23 awestruck gadgets/appliances that you didn’t know exist run on electricity

I came across a video of a water wheel that led to a series of videos on YouTube about the world’s creative geniuses, who have come up with devices and gadgets in response to a certain situation.

This article is a collection of gadgets/appliances found during my research on YouTube, which will make you wonder what was going through their minds when they made these creative stuffs!

1. The washing machine for left-handed people

This is the only been that has been designed specifically for left handlers. A major problem faced by southpaws when using right-handed appliances is that everything gets dirty quickly because they cannot put their hands properly into the pockets. The pockets are worn on the opposite side so they can be reached easily by left hands.

2. Cigarette lighter with in ash tray and cutter

Cigarette smokers would know that they have to put their cigarettes in the ashtray when not smoking in order to avoid fires, but it is also wasteful putting them there without using. There are additional tools attached so you can use them when needed!

A cigarette lighter is a device used to create heat and ignite the tobacco of cigarettes. The heat comes from a lighter chemically interacting with fuel which creates an exothermic reaction that results in the flame.

A cigarette (i.e., “fag”) can be lit by putting it into direct contact with another object that’s already on fire; however, using lighters instead for this purpose is widely viewed as safer because flames tend to pop up violently and unpredictably at unexpected times, and transferring any burning substance directly onto one’s face (instead of keeping one’s mouth and thus breathing paths away from these dangers) poses obvious risks.

The same thing may happen if one should ever carelessly let a match or combusted cigar butt fall from one’s lips.

3. A fork with an umbrella handle

The umbrella handle of this fork ensures that it won’t slip off when using. There is also a fork with an umbrella handle available in the opposite design.

The umbrella handle apparatus is designed to hold the two tines of a fork together. This allows for food to be lifted without the risk of contaminating either handle, which are positioned at opposite ends of the device.

The yellow end has a hinge that rotates open-beneath-the-tines to reveal an area for holding food securely during handling, while maintaining flat surfaces where one would rest their hands on top.

A silicone sleeve provides 3 sets of ‘fingers’ with indentations every so often to help grip slippery foods better than naked tine forks do on their own. The pink end then twists into place beneath that much like an umbrella handle does below its canopy poles, snapping into locks that keep it secure.

4. An Electric Snake

Electric snakes are pump sticks that run on an electric current to help unclog cold water lines.

The snake head can pretty much be anything, usually it’s either made of plastic or copper. Copper is the better option because it does not corrode like metal tends to do.

Electricians use these “snakes” on occasion, but they’re noisier and not as safe as they need to be for some homeowners looking for some FAST results!

If the water stops flowing, you got clogged up lines! This little gadget will save you some time and money – plus keep your pipes working properly!

5. Electric Nail File

A nail file is a device used to file or shape fingernails. Modern nail files come in many shapes and sizes, including square, triangle, half-moon shaped and rectangular.

They are usually made out of glass, metal or plastic. A nail file comes with an abrasive surface which Smooths off imperfections on the nail by rubbing against it like sandpaper would do to wood surface.

The purpose of this sharpening touch is for constant wear down of the outermost layer (extremities) of the natural nail plate allowing it to rise quicker than the center which first began its growth cycles years before.

A Power Nail File works by spinning a rotary blade under high speed movement against your natural nails. This quickly files down your nails at the desired length you want.

Use it on regrowth for best results. Keep in mind that filing may cause slight damage to the nail bed, but this is normal and fine as long as you don’t file too much (and cause yourself pain). The best usage would be after showering or soaking your nails in warm water for about 10 minutes.

6. A device that helps you to communicate with your dog

Getting your dog’s attention can be challenging at times, but this gadget has a solution! It contains a microprocessor for decoding sounds and translating them into words.

Trigenix, the company that produces Torq – which is a wearable bluetooth enabled device, uses your phone’s microphone and speaker to record your voice and play it back.

The device sits on a functioning dog’s collar and pairs with their owner’s smartphone for two-way communication.

It can also monitor canine activity levels, notifications about how much exercise they’re getting etc by integrating with the apps on your phone or any of your favourite fitness tracking devices. Lastly you can use Torq as an emergency notification system if you happen to be out of contact for whatever reason.

7. Electric Can Opener

One reason why electric can openers are so popular is because they’re easier to operate for elders and those with hand injuries, arthritis or dexterity-related disabilities.

Another major reason that electric can openers have become so commonplace is because they prevent the risk of cutting yourself on a sharp lid. Electric cans also won’t rust over the years like manual ones will.

The electric can opener uses electricity to heat metal or plastic utensils that then cuts into the can’s top with a rotating gear.

The plastic cutter blade is heated using either an electric heating element, microwaves, or hot water. A problem with this method of cutting is that the lid usually remains fixed in place on the cut edge (which needs to be removed by hand).

Another problem is that meats often come in cans containing cooking oil which can spoil if it comes into contact with air or another solvent present at the time of opening.

8. A solar-powered water purifier that allows the user to drink water directly from any source without worrying about its cleanliness! It can remove all sorts of impurities in your water! However, do take note of the warnings given first before using it though.

A solar-powered water purifier works by using the sun’s energy to provide electricity and heat for process.

This is achieved through a 220V pump, which sends water from a high reservoir (or “heat exchanger”) to two lower reservoirs (where clean and untreated water is stored) via pipes.

One of these reservoirs is painted black and absorbs heat, which boosts the growth bacteria in the other reservoir where there are pigs who digest their own feed until it produces methane gas.

The methane piped into generators during peak hours feeds engines that power an electric generator to produce current that drives turbines; this then creates enough pressure necessary for clean water to flow into different tarps for storage.

The excess chlorine or H2O2 is responsible for killing the bacteria, where they can then be removed from the water. Finally it is ready to drink!

9. The portable bagless vacuum cleaner that runs on electricity

All you have to do is insert it into the hole of your bagless vacuum cleaner, switch it on, and it will start sucking everything up! It will remove the dirt more efficiently than a normal vacuum.

Also, there is no need for replacement bags unlike traditional vacuum cleaners! You can use this portable bagless vacuum cleaner on any surfaces like your sofa and even high places, without worrying about the weight of the vacuum itself.

10. Electric Window Candles

Window candles are an attractive way to create window displays year-round. They’re easy to install, safe, and affordable with LED varieties available for less than $15.

With electric candles there are no worries about flames or candle wax getting on the carpet or curtains, they require very little setting up, are simple to turn on or off by use of a power cord or remote control, and they fit most any size window opening.

It only takes a screwdriver to install them in minutes! There is no need for electricity when using safety plugs which you can also order free of charge.

With the amount of innovations in this area it’s not hard to find cheap window candles without having to worry about hot wax on anything delicate or not having to pay too much for them because of fancy features that you might not even need.

11. Electric Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon GO Plus is a device that attaches to player’s wrist and let players know when there’s a Pokemon nearby, and essentially does all of the information tracking (and catching) for them. And it doesn’t need to use the phone at all!

The device connects via Bluetooth® with players’ smartphones running Pokemon GO. Once connected, the user can enjoy an immersive smart-bracelet experience including receiving alerts on their wrist whenever a Pokemon appears nearby on their phone’s screen (including busy areas like roads!).

The Poke Ball toss on Pokéball goes on automatically without any effort from you or even looking at your phone. You can even catch bonus items if you’re lucky! It also includes an LED diode which lights up depending on nearby game events.

12. Electric DI box

This device allows you to plug your guitar directly into the input of your amplifier. It converts unbalanced signals from high impedance instruments (like guitars) into balanced low impedance signals that are better-suited for long cable runs and can be sent further with less signal loss.

With this, ordinary instrument cables are bypassed completely, which prevents stray radio frequency and electromagnetic hum pick-up. This is something every electric guitarist should invest in.

Electric DI boxes work by electrically creating an instrument output signal that is identical to what would be created directly from the guitar without any electronic devices in the way.

It’s important for these devices to be active, because when inactive, they can actually harm your guitar’s pickups by removing too much of their natural resistance.

Afterward, it takes that signal and sends it to either a direct output or a console amplifier. Here are some examples of popular companies who make DI boxes for guitars onstage: Radial Engineering LTD., Furman Corporation USA, Truetone Rockmaster GIO series product line) Avalon Design Group, Gould Electronics (EVH), Krank Amplifiers – which make the KRANKTUNE DI-100’s.

13. Electric Pencil Sharpener

This electric pencil sharpener is capable of sharpening a variety of pencil sizes.

It won’t over-sharpen your pencils and ruin them, it allows you to select a specific size that you want to use, and it doesn’t have to be kept clean after every use!

You can just leave it plugged in for the next time you use it.

14. Electric Mouse Repellent

To keep mice away from your home, you will need to create an unpleasant environment for them. One effective method if that you can use motion-activated devices that spray water at the intruder or emit high frequency sounds.

The problem with these methods though is that they are not safe for pets and children who might go near it by accident. Electric mouse repellents do not use any chemicals, but instead generates a strong electric current that is said to be able to repel mice from your home.

15. Electric Lint Brush

An electric lint brush is a hand-held device with a rotating barbed bristled brush that can remove pet hair from fabric and clothes. It’s not only great for removing hairs from your sofa, but also from your car upholstery.

Many of them come equipped with a long handle which allows you to easily reach under your furniture.

Some of these devices need batteries, while others are cordless and rechargeable.

16. Electric Lice Comb

This device is specifically designed for removing lice from hair. It uses an electric current in order to kill the lice by destroying their nervous system but without harming the head or scalp – which makes it ideal if you want to use it on somebody that has long hair or somebody that is very young, like a child!

17. Electric Grater

This is one of the most useful electric kitchen appliances you can find.

It can be really annoying to prepare food if you don’t have all the right tools, but this device makes it much easier to grate cheese or chocolate by using a simple hand crank – just like with an old-fashioned manual grater!

The main difference though is that electric graters will last for longer than manual ones because they’re powered by electricity which prevents them from breaking down as easily.

18. Electric Drum Pump

This device allows drummers to pump up their drums before playing so that tuning will remain consistent throughout the entire performance. Some drum pumps come in digital form and use batteries while others pedal operated (much like mini bike pumps).

These are highly versatile devices for drummers that use smaller sized drums because it allows them to pack up quickly and go to their next destination.

19. Electric Screwdriver

An electric screwdriver is a useful tool for any home – even if you don’t have any knowledge of electrical engineering! This device can help you tighten all sorts of screws without the need for an additional person, who might have helped with using an electric drill in the past.

Electric screwdrivers are cordless, lightweight, easy to handle, with controls that are simple to understand. They’re also capable of adjusting screws on different types of materials which makes them the perfect device for novice DIY enthusiasts or professionals! You can choose from many different models, but basically it’s best to go with a cordless one because you don’t want the inconvenience of having to plug and unplug all the time.

But be careful: some electric screwdrivers can over-tighten screws that might end up damaging your stuff! So make sure that you read the user manual first before using it.

20. Electric Paint Sprayers

The paint sprayer is a device used for painting both exterior and interior structures, such as houses or cars.

This electric powered device actually works by using compressed air from an internal pump to atomize the paint, before spraying it onto the surface which you wish to work on. They can either be handheld or attached to a wall with a hose that comes out of the top.

Electric paint sprayers are much different from manual ones because they require electricity in order to operate! This means that you will not have to apply as much pressure when working with them reducing fatigue and strain on your body – making them easier for beginners too.

21. Electric Air Mattress Pump

If you have a camping mat/air mattress or inflatable boat, you will need an electric air pump to make sure that it stays inflated throughout the night.

Electric pumps are very easy to use and don’t cost a lot of money either. They come equipped with different adapters for different valves (though commonly found in most outdoors shops). You can also find small and compact designs which you might even be able to fit into your pocket!

22. Electric Heated Blanket

This device is great for those of you who feel cold on a constant basis or don’t like snuggling up under warm blankets because it helps circulate the heat evenly throughout your entire body!

Electric heated blanket can be used as an individual bed sheet on their own, but they’re mostly used as electric blankets on top of your already existing comforter to make sure that you stay warm all night long. They come in many different varieties so depending on your budget and preferences you can choose accordingly.

23. Electric Duster

Electric dusters are great devices for people who like to keep their homes clean and tidy.

This electric powered device can help you reach those difficult spots, such as the insides of book cases, without any problems because it allows you to handle them easily thanks to its long extendable body that comes with a rotating head at the end. Most designs even come equipped with a clip so that they’re easy to store when not in use! Simply plug this handy gadget into a power socket and wait until it’s charged before using it again. It only takes up little time so you won’t have to wait too long before being able to use your “vacuum cleaner”, especially if you don’t have one.

Conclusion – This is what you need to know about electric devices.

Electric devices are wonderful tools that help us solve a lot of problems, especially in our day-to-day lives. They’re very easy to use and can be handled by anyone from novices to professionals.

As long as you carefully read the user manual first, then there shouldn’t be any troubles! Just remember that even though they’re helpful, they still require electricity so it’s important not to overload them with too many appliances at once!

That way you’ll prevent any malfunctions which might occur because of excess usage. Also make sure to unplug them after each use for safety purposes, don’t forget it or else your house might burn down while you sleep…

Just kidding! But you should still take good care of all electric devices, especially the ones that need to be plugged in while using them. Don’t leave batteries inside when not in use and don’t mix wattages either (some might cause malfunctions).

Please try your best to use these appliances responsibly because they’re very helpful but also dangerous if left unattended or used incorrectly! So even though I’ve tried my best at explaining everything about these devices, please remember that it’s still your responsibility to look after them properly.

Thank you very much for reading this article – see you soon again with another interesting topic! Bye bye everyone! 😄👋🏻😃❤️