Best Electric Cars For Toddlers With Remote Control: Top 5 Reviews and Guide

Toddlers are very curious about everything, especially their environment. As a parent, it is very necessary to keep your little one engaged during his/her playtime. Presently the market has many types of toys available for children but electronic toys are preferred by most of them as they provide entertainment and learn at the same time without making too much mess.

As we know that toddlers learn through play and the best way to teach them anything is to give them an experience by playing which will give them a clear idea about what they are learning. Toys with remote control provide such opportunities for kids so they get entertained and at the same time their mind stays sharp and alert while playing with these toys.

This article is written to provide you with information about some of the best electric cars for toddlers with a remote control so they can be chosen easily by parents.

Best Electric Cars For Toddlers With Remote Control

We have compiled a list of the top five products according to their popularity and user reviews so that you can choose the best one as per your requirement and budget. This list also includes a buying guide that will help you choose the product according to your needs and requirements.

Liberty Imports My First RC Cartoon Car Vehicle 2-Channel Remote Control Toy

This is a two-channel toy car that is battery-operated. There are three different modes of playing with this product. This toy has easy operation and it provides fun for kids who love cars with cartoon characters on them. Its lightweight helps to carry it around easily.

This is a remote-controlled car with a cartoon design. This car has an amazing speed and can move forward and backward. The car also turns left and right. Your child will have fun riding this toy around the house or outside!

This is a fun and educational toy that will be enjoyed by any child ages 18 months and up. The car has realistic police siren sounds and flashing headlights. The removable policeman action figure can be removed from the vehicle, which makes it easy to play with both the car and the figure separately. This toy would make a great gift for any young boy or girl!


• Great design that is colorful and attractive

  • Plays music and makes honking sounds

  • Features flashing headlights with a nice look

 • Has great quality, hence making it durable.


Batteries are not included.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Speedway RC SmartPoint Racer Police Car

This is a remote control vehicle with Smartpoint technology. This car can interact with other smart wheels toys and can be operated by a child as young as 1 year old.

Race on the go with this VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Speedway RC SmartPoint Racer Police Car. This car has a realistic police design and features an easy-to-use remote control that allows you to drive it forward and backward, left and right.

It also has a button that activates fun phrases and sound effects. The smart point racer police car is designed for use with other VTech smart wheels playsets (sold separately) so your child can create their adventures and bringing toys to life.

This is a fun and educational toy that will be enjoyed by any child ages 18 months and up. The car has realistic police siren sounds and flashing headlights. The removable police action figure can be removed from the vehicle, which makes it easy to play with both the car and the figure separately.


• Fill the room with music and sound.

• Variety in music in each car for a well-rounded playlist.

• Light up wheels to keep kids entertained, even when they are not playing.

  • Batteries are included with the car.


Need to purchase an RC speedway separately.

Thomas & Friends TrackMaster, R/C Percy

Percy is a green and red remote-controlled motorized toy train. He’s got a lot of personalities, but he’s not as strong as Thomas or James. Percy is very proud of his branch line and the important job he does there but sometimes thinks that the other engines make fun of him because he has to wear glasses for reading.

The engine drivers will tell you that Percy can be a bit of a worrywart at times, but they all agree that he means well.

The RC Rail Engine toy is a fun, interactive remote controlled train that allows you to control the speed and direction of your motorized train play. The included TrackMaster track can be expanded with other TrackMaster tracks for even more fun. It requires 2 AAA batteries for remote and trains both separately.


• RC Engine toy is easy to use for beginners

• Your toddler will love the car based on their favorite characters.

  • Quick speed and durable material make it a joy to play with.

• Fun design


Don’t work on smooth surfaces or carpet floors.

Prextex 13” Rescue R/c Fire Engine Truck Remote Control Fire Truck

The Prextex 13” RC Fire Truck is a great toy for your little boy. It includes everything you need to get started, including the batteries! The Firetruck comes in red with yellow/orange flames painted on it. Also included are two firefighter action figures in bright colors to keep your child entertained while they drive around their new toy.

The ultimate gift for the little firefighter in your life, this 13″ R/C Fire Truck with Lights & Siren comes complete with a fireman figurine. Just press the button on the truck to hear realistic siren sounds and watch as lights flash on top of the truck.

The truck is easy to drive using its remote control and can reach speeds up to 2 miles per hour! The perfect gift for any occasion; birthdays, holidays, or just because you love them!

It can be used indoor or outdoor. It has 4 functions – Forward, Reverse, Left, and Right. The fire truck toy car will turn left and right at 360 degrees when you press the steering wheel manually. And it has 30 feet range to control the toy car by remote controller. You can also play with this fire truck in water because it is waterproof.”


• You can pretend you’re a fireman and drive the truck

• It’s more interactive and realistic with sounds, lights, and high-frequency range

• The control is from as far as 50 meters away which is perfect for kids who want to play together.

o No need to yell across the playground.


Somewhat loud and noisy.

Final Verdict

It is always great to start your child’s life with learning toys. The best part about these toys for toddlers is that they are not only fun but also interactive and educational at the same time. It has both physical and intellectual benefits because there are many features involved in them that help in the development of hand-eye coordination, tactile skills, problem-solving, and improved social and communication skills.

Some of them can also help in developing early science concepts like colors, cause, and effect, etc. And some of your kids might even learn to count with the help of these toys!

All in all these toys help kids to learn about the world around them, how it works, and also give them a sense of pride.

We hope you enjoy reading our list of the 5 best RC toys for toddlers.

What is an Electric Car with a Remote Control?

An electric car is a vehicle that runs on electricity rather than gas or diesel. It has rechargeable batteries, which are used to propel the car forward. Compared to traditional gasoline engines, electric cars have environmental benefits because they produce no tailpipe emissions including carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

The battery of an electric car might be charged from solar panels or a charging station. Electric cars are often used in areas where the air quality is bad because they do not produce harmful gases.

Is it Safe for Toddlers to Play with RC Cars?

RC cars are a big hit with the toddler set, but yo too close to your vehicle or into your path of travel.

        u should keep a few things in mind before handing one over to your child.

  1) The remote needs an “off” switch.

   If it’s stuck on, a young tot can run the battery down quickly.

  2) Make sure that the controller is set at the right frequency.

  3) Be sure that your child doesn’t run his toy into a full-speed wall! It won’t stop and could damage the car and/or break something else (like windows). Putting bumpers on your walls can solve this problem.

What to Look for When Choosing Electric Cars For Toddlers With Remote Control

Do you still remember the time when you were a little kid and you used to play with your toys for hours uninterrupted, getting lost in the world of imagination? When your parents were trying to pull you out of your room it took them quite an effort not to get dragged into the epicness that is preparing for war, fending off evil creatures from stealing your precious gems, or just driving the monster truck around.

Well, you can bring back that feeling by getting a remote control toy for toddlers that will provide them with hours of endless fun and amusement. And if you get electric RC cars for kids, it might even be educational! Hooray!

So let’s see what we’re working with.

Battery Life – Since you are not giving your child the keys to the car, but rather a controller, you need to make sure that it is battery efficient. Kids play with their toys for long periods and if they run out of juice in the middle of an epic race against Darth Vader or The Terminator then it will leave them frustrated and annoyed. So before you pick a car think about the controller and if it uses any type of replaceable batteries.

Speed – The ability to go from 0-60 in 1 second doesn’t matter when you are racing with toy cars for kids because chances are that they aren’t going to be driving them at full throttle anytime soon, but it does make a difference. The faster the car goes, the more expensive it is likely to be, so if you are doing this as a present for your child’s birthday or something like that then you might consider keeping it affordable.

Size – You don’t want to buy a toy that is too large because it will become cumbersome and too inconvenient for your child to handle. And you can’t expect them to move as fast as the car, so if they take a minute or two to turn around then chances are that your little one won’t be happy about it.

Spare Parts – There is a lot that can go wrong with a toy car, especially one that you give to your child. There might be an accident where the wheels will get damaged and for them not to feel bad about it you need to provide them with spare parts. So before buying this kind of present check if they have any replacement parts available so that they can fix their car in case it gets damaged.

Durability – You don’t want your little one returning you the present because some small parts got lost or broken with just a rough use of the toy. You need to consider making sure that whatever you get is sturdy enough to handle some abuse, especially if you plan on giving it to a younger child.

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