Best Wireless Earbuds 2020 (Upcoming) : Buyer’s Guide

Best Wireless Earbuds 2020

If you are a die-hardmusic fan and love to listening to different types of music, then you shouldequip yourself with a compatible music device. We all use a smartphone andthankfully, there are many types of wireless earbuds available on the marketfrom various manufacturers. If you are looking for advanced earbuds, then herewe have picked the best wireless earbuds 2020 for you. 

Best wireless earbuds 2020

Of course, there are many types of Headphones available to fulfil your music needs. However, when you go with a Wireless one, it will give you freedom from wires. The following Wireless Earbuds Reviews are prepared for the new buyers who haven’t used any type of Wireless Music devices. 

Wireless Earbuds comewith a number of benefits as they are designed to give you more freedom withyour music needs. Best true Wireless Earbuds 2020 offer an enhanced musicexperience with great sound quality. Since the market is competitive enough,selecting the perfect wireless earbuds is a difficult task for the new buyers.To narrow down the selection process, the following list is prepared. Let’s geton to the list now! 

  1. Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless SportsEarbuds 

Jabra is a popularbrand in the music industry and has been offering a huge range of different typesof wireless headphones and earbuds. If you are looking for trendy wirelessearbuds, then Jabra’s Elite Active 65t should be your choice. It’s a pair ofsmart Earbuds which comes with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant enabled. You cantake full control of these earbuds using your voice commands. 

The design of theseearbuds securely fits into the hole of your ears, they won’t fall down whileexercising. This is also the best running Wireless Earbuds with an ultra-fitand comfortable design. It’s a great companion for the fitness freaks who canwear them while cycling, running or doing different types of exercises in thegym. 

The Earbuds come withIP56 Ratings which keeps it protected from sweat and water drops. These are thewater-resistant earbuds for all seasons. It uses a powerful battery whichoffers music playback of up to 5 hours. It also comes with a charging casewhich can expand its battery life up to 15 hours. 

Additionally, they comewith full music control along with call facilities to receive voice calls andmake voice calls wirelessly once connected with your smartphone. It iscompatible with Jabra’s music app. You can customize the music output and a lotof things of these earbuds using its app on your Smartphone. 

Moreover, the companyis offering 2 Years of Warranty against sweat and water drops. You can get fulltechnical support as well. 


  • Thetrendy design fits well in your ears
  • IP56Rated 
  • ChargingCase Included 
  • 5Hours+ 10 Hours Battery backup with Charging Case 
  • 2Years Warranty 


  • Forsome users, these earbuds are not comfortable. 

Whereto buy? 

  • Youcan buy these Wireless Earbuds from Amazon.
  • Apple AirPods 2019 With ChargingCase 

Apple was the firstbrand to introduce the revolutionary Earbuds in the market with thefirst-generation Apple AirPods. The company has recently introduced an upgradededition of the popular AirPods with the Apple AirPods 2019. The new generationAirPods are quite smooth and offer the best of music experience that you mighthave never experienced before. If you are using an iPhone, then this is thebest wireless earbuds for the iPhone. 

It is designed withsmart technology which doesn’t feature any on or off switch. They come withautomatic on and off feature and easy connection option. To turn on theAirPods, you just need to remove them from the Case and they will be ready toconnect with your iPhone or any other compatible device. 

It comes with an easyconnection option when you connect them for the first time. Once you set up theconnection, it will automatically connect to the desired Smartphone. Moreover,the AirPods are compatible with Apple’s own Siri Voice Assistant. You caneasily take full control of the AirPods using your voice commands by saying“Hey Siri”.

The AirPods come withtouch functionality, you just need to tap on to it to use different functionslike changing the songs, listening to different types of music, turning on Sirietc. It is equipped with a new generation Apple A1 Chip which offers superfaster wireless connectivity. It can be charged quickly with charging case,just place them into the case and they will start charging. The case has alightning port, you can easily recharge the case using a Lightning cable justlike an iOS device. 


  • PowerfulSound Output 
  • Thesuper faster connection between the device with Apple’s powerful A1 Chip 
  • Comeswith Rechargeable Charging Case
  • Tapfunctionality 
  • Compatiblewith Apple’s Siri Voice Assistant 
  • AutomaticOn and Off feature 


  • Theyare very expensive and not suitable for the economy buyers 

Whereto Buy? 

  • Youcan buy these Earbuds from Amazon.  
  • Bose SoundSport Free TrulyWireless Sport Headphones

Bose is an industrydominant for years and the brand has recently introduced a set of new wirelessheadphones for the new generation users. If you are looking for an advancedWireless Earbuds, then Bose’ SoundSport Sport Headphones are here to take your musicwherever you go. They are designed for true music lovers who can’t live withoutmusic. They are designed to offer premium music experience. 

They are designed withadvanced technology which offers sharp and noise-free music with great soundquality. They come with IPx4 rating which makes them Sweat and Water resistant.They are perfect for the fitness freaks who sweat out a lot while doing workout or running. They come with a separate pair of ear tips to securely fit intothe ear holes. 

Just like otherEarbuds, the Bose Headphones also come with a charging case. The Earbuds offerup to 5 hours of playback time with a single charge. The charging case lets yourecharge the pair for two more times. With the charging case included, you canhave 15 hours of playback time. 

The SoundSport Earbudscome with a dual-microphone array included on the right earbud. When youconnect them to a smartphone, you can easily make voice calls with clear voicequality. The Headphones support Bluetooth connectivity and you can take fullcontrol of the music wirelessly.

Moreover, theheadphones are compatible with Bose’s personal Music app which lets youcustomize the music output and other things as per your requirements. 


  • Lightweightand comfortable Headphones
  • Providessharp and high audio quality with an advanced software
  • Dual-Microphonearray included for voice calls
  • Chargingcase with 10 hours of extra battery life
  • 5Hours of battery back up 
  • Comeswith Stay hear+ Sport Ear tips 


  • Alittle expensive 

Whereto Buy?  

  • Youcan buy these Earbuds from Amazon.
  • Sony Wireless BluetoothIn-Ear Headphones

Sony is one of the mosttrusted names in the technology market. The new generation Wireless Headphonesfrom Sony are designed for advanced people with a set of smart features. Thenew Sony’s Wireless Bluetooth In-Earisadphones is the perfect companion formusic lovers which are compatible with both, Android and iPhone smartphoneusers. 

The headphones comewith an auto-sync feature with an advanced Bluetooth connection. You can alsoconnect them using an NFC connection. These headphones are equipped with aninnovative Digital Noise Cancellation technology which eliminates unnecessarynoise and offers crisp audio output. 

If you are a fitnessfreak and want to make the most of your workout routine, then these headphonescan give you the best of time with uninterrupted music. They are perfect foroutdoor activities and indoor activities both. You don’t need to customize theaudio output as the built-in technology blend music and environment soundperfectly. 

These headphones arerated with IPx4 which makes them sweat resistant. It can also handle splashesof rain. It comes with a long battery life of up to 9 hours. Moreover, theheadphones can be stored securely in a compatible lightweight case. Once yourmusic session is over, just put these headphones into the case and store themsecurely to extend its life. 

With new sound technology,these headphones offer powerful sound with extra bass. These wirelessheadphones deliver premium sound quality. Simple On and Off button for turningon the earbuds and connecting it to your smartphone. It comes with built-inearphones for making sharp voice calls. 


  • Secureand comfortable fit 
  • IPx4Rated, Sweat Resistant and Splash Resistant
  • Built-inAmbient Sound Mode
  • OffersExtra Bass with Crisp Sound
  • EasyHeadphone Connect App
  • Built-inNoise Cancellation Feature 
  • PowerfulSound Quality 


  • PoorVoice Audio Output
  • Forsome users, the battery life is short

Whereto Buy?  

  • Youcan buy these Earbuds from Amazon.
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds  

Samsung is known as oneof the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company has recentlystepped into the music industry with the new generation Earbuds named asSamsung Galaxy Buds. These are the wireless earbuds which are compatible withboth, Android and iOS smartphones. They come with an easy connection option anddelivers the best of music every time you use it. 

These earbuds aredesigned with the latest Premium Sound Tuned by AKG. Optimized drivers alsooffer great bass. Audio Drivers let you choose the perfect sound from a widerange of audio output options. Simple Power up to turn them on and startconnecting to the desired smartphone. 

Just like otherEarbuds, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds also come with a lightweight case. This is aninnovative charging case which lets you securely store the buds whilerecharging them. The Earbuds offer up to six hours of battery life with sevenhours of extra battery life with the case. It can be charged using a micro-USBport. 

With a built-in Ambientfeature, you can adjust the desired audio output from the earbuds. It alsofeatures Quick Ambient Mode which lets you hear traffic, flight announcementsand outside talks easily without removing them from the ear. 

The design of theseheadphones is easy to fit and comfortable. They come with three adjustable eartips. Wingtip sizes are also included in the box along with the earbuds. Theheadphones are water-resistant with splashes, spills and sweat. 

Automatic sync featureconnects with the Smartphone automatically, you don’t need to set up theconnection between the devices again and again.


  • EasyPower On for turning on the Earbuds
  • Comeswith a secure and rechargeable charging case
  • SixHours of battery life with Seven Hours of Extra battery life with charging case
  • Easyto wear and comfortable design 
  • Water-resistantwith splashes, spills and sweat 
  • Compatiblewith Android and iOS Smartphones


  • Someusers are disappointed with the battery life of these headphones

Whereto Buy? 

  • Youcan buy these Earbuds from Amazon.

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