Best Android Phone 2020 (Upcoming) : Buyer’s Guide

best android smartphone 2020

If you were told 10 yearsago that we would be having the types of phones we have now with the fantasticfeatures they come with, would you had believed it? Definitely not

Enhancement in technologyis growing much faster than what you would have anticipated. Each day a newAndroid Smartphone is released out in the market better than what it wasreleased the previous time. All these new android phones in the market have increasedcapability and features that are unique.

This best android phone2020 comes with more improved and enhanced technology than it has been before.Most of these phones are more than 4 GB Ram and above the 64 GB Ram internalmemories. When you look at these phones, they are of a high-quality full HDscreen display, battery life and also the speed of the android. Most of thebest android phones for 2020 come in 5G providing the highest quality in termsof the internet. The sensors of the phones are going to be spectacular andtop-notch technology involved

Features that are likely to come with the upcoming smartphones in 2020

•    Improved machine learning and artificialintelligence

•    Snapdragon 855 processor

•    5G support

•    Dual front cameras and the triple rearcameras

•    Faster fingerprint scanners

Best Android Phone 2020

When we look at some of the android phones that were released in 2019 were very compelling, but that is just a tip of the icebergs from what is coming. Expect to have more incredible phone in 2020 foldable phones like the Huawei Mate X. Samsung was expected to release their foldable phone in 2019 but have already delayed to solve some issue but have not released a new date for it. Just like them, most of the brands and carriers are trying their level best to come up with 5G phones to the market by 2020.

Let’s look at some of thebest android phones 2020 that are upcoming

1.    Samsung Galaxy Fold

Since Samsung wassupposed to release its foldable phone in April 2019 but due to somecircumstances, t is not clear when they intend to publish a new launch date forit. This is until the company is able to solve the issue of the displayfragility. Until the issue has been addressed, the company will then ann0ouncethe new date

What Samsung is doing itto combine the 4.6-inch infinity flex display with the 7.3-inch panel. It ismoving from the small display to a seamless larger. The phone will be comingwith a combined 6 cameras across the inside and the outside with a 12 GB Ram.Also, it comes with an inbuilt 512 GB storage capability to enable all the appsworking well with enough space. Already the lines of people doing preorders arelong. Many of these people have been anticipating on holding their new phones,but they will have to hold on a bit longer before it is released. It is notclear how long it will take


•    Comes in different colors: space silver,cosmos black, Astro Blue and Martian Green

•    Comes Nano SIM

•    Screen size 7.3 inches

•    Incredible resolution of 1536 x 2152 pixels

•    Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection

•    Android OS 9.0

•    Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855


•    Has rear camera

•    Great latest android

•    Great memory

•    Front camera

•    Fast charging

•    It can fold

•    Longer battery life


•    Has no 3.5 mm jack

•    Has no card slot

2.    LG V50 Thin Q

Just like the big brands are planning to release 5G Android phones, LG has not been left behind with the technological issues. In 2018, they released the V40 ThinQ, but they are working on improving it in the new planned V50 Thin Q. The only thing probably added to its the Qualcomm X50 modem for the 5G connectivity. The battery of the phone has been improved to offer a longer life than what was in the previous phones designed by the company. In order to have a clear understanding of what the LG V50 could be improved regarding what. Let’s look at the last version.

LG V40 features greatthings including its display capability of 6.3 inches. It comes with aresolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels and a rear camera of 16mp with high sensorslike the light sensor, accelerometer, proximity, Gyroscope and also a compasssensor. The phone runs on an Android version of 8.1 operating system being thebest OS version ever

Being powered by Octa-core processor and 4GB Ram, you are sure to enjoy the performance of the phone without slowing down. The battery life is incredibly good and takes time before you can charge again

When we look at thefeatures that the phone comes with, you can imagine the new, improved versionof how it will be. It is going to be fantastic for the phone to have especiallyfor game lovers


•    The screen size of 6.4 inches

•    Resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels

•    Gorilla Glass 5 protection

•    Android version 9.0

•    Comes with a card slot

•    Triple lens

•    Dual selfies camera

•    Great stereo speakers

•    Comes with 3.5 mm jack


•    Great when it comes to photography

•    The screen is very protected

•    Fast processing

•    Triple lens

•    Great speakers


•    There is too much bloatware

•    The interface could be improved

3.    One Plus 7

One Plus 7 is expected tobe released several months to come. The One Plus phone is an improvement of theOne Plus 6T. It is likely that the phone to be released maybe having a slidingcamera. The design is of glass back with large display feature of 6.41. Theresolution is incredibly good at 1080 x 2340 with an aspect ratio of 19:5:9.The screen will also come with the Corning Gorilla Glass for protection

What One plus 7 is doingis a slight improvement, and we are not expecting too many changes from thecurrent One plus phone. The processor has been improved to deliver even betterservice and performance

Featuresof the One Plus 7

•    Comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855Processor

•    Display fingerprint scanner

•    Android 9.0 with Oxygen Os.

•    Triple Rear cameras

•    AI and Portrait Mode With Single FrontCamera

•    Water drop Notch display

•    5G Support


•    Has a great display

•    Uses the latest android version

•    Comes with a large memory

•    Battery life is long

•    Comes with both rear and front cameras

•    Uses the Qualcomm SDM855 processor

•    Charging if faster


•    Has no card slot and the 3.55 jack

•    There is no wireless charging

•    Has no waterproof

4.    Sony Xperia 1

This time Sony decided togo all out and offer the fullest display with an excellent aspect ratio of21:9. The reason why I say they went all out this time is because of most ofthe fact that most of the wide popular phones in the market today offer adisplay aspect ratio of 19:9. Actually, the display it provides is good enoughto be a movie screen one. This makes the phone good for those who love to playgames and watch movies

Its camera comes with a triplelens at the back of the phone with  12megapixels camera that is able to do ultra-wide camera tasks and telephoto. Itas well comes with a camera pro mode to make your photos and images to be clearand perfect for the big screen.

Featuresof the Sony Xperia 1

•    Triple lens set up

•    12-megapixel cameras with ultra wide  camera task

•    A cinema pro mode

•    An aspect ratio of 21:9


•    Charging is fast

•    Great display capability

•    Rear camera

•    Comes with the latest android version

•    Wireless charging

•    Dust and waterproof capability


•    Battery life could be improved

•    Has no 3.5 mm jack

5.    Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Galaxy S10 hasalready released some of the phones that they were waiting in the market, butstill, that is not the end. There are some of the phones that they are stillwaiting before they release. There is a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 that isupcoming that is anticipated to have incredible features and performance

Though this is just anupgrade of the previous S10 version, they have enhanced a lot of things I tiincluding the display feature. They may be coming with a 6.7 display capabilitythat is larger than the 6.4-inch panel that was on the Galaxy S10  plus. The cameras have been rumored to be 3Dtogether with a triple lens at the back of the phone. The front camera has beenincluded with a sensor of time of flight.

How would you not want tohave such an amazing feature coming with their phones?  Though the phone is not on release in most ofthe countries, there are rumors that the 5G Galaxy S10 HAS been released inSouth Korea but still not in other countries. The device has been powered bythe Octa-core 2.7 GHz making it faster for processing

Featuresof Samsung S10 

•    Screen resolution of 1440 x 2960

•    Android version of 8.0

•    3500 mAh battery performance

•    Powered by octa-core 2.7 GHz

•    Quad core

•    Has 6 GB Ram with 64 GB storage

•    13 MP rear camera with a great sensor


•    Fast processing

•    Has a stronger battery life than theprevious phone

•    Tripe camera set up

•    A big display of 6.7 9inches


•    Pricing is expected to be high

•    Does not come with SD slot

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