Best electric pour over coffee maker: Top 5 Reviews and Guide

Just like how the French press is, an electric pour over coffee maker is another great way to make a delicious cup of coffee. It has amazing capabilities that allow you to easily control how much water to use and even its temperature.

If you are yet to hear about an electric pour over coffee maker, it is a single-cup brewer with the extra feature of having the ability to control how much water is poured in.

The reason why pour-over coffee makers are popular among people who like making their iced coffee drinks is that they give you total control when it comes to customization.

It certainly sounds like something excellent; but what’s its downside? Well, not all machines on sale today can do justice in terms of quality and performance. That’s why we wrote this article.

We know that finding the best electric pour over coffee maker can be tough especially if you’re new in this world of making your coffee drinks home. So here are our top five picks on the best electric pour over coffee maker on sale.

  1. Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Maker – Our Top Pick

We just can’t get enough of this beauty. It has everything that one would want in an electric pour over coffee maker mainly because of how it is designed for just that purpose. Not to mention, its compatibility with several brewing types and sizes makes it even more appealing to people who are after portability and convenience when making their drinks at home. A lot of users love how easy it is to use than other coffee makers out there which only proves the notion that “simplicity” seems to be appreciated by many who want nothing but quality results without putting in so much hard work. Is it perfect? Well, nothing is. But that small flaw at least doesn’t bother coffee drinkers who are after the best value for money pour over coffee maker out there.

  1. Coffee Gator Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker – The Runner-Up

Coffee Gator’s product has a special feature that allows you to easily control everything starting from the water temperature to how much coffee you want in your drink thanks to its cone filter design and stainless steel mesh filter. This helps give more room for customization depending on what type of drink you’re making be it an iced or hot one just like Bonavita’s coffee maker above! There are lots of things that we love about this machine but one of the top things is its clean and easy-to-read design. Its brewing power may be somewhat lacking but we’re certain that this can be overlooked because what it offers in terms of performance and features exceeds expectations for the price you pay for it.

  1. OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Maker

OXO’s electric pour over coffee maker isn’t a bad choice when it comes to choosing the best value for your money iced coffee maker especially when you consider how cheap it is compared to other products out there on sale today. With its elegant design, superior functionality, and affordability; it’s safe to say that this can easily become one of your favorite kitchen appliances! However, durability is one thing that has been complained about by most of its users. It doesn’t mean that it’s completely lousy, though. This electric pour over coffee maker from OXO is one of those rare finds which you can use for a very long time as long as you make sure to properly take care of it the right way.

  1. Coffee Gator Pour Over Iced Coffee Maker – The Budget-Friendly Choice

Are you on a tight budget but still want an electric pour over coffee maker? Well then, we think that you should consider getting this one from Coffee Gator because aside from being cheap; it comes with all the features and capabilities which you’ll expect from a more expensive model out there today. Another great thing is that it can produce quality results without too much effort on your part thanks to its compatibility with several brewing sizes and types. It also comes with a stainless steel mesh filter which ensures that only the best coffee oils are used for your drink! The downside? Well, there isn’t one except for the fact that some people think it’s not as durable as other models out there today.

  1. OXO On 9-Cup Coffee Maker

Another great choice from OXO but this time around, it is designed for those who are after convenience when making their drinks at home since most users are quite happy with how easy it is to use compared to other pour-over coffee makers out there today. There’s no doubt about it; OXO has made a name for itself when it comes to making high-quality kitchen appliances and this one is the perfect example of how good they are at what they do! In terms of build quality, it’s no doubt that this electric pour over coffee maker from OXO can hold its own against other similar products out there which makes it all the more impressive.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best electric pour over coffee maker

What type of pour over coffee maker should you get?

There are two types of pour over coffee makers that you can choose from today. The first one is the electric pour over coffee maker which is considered to be the best choice for those who don’t want to spend too much time doing manual labor because it automatically does everything for you! The second type is simply a classic glass or plastic cone where you have to heat water yourself before pouring it onto your coffee grounds manually and letting the brewing process begin.

-Electric vs Manual Pour Over Coffee Maker: Which One Is Better?

It really depends on what kind of user you are whether if you’re somebody who enjoys the ease and convenience offered by an electric model or someone who wants a well-made product that can produce the kind of coffee that you want for a long time. In terms of convenience, we think that you should choose an electric pour over coffee maker since they require less effort on your part and almost always come with modern features such as timers and programmable settings.

-Material: What to Look For?

Pretty much all pour over coffee makers these days are made from either plastic or stainless steel so there’s no need to search for something specific unless it’s glass or ceramic because those materials don’t last as long as others do. The advantage of stainless steel models is that they’re very durable and won’t break easily unlike their plastic counterparts and can be cleaned using your dishwasher (for more convenience) but it also has its downside because they can be very heavy. Plastic pour over coffee makers are usually much lighter than steel models which makes them easier to transport and clean but they’re not as durable as their stainless counterparts.

-Ease of Use: What’s the Best Pour Over Coffee Maker?

If you’re looking for an electric pour over coffee maker then our advice is that you should choose one that’s easy to use because otherwise, what’s even the point of getting one in the first place? Thankfully, most models these days come with programmable settings so all you have to do is set everything up before heading off to work or doing something else and when you come back, you’ll find a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee waiting for you.

-Programmable Settings: What Makes the Best Electric Pour Over Coffee Maker?

The reason why having programmable settings on an electric pour over coffee maker is so important is that who wants to spend all of their time watching over a boiling pot of water when you can simply set everything up using a simple, easy to use the machine and once you come back your drinks will be ready! Unless you’re after tradition, there’s no doubt that programmable settings are worth investing in since they allow users to enjoy freshly brewed coffee every morning without any hassle or problems whatsoever.

-Timer Functionality: What Is It?

Pretty much all modern pour over coffee makers -electric or manual- come timer function which allows users to choose how long the maker will stay on before it automatically shuts off or shuts itself down. This is important for those who are forgetful because you don’t want to end up wasting electricity by forgetting that your coffee maker is still plugged in and warm!

-Serving Size: How Many People Will Your Pour Over Coffee Maker Serve?

The serving size of an electric pour over coffee maker allows users to choose whether they want their models to produce one cup of hot coffee at a time or serve more than one person at once. The latter is great if you have friends or family members who usually drink coffee when you do so it’s much better if everyone gets their cup instead of having to share the same mug Luckily, all modern pour over coffee makers come with different cup serving sizes so users can enjoy their coffee however they want!

-Temperature Settings: Why is This Important?

When brewing coffee using a pour over method, it’s important to maintain the correct temperature, or else you risk not getting the right taste. The best way to do this is by investing in an electric pour over coffee maker that comes with multiple temperature settings because if your model only has one setting, then making certain types of drinks will be difficult for you. Keep in mind that most hot beverages are usually served at around 150 degrees Fahrenheit but there are some exceptions such as iced drinks which require much colder temperatures!

-Water Reservoir Size: What About Capacity?

The capacity of an electric pour over coffee maker’s water reservoir is important because you don’t want to be required to refill your pot every time you use the machine. Luckily, modern models come with an impressive amount of water capacity so there won’t be times where you have to wait for longer periods before enjoying another cup or serving other people!

-Programmable Keep Warm Feature: Convenient & Helpful!

The programmable keep warm feature allows users to control whether their pour over coffee maker turns itself off after brewing or stays on to keep the beverage warm until you’re ready for it. You can choose between hot and cold settings so if you enjoy hot coffee then this feature will come in handy when serving yourself a fresh cup at any time throughout the day without any problems whatsoever. On the other hand, if you’re after a cold drink then having a pour over coffee maker that can keep your beverage cool until it’s ready to be served is much better!

-Price: How Much Should You Spend?

When trying to find the best electric pour over coffee maker, price is of course an important factor. Luckily, there are many affordable models on the market that come with numerous features so just remember that an expensive pour over coffee maker doesn’t necessarily mean it will work great for you! Remember to read reviews and check out what previous buyers have said about their experiences before investing in any given model because this way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.

-Durability: Does the Machine, Last Long?

Just like any other product on the market, durability is always important when it comes to buying a new pour over coffee maker. Thankfully, modern-day models are made from only the highest quality materials that last for years and years without breaking down or having problems so you can continue using your appliance for many years to come!

-Filter Basket Material: What Type of Filters does it Use?

The filter basket material is very important because this part of the machine allows users to place their desired coffee grinds in after pouring hot water over them directly. Some filters can clog up quickly while others don’t work at all so if you want something more durable then stainless steel mesh filters are preferred by most people! On the other hand, there are some pour over coffee makers that come with disposable paper filters which you’ll need to replace every so often but most of these models are very cheap so if you’re on a budget then this might be the best type for you!

-Warranty: Does the Company Have Confidence in their Product?

If any parts of your pour over coffee maker stop working within 2 years after purchasing it, then most companies will offer great warranty programs that allow users to return the product and receive a brand new one whenever necessary. It’s important to find out if the company offers any sort of warranty because this is usually an indication of how confident they are when creating their product! Just make sure to read all fine print before investing in an electric pour over coffee maker and always keep your receipt handy in case you need to make a return!


Stovetop Coffee Makers – A Strong Alternative To Pour-Over Coffee Machines

These are great alternatives to pour-over coffee makers because they’re very similar but were created for people who live in areas without an electric power supply. Just like their electrical counterparts, stovetop models allow users to place ground coffee inside the filter basket so that hot water can drip through it before serving a fresh cup or two of delicious coffee.

The best thing about these coffee makers is that they are just as versatile as their electrical counterparts. You can easily use them to make tea, hot chocolate, or even your favorite soups, but what you use them for will depend on the number of cups you’re looking to serve. If you want one cup and don’t really like reheating leftovers all day long, then a single-cup model might be the right pick for you.

Another advantage of using stovetop models is that some of them come with insulation layers that help maintain the optimal temperature while serving your drink, making sure it’s not too hot or too cold when it reaches your table (or desk). These types look pretty much like small teapots and some even come with a charming design that will make them your favorite mugs.

Since they’re made to be used on gas stoves, electric models are usually very easy to use and you won’t even need to measure water or coffee grounds like it’s the case of pour-over coffee makers which require more attention. All you have to do is put the filter basket in place, add ground coffee inside it (some models include a scoop) and slowly pour hot water over it until all of the desired quantity has gone through the filter. If you want, you can double or even triple this amount just as easily. Now all that’s left for you is to let your stovetop model stay on the heat long enough so that the last bit of water can drip through and leave to cool. That’s all, you’re done!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an automatic pour over coffee maker?

An automatic pour over coffee maker is a coffee machine that was specifically designed to brew freshly ground beans into a delicious cup of coffee. To do so, users add water and ground coffee inside the reservoir which then gets heated up until water reaches its boiling point.

The hot steam will go through the ground coffee and drip downwards before reaching a carafe or a travel mug, and since it’s auto-regulated, there is no need for users to worry about the proportions of water and coffee.

Is a pour over coffee maker worth it?

Yes, Definitely! For coffee enthusiasts, a pour over coffee maker is worth it because it’s the only way to get freshly brewed coffee at home. It has an affordable price range, but you’ll need to keep in mind that if you want one with a glass carafe then it will be more expensive than other models.

Is the Moccamaster a pour over?

No, the Moccamaster is a drip coffee machine which means it’s perfect for those who want to have freshly brewed coffee as fast as possible. Brewing time takes only 4-6 minutes and since it uses paper filters, there is no need to worry about cleaning the filter basket or risk spilling ground beans all over your countertop.

How is pour over different from drip?

Drip coffee makers are a lot more popular than pour over because they were designed to brew a large amount of coffee in a short period. However, drip machines can’t make fresh ground beans into an exquisite cup of coffee that’s why pour over is becoming just as popular even though it takes up to 10 minutes to finish the job.

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