10 surprising Virtual Reality Facts

Virtual Reality is something that connects a person with a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment. It immerses a person within this virtual environment and also allows him to manipulate the objects to perform a series of actions. Also, there are many misconceptions about VR tech circulating the world. In this technological world race that has been going on, the development of VR has brought a lot regarding entertainment and an incredible virtual world. Virtual Reality is one of the most welcome technological advancements of our time.

Many of us think that Virtual Reality is a new concept as it is far away from the reach of the ordinary people. There are many factors behind this misconception. It can be its price factor or its popularity factor. But the fact is that it is not a new concept. Instead, it’s an ancient concept since 1920’s. From that time VR was seen as something that could improve the way things were done in the professional setting. It was around forty years later that virtual reality was seen as something that could be used for entertainment. Most of the people think that it’s a new gaming platform and can be explored and visualized for gaming purpose only. But it’s not true!

VR is future of the world. Though, it cannot replace the real world but can make you immerse in a new virtual world, very much similar the o the real world. Many big companies like HTC, Facebook, and Sony, are creating their hardware to make VR affordable for regular people soon. So, here we have listed some of the surprising facts about VR you evidently haven’t known before-

1. VR isn’t only about gaming: It’s multipurpose.

This is true that one of the best experiences one can get through VR is gaming. It lets you explore a different world via various VR devices available such as Play stations, consoles, mouse, headsets and many more. With this feature, there are many other additional features too where VR plays a vital role such as for watching movies in theatres, for military training, watching sports through headsets, digital sculpting, courtrooms, journalism and many more. Many of us think that VR is only for gaming purpose. This is a misconception. VR tech has acquired every field and will continue to do the same.

2. It aids in solving problems of Anxiety.

Many people think that continuous use of VR tech in our day to day lives may create anxiety, headache, and some other mental disturbances. First time users reported problems related to motion sickness and headaches, but this was apparently because their minds believed that they are moving around, while they are sitting static in a chair or a couch. So, to say that it is the reason of mental disturbances would be wrong.

On the contrary, virtual environments are used in designing such software that can aid in anxiety issues of the people. This software has an eye-tracking technology within a VR headset that monitors the anxiety levels and improves the stress conduct of the person. It is the primary treatment for the post-traumatic stress disorder. It is also used to treat phobias and depression issues.

3. It’s magical: Every age group people enjoy VR.

The most common use of VR tech is gaming, and on the other hand, there are recreation activities such as watching movies. So it’s something enjoyed and liked by every age group from juvenile to adults. Whether its 3D films or gaming experience, it’s something you can explore from your place. Moreover, you can look at the action from different angles and pay attention to whatever you choose to. In other words, it gives people the sensation of being there!

4. It helps in real states.

Yes! You read it right. VR plays a prominent in the housing market. It makes more comfortable for the potential buyers to view properties at their convenience, reducing the need to travel. As a result, it saves money and time both. Then whether it is your dream home or any business project, you can experience the virtual tour sitting at your place. So it is also proving to be an excellent platform for business purpose.
You will be astonished to know that Audi is employing VR to enable customers, experience the interiors. VR is also capable enough to conduct fashion events, design virtual-fitting rooms, and many more such activities.

5. It helps in meditation.

Today, hectic schedules and stressful daily routines have made lives of people vulnerable. It has become challenging to find time for ourselves. In such cases, meditation is something that keeps your brain quiet, calm and peaceful. For this, along with some involvement and application of the comfortable virtual space and soothing music meditation can be done through Virtual Reality very easily.

During a VR meditation session, any VR hardware (usually a VR headset) is plugged in, and the downloaded/purchased app or software is played down. While playing, it will involve some form of soothing images, especially something related to spiritual significance, symbolism, or relevance to the theme of that particular meditation. You can also draw inspiration from the visuals of the Bodh tree, Buddha, and nature as you let the instructions delivered to you in the calming voice.

Studies have also found that using a combination of VR and actual exercise together can give better psychological benefits. There are many therapies now available in the market such as VR exposure therapy that helps to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. It gives you a chance to de-stress, relax, and distract yourself from the pressures and anxieties of life. It also gives you a walking experience. With your 3D google equipment on, you begin walking on a treadmill in a simulation of a forest. And then your environment is modified based on your physiological parameters. This helps you to gain control over your emotions and reactions. Research has found that VR tech is better for pain management than traditional meditation.

6. It also finds its application in medicine.

Virtual Reality has also contributed in the field of medicine. For health, it is a powerful tool for controlling the visual and auditory input to the brain. Eye tracking, gesture tracking, and biosensors allow us to measure the brain and bodies response to the stimulus, giving us a powerful tool to investigate and alter the functioning of the body. First ever VR surgery was performed in 2016, on a cancer patient. This surgery demonstrates how VR could transform health and IT training and education. Surgeons are already working to use virtual devices to operate tiny machines.

This performs delicate procedures. They can do much more by having the mechanical precision of a robot. This executes the motions and eliminates the human errors. It’s better and safer for surgeons in training to perfect their techniques on things other than real humans, but it would also be better for trainee surgeons to practice on things that aren’t just plastic models or people who have left their bodies to medical science.

7. It has also found its applications in Space.

In space applications, Virtual Reality is used to regulate and control robots that are used on Mars. NASA has already employed VR to enable people with life-like experience on several spacecraft. With scientists on Earth viewing and navigating through a VR headset, would allow for space exploration in a way we’ve never seen before.

8. It also finds application in education such as Engineering.

Apart from recreation activities and medical uses, VR also finds its place in education. With VR tech in the field of engineering, the first thing to be mentioned here is car manufacturers like Peugeot, Renault, BMW, Ford, and Jaguar. They all have VR centers. This leads to better understanding of complex solutions, reduced development time and risks all because of VR tech. Education has moved on from books, pencils, and pens to the use of interactive technologies to help impart knowledge and understanding.

If we consider the role of VR in engineering then in some cases, virtual reality can be used for designing cycles. This is used at stages to check for faults, structural weaknesses, and other design issues. It is also used in rail construction for the design process. It is used for planning, prototyping and construction purposes, and helps with project realization.

In addition to the above-mentioned engineering applications, car manufacturers also use virtual reality for prototyping purposes during the design process. This enables them to produce several versions which are then tested and changed as per the results. This removes the need to build a physical prototype and speeds up the development stage. The result is a cost-effective, streamlined process.

Moreover, with VR you can also train your engineers, marketing team, sales team, and maintenance team on the product before it is released. VR also can vanish the physical distances between the client and the supplier. For example- You can meet your distant colleagues in a virtual world being at your place and can share the same virtual space and work collaboratively on reviewing a design, testing a maintenance procedure. One of the best works of VR tech is that it has replaced the old trends of blueprints and models. Now with the help of virtual reality, not only the architects but, designers experiment more with their mediums.

9. It’s expensive.

Yes, it is expensive. But it is a misconception that only people having money can access it. Major companies are investing in this technology due to its popularity as well as its greater applications. So, it might soon be available to common people also. Early adopters are exploring new worlds while the rest of the world looks on in envy, waiting for the price to come down.

10. It will not replace the real world.

It’s true that VR tech is getting popular among every age group day by day. It has attracted every age group as well as many firms to make them invest in this tech. Though it can supplement most of our works, it can never replace the real world. It can only aid and augment all traditional methods but can’t replace them. Its experience is just like the first I-phone created or just like when the first-time internet was used. But its true value is yet to be implemented.


VR tech is something that is making people crazy with its fully immersive features. It is yet to be introduced among common people as very few have been able to experience it. It is going to change the future of technology very soon. As we have seen in our article how it has been successful in various fields from medical to space, from gaming to recreation activities, it is acquiring popularity in every area.
Only, the problem is that few people have experienced it due to its expense. But it is fascinating to know that once its price goes down, even common people will be able to explore this virtual world and experience this very soon.

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