razor Burns:   The main reason why women experience razor burns is because of razors irritating their skin after long-term use. Electric shavers have a protective barrier that works by preventing the blades from coming into contact with the skin thus reducing the chances of razor burns being caused.

Tips for women before using the electric razor for facial hair removal:

There are certain things you should be aware of before shaving with an electric razor to achieve quality results.

• When using an electric shaver, ensure that the area on which you are shaving is clean and dry.

• Using a pre-shave or moisturizing lotion can prevent your skin from being irritated by protecting while shaving.

• Also, you should always select the right setting for your specific skin type as having sensitive skin may mean that you need to use a more gentle setting. This way, you will reduce the chances of getting redness after shaving or infections due to ingrown hair.

• After applying pre-shave lotion and gel, keep the head of the shaver in contact with your skin at an approximately 30-degree angle. This will ensure that you achieve a close shave.

• If you are using an electric razor for the first time, start by shaving in the direction of hair growth then against it to get rid of any remaining hairs. 

• Use short strokes when shaving to help reduce skin irritation and redness.

• Always look at the user manual before operating your shaver for best results.

People also Ask

Can a woman use an electric razor on her face?

A woman can use an electric razor on her face to remove hair. She can also use it to shave leg, underarm, bikini line, and armpit hair.

Is Electric Razor good for shaving the pubic area?

An electric razor is not designed to be used in the pubic area because of its moist environment that can cause electrocution.

How to use an Electric Razor for women?

It is easy to use an electric razor as you simply have to switch it on and run it along with the parts of your body that you want hairless. If you are shaving sensitive areas such as the bikini line or underarm, do not apply much pressure as this can result in cuts.

What kind of razor should a woman use to shave her face?

When shaving your face, make sure you use a razor that has small blades and comes with moisturizing strips as this will protect the skin from being damaged.

Is shaving your face bad for a woman?

Shaving your face does not affect women negatively because it only results in the removal of facial hair.

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