Best electric pencil sharpener for classroom: Top 5 Reviews and Guide

Picking the best electric pencil sharpener is a tough job. As many of you must know, there are different types and models available in the market at all price points. To make things simple for you, here we have selected some great products that will help in making your search easy.

We have reviewed some of the best pencil sharpener products, and we have also created a simple buying guide so that it becomes easier to find the one you need.

Besides this, we have also included a comparison chart further below to give you a better idea about each model’s features and specifications. So without any ado let’s begin with the reviews!

Top 5 Electric Pencil Sharpener for Classroom Use

1 . POWERME Electric Pencil Sharpener – Pencil Sharpener Battery Powered for Kids, School, Home, Office, Classroom, Artists

POWERME Electric Pencil Sharpener is a battery-powered pencil sharpener for kids that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It features an automatic sensor to stop the blades when the pencil is fully sharpened, so no need to worry about fingers getting cut!

The POWERME Pencil Sharpener also has a built-in blade cleaner that removes the shavings from the blades. This product is great for students who are looking for something convenient while studying or just want to have fun while they’re out of school.

A revolutionary new concept for sharpening knives, AR Blue Clean is the first power tool to offer 3000 rounds of sharpening on a single charge.

The patented helical blade rotates at an incredible speed, allowing it to sharpen any knife with ease. In just 3 seconds, AR Blue Clean can restore a razor-sharp edge to your blades without the need for messy oils or stones.

The lightweight design and ergonomic handle make this system easy to use and comfortable to hold, even when working with larger knives.

Feature to Benefit

• Saves time and labor when sharpening pencils.

• Unique rotating spiral design that is perfect for use in education settings.

• Safe auto-stop safety feature ensures a safer environment.

• Transparent shavings reservoir to see your progress.

2. PUZMUG Pencil Sharpeners, Electric Pencil Sharpener for Battery-Powered

The Puzmug Battery-Powered Pencil Sharpener is a great pencil sharpener for colored pencils, No.2/HB graphite lead, and colored lead.

The electric pencil sharpener has a powerful motor that spins the blade at an incredible speed of 2800 RPM to give you a perfect point every time.

The PUZMUG Electric Pencil Sharpener is a new generation of electric pencil sharpeners. It can sharpen both colored and graphite pencils with a diameter of 6-8mm within 5 seconds.

The sharpening blade is made from high-quality carbon steel, which has been tested to last more than 10000 times.

The motor is durable and quiet, and the safety switch ensures that the machine won’t run unless it’s properly assembled. The waste material box can be easily cleaned by running water through it.

Feature to Benefit

• The Pencil Sharpener is automatically operated.

• Safe and easy to use, with a sharpening blade that never needs changing or replacing.

• A storage compartment for pencil shavings, with a see-through cover to easily monitor when it’s time to empty.

• Great for offices, art studios, and classrooms where a hands-free operation will be most appreciated!

3. Electric Pencil Sharpener, Heavy Duty Helical Blade Sharpeners Plugin for Kids Artists Classroom Office School, Auto-Stop Feature for No.2, and Colored Pencils (Panda)

The Zmol Store Pencil Sharpener is a great electric pencil sharpener for kids, artists, and adults. It has a helical blade that will sharpen pencils to a perfect point every time.

The blades are made from durable stainless steel and can be replaced when needed. This electric sharpener comes with an auto-stop feature that turns off the motor when the pencil is sharpened to the desired length.

You can use this electric pencil sharpener for #2 pencils or colored pencils (although it may take longer to sharpen). The Zmol Store Electric pencil sharpener is designed for quiet operation, but in some cases, it might make a slight buzzing sound.

Feature to Benefit

• Auto-stop feature that will stop the blades when they are sharpened to the desired length.

• Quiet operation, with an easy release button, so you can empty the shaving reservoir quickly.

• Blue color is great for classrooms or art studios where kids are working on their projects!

4. Bostitch Metal Antimicrobial Manual Pencil Sharpener, Black (MPS1-BLK)

The Bostitch Metal Antimicrobial Manual Pencil Sharpener is the perfect choice for classrooms, offices, and home use. This manual pencil sharpener features antimicrobial technology that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The Bostitch Metal Antimicrobial Manual Pencil Sharpener has an 8-hole dial that accommodates a variety of pencil sizes. It also has dual cutter technology for 6X longer life than standard sharpeners. The cutters are replaceable so you can keep your sharpener working at optimal capacity.

The Bostitch Pencil Sharpener features durable all-steel construction with a built-in mounting screw that allows it to be permanently fastened to any surface. The sharpener also includes the patented Tip Saver technology which prevents over sharpening and extends the life of your pencils.

Feature to Benefit

• Antimicrobial Protection

• Extend the life of your pencil by 6X, cutting off every 2mm.

• Permanent Mounting Screws Included

• Includes a Tip Saver to protect against over-sharpening

5.Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy-Duty Helical Blade Sharpener with Adapter/Battery Operated for No.2/ (6-8mm) Pencils with Auto Stop & Cleaning Brush

Pencil Sharpener The X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener is designed to be a safe and functional electric pencil sharpener that can handle daily use in your classroom or office.

This pencil sharpener features helical steel blades that sharpen pencils quickly and efficiently. The motor delivers speeds of up to 3000 RPM for reliable performance at all times.

The X-ACTO electric pencil sharpener comes with an auto stop feature which will turn off the machine whenever the shavings receptacle is removed from its place, helping you avoid oversharpening your pencils. It also includes an automatic cleaning brush so it’s easy to clean out after every use.

It can be used for sharpening pencils, crayons, colored pencils, and more. Battery life lasts about 1 year of continuous use. It has 3 different sharpness options(Sharp/ Medium/ Blunt). T

For best results, remove all non-graphite lead from the shavings bin before each use.

Feature to Benefit

• Sharpens pencils fast

• Durable and made to last

• 3 different sharpness levels

• 4A batteries, or AC adapter


As you can see, pencil sharpeners vary greatly and each type is designed to suit a variety of different needs. Our list includes manual and electric models for home or classroom use, so there’s something here for everyone! Our list features several bestsellers, including the X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener and the Bostitch Metal Antimicrobial Manual Pencil Sharpener. We hope this list helps you find the perfect sharpener for your needs!

Get one that will match your classroom/office/home setup!

Pencils are important tools in education settings – they help students and teachers alike achieve goals and get things done. When it comes to our writing utensils, we want something reliable that will work when we’re in a pinch and need to write something down.

We all know the frustration of having a pencil get dull right before an exam or testing. If you don’t have any backup pencils, then things can quickly get out of hand! That’s why everyone needs to keep good sharpening tools nearby – so if one pencil goes dull, you can easily replace it with another and continue on your way.

FAQs About Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Are manual or electric pencil sharpeners better?

There’s no “better” type of pencil sharpener when it comes to sharpening ability or ease of use. Electric models are often faster and more efficient, which makes them ideal for office settings where many people need a quick sharp every couple of minutes. Manual models require very little exertion from the user but can be easily disrupted by children who are too small to operate the sharpener themselves.

What do students use to sharpen pencils?

If you’re a teacher, you may want to invest in an electric sharpener for your students. These can easily handle repeated use and hold up better under heavy pressure. Being able to sharpen pencils quickly will help keep your classroom running smoothly! If not, then any of the manual models listed above should be considered as well!

Why do pencils only sharpen on one side?

This is because pencils are designed to have a thicker lead on one end. Some older, manual models would sharpen both sides of the pencil, but this was often an inconvenience since it left the user with no choice over which side they wanted to be sharpened. Modern electric models ensure that different sides can be sharped easily and without much thought!

What is a Woodless graphite pencil used for?

A woodless graphite pencil is very similar to a disposable pen, which means that there is no outer casing. This makes it perfect for use with patterned paper – you can write on the paper without worrying about damaging it! Many people who love writing letters and making cards prefer this type of pencil because they can design their project around it instead of hiding it!

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