Best electric cars for 7 year olds: Top 5 Guide and Reviews

Do you have a 7-year-old kid?

Are they always asking for your car keys? Well, we’ve got great news! We’re going to help you out by giving them the best electric cars on the market.

You might be thinking that this is some kind of joke or prank but it isn’t. These are real cars that will make any 7-year-old kid happy and excited about getting their own set of wheels. They can drive these around in their neighborhood without worrying about anything bad happening because they don’t run on gas and there aren’t any emissions coming from them either!

Our guide features 5 top-rated cars for kids aged over 7 years old. All of these vehicles are perfectly safe and come with parental remote controls so parents can always keep track of where their children go while playing outside.

Best electric cars for 7 year olds

These cars also feature rechargeable batteries which means no more trips to the gas station or buying new batteries every other day. Just plug it into any standard outlet and let your child play all day long without worrying about anything else!

Best Choice Products 12V 3.7 MPH 2-Seater Licensed Land Rover

Kids of all ages will love the Land Rover toy car from Best Choice Products! This 12V ride-on vehicle has a 3.7 MPH top speed and features a 2 person seating capacity. It comes with an easy-to-install battery, durable steel construction, and working lights.

The Land Rover is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play at any time of day or night. With its realistic design, kids can pretend they’re exploring uncharted territories in Africa or driving their way through the Amazon jungle on this cool new toy!

The Land Rover Kids Ride On Car is the perfect gift for kids who are fascinated by all things off-road. This rugged 4×4 ride-on car features a working FM radio, MP3 player input, realistic engine sounds, and a steering wheel that mimics the real thing.

It has a 2 person seating capacity and is powered by a 12-volt battery. The vehicle travels at speeds of up to 3.7 mph so kids can enjoy some fun outdoor driving time while developing their coordination skills along the way.

Feature to Benefit

• Comes with 2 seats

• No assembly required!

• Remote Control for younger drivers to learn more about driving responsibly.

• This is not just any old plastic toy, it has the same features as an actual Land Rover!!!

Two (2) Seater Ride On Kids Car Truck w/ Remote | Large 12V Battery Licensed Kid Car to Drive 3 Speeds

Your child will have plenty of fun with this Two Seater Ride On Kids Car Truck. It has a remote control so you can easily steer it around or just remove the key and let them drive on their own.

The truck is made for kids up to 100 pounds, so your little one will be able to ride in it for years! It also features a durable steel frame that will keep the car stable even when driving over rough terrain.

For safety purposes, it includes bumpers that protect both passengers as well as pedestrians if they happen to get too close during the ride. Plus, its steering wheel is designed with rubber grips which are easy for tiny hands to hold onto!

This is the perfect ride-on truck for kids ages over 6 years. The Two Seater Ride-On Truck Car for Kids includes a remote control that allows parents to take over and drive it when they want. This is great fun for adults too!

The car has two seats, one in front and one in back. Both seats can be removed so your child can stand up while driving around the house or yard. It’s made of durable plastic that will last through many hours of outside playing.

This is a great car for kids! It can move forward and backward, left and right. It has a remote control that goes up to 6 miles per hour. There are two seats in the back of the truck.

The seats have seat belts so if you have two kids you can put them in their seat with a belt on them. If you have one kid, you could just buckle them into one chair and they would be safe from falling out.

Feature to Benefit

• Drive to work without sitting in traffic, rain, snow, or ice.

• Experience the open-air breeze through your hair – no windows needed

• Your baby will be smiling from their car seat for hours again because they are again at eye level with you.

• The Perfect Gift for your Child.

• Your Kids will Love Playing with it All Day.

• Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Play – No Fuel Required.

• Super Durable and Long-lasting.

Kid Trax Yamaha ATV Toddler/Kids Electric Ride On Toy

The Kid Trax Yamaha ATV is the perfect ride-on toy for your little rider! It features a realistic design with forward and reverses gears, working headlights, and sounds. The Kid Trax Yamaha ATV has a foot pedal acceleration control for smooth start-ups and stops.

The Yamaha Kodiak features independent suspension for a smooth ride over rough terrain. The adjustable seat allows your child to grow along with their new vehicle as they gain confidence riding around the yard or neighborhood.

The front swivel wheels offer easy maneuverability and stability while the rear tires provide maximum traction on all-terrain surfaces. This electric ride-on toy is designed for children ages 3 to 7 years old and can hold up to 88 lbs. of weight.

The Kids Electric Ride On Toy is designed to help kids develop their gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. This ride-on toy has a working FM radio with MP3 player input that allows your child to listen to their favorite tunes while driving around.

The horn sounds like a real car horn when pressed, which adds to the fun of driving around in this kid’s electric vehicle for boys or girls. The headlights add safety while the front and rear cargo racks provide storage for all of his toys and belongings.

Feature to Benefit

• Realistic feel with foot pedal acceleration.

• Keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

• Real rubber tires make this ride smooth and steady.

• Rechargeable battery to keep the motor running.

• Fun and interactive playtime.

• Encourages movement and exploratory exploration.

• Builds confidence in your child’s abilities.

• Ensures safe driving skills for when they get older.

Two (2) Seater Ride On Kids Car Truck w/ Remote

A perfect gift for children, this Two (2) Seater Ride On Kids Car Truck w/ Remote is designed to provide hours of entertainment and fun. The two-seater car features a remote control so you can drive it forward or backward at speeds of up to 6 miles per hour.

It has one safety belt that holds 1 child or 2 separate seat belts that hold 2 kids. This ride-on toy will give your kid the sense of independence they crave while keeping them safe and having fun!

This is a Kids Car Truck with Radio, Music, and Horn. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and plays music from your device. The horn honks when you press it and the headlights blink when you turn them on. You can connect the phone with this radio. This truck also has swappable batteries so you don’t have to worry about charging it!

“This is the Kids Car Truck. It’s a great vehicle for children aged 3-8 years old. The soft start and electric brake system provide gradual acceleration and reliable braking, while the power switch allows parents to control the speed of the vehicle. Your kids will have hours of fun on this awesome ride-on toy.”

Feature to Benefit

• Won’t endanger your child or pet as it smoothly takes them from point A to B.

• With a variety of fun colors and designs, there’s a truck for everyone.

• Drivers can be confident their children are safe with the gradual acceleration/reliable braking.

• Assembled in the USA by skilled craftsmen.

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler will thrill your little one with its true-to-life replica of the famous Wrangler. The Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate off-road vehicle that features a three-position adjustable seat, working doors, and tailgate, removable windshield, fold-down flat front hood, storage compartment for extra accessories, and comes with an easy to use keyless remote control.

The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler is designed for use on hard surfaces and grassy areas. The vehicle has a working FM radio, MP3 player input jack, and a 12-volt battery that will provide your child with hours of fun playtime.

The vehicle requires minimal adult assembly upon arrival at your home or garage. This toy does not require any fuel to run, so there is no need to purchase gas or worry about refilling the tank before heading out on an adventure.

This is a Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler. It has a maximum speed of 5 mph forwards and 2.5 mph backward. It features real working doors, a hood, and seats with safety belts for a child to sit in.

Feature to Benefit

• Open and close the dumper easily for children to go in and out.

• Realistic jeep wrangler styling.

• Your child can now take command of their vehicle, just like you

• Give them the gift that keeps on giving with every ride!

• Introduce your child to electronics and engineering before it’s too late.

• Teach responsibility and self-reliance.

Final Verdict

With the list we’ve given you, it’s up to you which one you like. From safety and fun to affordability and durability, we’ve taken all of that into consideration when compiling our list.

All of these toys are perfect for kids who love cars and trucks; they will play with them for hours on end. With all of these benefits, it’s clear that Power Wheels are some of the top kids’ ride-on toys out there.

The best part is that they are affordable, durable, and come in a variety of fun designs! If you’re looking for a great toy for your child, consider one of these power wheels vehicles.

What Should I Look for When Buying an Electric Car for Kids?

You are not buying this for yourself. You are looking to buy it for your child. That should be the number 1 priority when deciding on what to buy.

Here is a list of things you’ll want to consider before making your purchase:

1) The age range that the car is intended for. These cars will come in various sizes and maximum speeds, so take your time to think about what would work best for your child’s current height and weight before making your purchase.

2) The type of surface that they will likely play with it on. Some cars can only work on certain types of surfaces like grass or pavement, so just think about where they’re most comfortable playing before buying them one Also, some may require grade A or B ground so they don’t get stuck in the mud.

3) The maximum speed of the car. This will come in different speeds and designs, but you should think about how fast your child is before making your purchase. There’s nothing worse than buying a kid a powerful car that they can’t keep up with!

4) How easy it is to assemble. For most parents, children are just as excited about opening presents at Christmas as they are playing with them on Christmas day. If this describes your child, then you’ll want to try and find something that requires minimal assembly when it comes out of the box. That way, they can start playing immediately instead of waiting an hour for mommy to finish putting it together.

5) The maximum weight capacity. Not all cars and trucks are created equally. Make sure to check the maximum weight capacity of your chosen toy before making your purchase so you don’t buy one that will cause injury to your child if they fall out while driving it.

Tips for Buying an Electric Car/Truck for Your Child

Make sure you think about your child’s needs as well as what is most practical for them when looking at what type of car or truck they want. This is not a toy that they can use until an adult deems it time, then take away from them until they turn into teenagers. You should be taking this purchase just as lightly as any other big-ticket item you would buy for them (ie: a new bike).

Taking this into consideration and thinking about what they will most likely enjoy using is a good way to narrow down your search for the perfect power wheels vehicle. If you just think about what would be best for them, you are more likely to give them something that they will love playing with every day!

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