Best Washing Machine 2021 (January) : Buyer’s Guide

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After spending more than 120 hours on research together with my research team, we did find the Haier HLP21N Pulsator Washing Machine as the best washing machine in 2021 that makes most people happy.

Based on the reputation of Haier brand over the previous years, this washing machine is as reliable as any other modern and effective washing model.

It does have some of the fastest cycle times any washing machine can have and it also has an excellent performance.

Best Washing Machine 2021

Below are reviews of the best washing machines you can look in 2021

Haier HLP21N Pulsator Washing Machine Check Price
Giantex Mini Compact Washer Check Price
Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer Check Price
Della Small Compact Washer Check Price
Portable Mini compact washing machine Check Price
Panda 5.5 lbs with spin basket washer Check Price
Laundry Alternative Wonder washer Machine Check Price

1. Editors Choice: Haier HLP21N Pulsator Washing Machine

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This machine is known for being gentler on clothes when compared to its agitator counterparts hence; your clothes will last longer when in this machine.

This machine will help you save energy and water since it is energy guide and water sense certified.


This washer has a capacity of 6 pound that suits any small family. It measures 17-1/4 by 17-3/5 by 30” and 43lbs in weight. This makes it one of the most portable machines in our list.


Haier HLP21N Pulsator has got times for both the spin cycle and wash cycle hence; the user will not do it manually. It comprises of up to 3 water levels that have three wash cycles; the quick, heavy and spin only.

Ease of Use

It produces little noise hence people with aged people or kids can do the washing even at night. It also has wheels making it very mobile and can be used both outdoor and indoor.

Warranty and Price

It is available at a price of approximately $300 which is not high when you consider its performance and features.


Things We Like

  • Good for apartments and small houses.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Has easy to understand and use programmable digital control.
  • Gentle on clothes.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Has a very small load capacity.
  • Some users complained on its timer not working well.
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2. Runners Up: Giantex Mini Compact Washer

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Coming in second in our list is the Giantex Mini Compact Washer. This washing machine comprises of two different cycles- the normal and soft cycle. 


It has a spin capacity of 6 lbs and a wash capacity of 11lbs. However, we do have a smaller version that has a spin capacity of 6lbs and a wash capacity of 10lbs. Its motor is 1300 rpm meaning better spin power that results to effective wash and drying.


Giantex Mini Compact Washer does lag behind it terms of programmability. Despite having a wash cycle timer responsible for making washing easier, it does not have a spin cycle timer. It also lacks the extra rinse cycle.

Ease of Use:

This washing machine comprises of two water inlets that are responsible for filling water. However, its adaptor never links with the kitchen sink hence, one has to manually fill it in.  One great thing about this washer machine is that it is much easier to store and its operation is quiet.

Warranty and Price

This washing machine is available at under $100 price range. However, it does not have any warranty which is a big letdown.


Things We Like

  • It is capable of washing woolen garments.
  • Has a removable lint trap that makes cleaning easier.
  • One does not need lots of detergents.
  • Noiseless operation

Things We Don’t Like

  • No warranty
  • Has a short drain hose.
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3. Most Advanced Washing Machine: Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer

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No shortage of features in Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer. It comes with a SteamTreat choice that ensures stubborn stains are completely removed.  With this, we do not have to use bleaches or other types of harsh chemicals.


This washing machine has a 5.2 cu. ft. with 14 wash cycles wash capacity. This is the highest capacity in all the machines we researched. It weighs 205 pounds and it is made from stainless steel and it is stackable.  We do have a smaller version on this machine, the 4.5 cu. Ft and the 5.2 cu. ft.


This washing machine comprises of an extra rinse cycle.  This is where all the fabrics are directed through the washing and draining cycle. Thereafter, you can have the washer stopped; more detergent added and has the cycle repeated again using warmest waters fabrics can handle.

Ease of Use

Using this washer is quite easy thanks to its multiple controllers that helps in ensuring clothes come out cleaner, softer and fluffier. This machine also helps in keeping the electricity bill low thanks to its capability of drying loads of jeans less than 20 minutes. However, this washer lacks cycle end signal which is not common from such a top washer machine.

Warranty and Price

Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer machine comes with a one year warranty which is never satisfactory when you put into consideration its high price which is slightly below $1000.  Despite this not being lesser than the other front load washer in our list, it could definitely be much better if it had a much longer warranty period.


Things We Like

  • A durable and reliable washer unit.
  • Comes with a much larger 5.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • Full with advanced functionalities and features for easier use.

Things We Don’t Like

  • It is expensive.
  • Not gentle on clothes.
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4. Best Portable Washer Machine – Della Small Compact Washer

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Della Small Compact Washer consists of three rotary knobs namely, Wash Selection, wash timer and spin timer. We do have two different tubs for spin and wash cycles.

You will only see the advanced pick together with two Della machines coming with built in drain pumps which is a great feature that enables one to drain dirty water with ease.


Della is a very common name in the washing machine industry. The Della Small Compact Washer has an 11 lbs capacity and a 3.3lbs spinning capacity. This is very small and forces the user to use the spin cycle at least two times for a single load. It is capable of handling heavy sheets.

Ease of Use

We do not have any machine that is quite complicated like the Della Small Compact Washer. Carrying this machine is much easier although there are times when the package might appear to be bulkier. Although it does have noisy operation that will never create any form of disruption in our day to day activities.

Warranty and Price

This washing machine does cost approximately $100. However, its period of warranty varies between the sellers. For example, the machine which we tested did come with a 1 year warranty period.

Things We Like

  • Has a good build quality which makes it durable.
  • Its compact size does fit well in smaller spaces.
  • Has a very powerful operation with great results.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Its spin dryer does make a lot of noise.
  • There are people who did complain about its lint filter.
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5. The Best Mini Washing Machine – Portable Mini compact washing machine

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This washing machine comprises of three knob controls for the spin, wash and drain cycles.

We do suggest that one should not use lots of laundry soap. However, one should instead consider using the HE soap since it does not create lots of suds. 

You can also consider adding some soap and water to the washer side have it agitated for some seconds to ensure it does mix well before you add the dirty clothes.

In case you leave water in the spin tub, there is a possibility that there will be growth of mold and that the spinner will stop working.


Having a spin capacity of 5 lbs and a wash capacity of 8 lbs, the twin tub machine does have a great performance which at times is better than the full size washing machine. This machine is made from a strong and long lasting plastic material which will not shake when plumbed in a washing machine.

Ease of use

This washing machine is almost similar to other types of portable mini washers. Using it is quite easy. It weighs approximately 27 pounds and can easily be moved from one place to another without lots of hassle.  Although this can be much easier when more casters are added, it is considered to be the only certified product in our list of machines making it safe to use.

Warranty and Price

This washing machine has a very short warranty period of only 4 months. This can be very frustrating especially when we consider the warranty period of other machines with the same price range. However, its price range of around $100 seems to be reasonable when we consider its functionality and features.


Things We Like

  • Capable of washing all types of laundry.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has a great design.
  • Its spin cycle stops automatically when lid is lifted.
  • Both the dryer and the washer can be used simultaneously.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Has a very short warranty period.
  • Its drain and cord hose are short.
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6. Best Counter Top Washing Machine – Panda 5.5 lbs with spin basket washer

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This washing machine comprises of a rotary knob timer which can be used for both the spin and wash cycles. 10 minutes is its maximum wash cycle time while 5 minutes is its spin cycle.

This machine is made of plastic and its body is transparent enabling the user to see the wash together with the spin.


This washing machine is known for washing small and delicate it’s like underwear, towels and socks. However, we did try washing jeans using this washer and it did work very well. However, one thing you need to remember is never to overload this washing machine.

Ease of Use

It is easier and simple to use this washing machine. However, its inlet hose is not that good and can easily break within a few months of purchase. It is possible to use this washing machine outdoors and in smaller apartments, RVs and dorms without any problem.

Warranty and Price

This washing machine does come with a six year warranty despite having a price range of below $100. For the features, build quality and programmability of this machine, its price is quite reasonable. However, it could have been much better if the manufacturers did think about making the warranty period longer.

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7. Best Budget Pick – Laundry Alternative Wonder washer Machine

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This washing machine does lack programming features present in electric washers. Since this machine is a manual washer, it never consists of several unique features when compared to the electric washer.

However, being a hand crack washing machine, it will help save you energy and water and it is also environmentally friendly.


This machine does have a 5 pound capacity hence; one can use 5-6 clothes at a go. However, it is advisable that you do not overload it and instead one should always half fill it with water to get better results.

Ease of Use

Using this machine is quite easy. One just has to put in clothes, water and some soap then tighten the lid, hold the handle before spinning it on a single revolution in one second for up to three minutes.

When through, the user will have to remove pressure from the top and remove water inside by using the drain hose. However, there are people who were not pleased by the way it stands since it appears flimsy and weak.

Warranty and price

This washing machine is considered to be an excellent washer in terms of warranty and price. As it has been stated above, it does have a longer three year warranty period and it can be afforded by any person due to its lower price.

Things We Like

  • It is idea for soft clothing.
  • Any person can afford it.
  • Portable, lightweight and durable.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Its crank can get off after a few years of use.
  • It does not have advanced features that are present in washing machines.
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Buying Guide for Best Washing Machine 2021

Just like any other ting, you need to be very keen which the type of washing machine you are about to purchase.

Things tend to become even more complicated when it comes to the top rated mashing machines with the variety of types and several features. Telling the difference between the brands can be difficult at times.

It is important for any willing buyer to know what things to look after before making any purchase. Below are some of the most important things to consider.

Wash Load Capacity

Whenever you are shopping for a washing machine, your focus should be on the wash load capacity. The wash load capacity will help in ascertaining the capacity the machine is capable of handling in a single wash. You should be in a position of making good use of the load capacity of the machine to help you conserve energy.

Spinning Speed

The spinning speed of a washer machine will help reveal the speed at which it spins fabrics taking away water either during the washing or drying process. Clothes made from cotton will need a spin speed of 1000-1800 rpm that is much higher while the delicate clothes and synthetics will need a much lower spin speed. You need to ensure that you buy a washer machine that will enable you to change the spin speed.

Wash Programs

You need to keep your eye on a number of programs that come with your washer machine. Programs such as wool wash, quick wash, hand wash and silk wash are common among all the top washing machines. There are also machines that have advanced programs like germ free wash, intensive wash and extra rinse.

There are advanced machines that have fuzzy logic program where one will only require putting their clothes and letting the washer perform the rest. They do have built in sensors which will enable you to choose the right settings to ensure a perfect wash.


Before splashing you cash on a particular washing machine, it is advisable that you check the efficiency rating of the machine first. Ensure the washing performance index is high and it should be in a position to efficiently wash the clothing using a minimal amount of water.

Take your time and look at the rating indexes of each machine when you are shopping online. The indexes are rated on a scale of A to G.

Washing Temperatures

Varying temperatures will be required for washing different clothe types. With this, you can be sure of cleaning cotton clothes at a much higher temperatures. Majority of washing machines are known to offer 3-4 different washing level temperatures.

Supply of Water

Water supply is a very important factor to consider whenever you are shopping for a washing machine. There are washers which are connected directly to the plumbing system to help supply water although there are others which require water to be supplied manually. Majority of the washing machines are capable of taking water that is suitable for soft wash and in stain removal.


From the above best washing machines, it is clear that washing machines are continuing to get better in terms of performance, functionality and capacity. However, before you make any purchase, it is important that you read the buyers guide so that you know the important things to consider from a washing machine.

Washing Machine FAQs

What brand of washing machine is the most reliable?

Samsung, LG and Whirlpool are the most reliable WMs as it requires very less demand for service. (less than 7%)

What is the best washing machine 2021?

1. Haier HLP21N
2. Giantex Mini Compact Washer
3. Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer

What is the best washer and dryers?

Samsung, GE and Bosch

How long should a washing machine last?

14 years on average as per recent statistical data and reports.

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