Best Smartphones 2020 : Best Top Smartphone to buy this year

Imagine Life without Smartphones in current era!Best Smartphone 2017

No Calling, No texting, No Internet and Gaming and No Entertainment at all Nothing!!

Just 2 weeks before I lost my phone and after that, I just ordered my new Smartphone Set “Xiaomi Redmi Note 3” which took nearly 3-4 days to get delivered at my place. In that period (3-4days) of delivery I was just without any phone and how I passed those days without any smartphone was the strenuous time I lived. It seemed as I just lost a small part of my life.

Nearly now from 2016 statistics there had been more than 20,000 smartphone users (U.S.) and more than 50% U.S users agreed that:

“Ï can’t imagine my life without a Smartphone”.

If you are thinking of buying the latest smart phone, then go through this :

Some of the best company best smartphones 2017 are being listed below which will help and guide you to have the best ever brand with the good features.  The features and specifications will allow you to find out the best among the all. Some of the requirements of a particular user can get the right one by the comparison of the various companies. New versions have also been launched right at the end of the year 2016 or at the beginning of the year 2017 to bring surprises to the people.

Best Smartphones 2017

And surely that some of the Smartphones are not for everyone as they carry a heavy price tag. But one thing is perfectly sure for that listing the below Smartphones are worthy enough to make out into the list of Top 10 Best Smartphones 2017.

Comparison of the latest smart phones on basic features

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1. Apple I phone 8: Best Smartphone to buy in 2017

The recent launch was the Iphone 7 and after Best Smartphonethat the Iphone 8 has been launched with the upgraded version. Apple needs no introduction about the company but it can give the users an idea that the price is high. But why it has been made high? It is the incomparable quality that has made it high and that is too justified.

2017 will have the new version of the 8 and thus it will bring in some new surprises for the people.The version 7 has been sensational and touching to everyone but it has been the version 8 that has created a new hype in the market with its new features and specification.

It can be considered as best smartphone 2017.


The performance of the phone will be the ultimate one. It has been packed with the iOS 11. And additionally it is upgradable to iOS 11.3.2. The processor of the phone is the A10.
The display of the phone has the OLED display that gives you an ultimate display of the images. The interactive phone or the I phone has all the qualities of the I phone and thus it can help the professional to use it as it requires. The battery of the phone extends up to 8+days and the power is the 2700mAh. The camera of the phone has the basic pixels of the 14MP with the front camera of 4 MP. The camera has the quality of auto focus. Charging is done rapidly with the wireless mode.

There are others features like the eye and finger print scanner, retina display is being done and has the OLED display. Memory of the phone is minimum of 16 GB expandable up to 256 GB. So it can be considered as the best smartphone.

There are various sensors of the phones like the barometer, compass, dustproof, shockproof, heart rate, and thermometer. The in build RAM of the phone is 4 GB which enable you with a high speed and thus can bring in a huge performance rate. The performance of the phone has allowed many to prefer it and thus can bring in high popularity.  But hopefully being a high ended phone company, apple will bring in a new version that will allow people to get it.

  • High Display quality
  • Outstanding view of the images
  • High screen size


It is awaiting a launch and so the cons has not been determined to that extend to be mentioned. One thing that has been seen is:

  • No home button which has been a big alteration.
  • After using it one can determine whether it is friendly to use it or not.

User’s guide:

It is a phone which the slimmest of all. Moreover t has a metal body which has the colour option of the silver, grey, and rose, gold. Thus there are many options to choose from. The screen display is nearly 6.2” and thus it is quite big in size.

2. Samsung galaxy S8 (edge)

There is another company which has been showingBest Smartphone
a great manufacture in the smart phone fields.  The new version of the galaxy will be launched in the year 2017 which will bring a huge change in this. People are waiting eagerly for this change and thus will bring in the latest model with the unexpected features. The phone has been heard that it is bringing a revolutionary change in the smart phone ideas and thus can bring in a great change. Galaxy note has been under the various controversies. Some are telling this as one of the great failure of the Samsung, while some are suing it for the best smartphone purpose. But Samsung is above all the controversies. So it has been noted that the Samsung galaxy S8 will be the ultimate smart phone making people smarter.


The processor of the phone is the snapdragon QUALCOMM octacore the inbuild ram in the phone has 6GB. The display screen is 5.2” approximately and thus it is quite big. The battery life is nearly 4200 mAH. The rear camera is 30 MP where as the front camera is 9 MP. Thus the camera quality is high with a good image capturing technology. Geo tagging, image stabilization, facial recognition is the other characters that has been in the quality specifications of the phone.

Colours that will be available are the blue, black, gold and white. The other features are the corning gorilla glass, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0 fingerprint scanners, retina eye scanner, rapid charging and mini projector. Thus all these qualities have been added to the phone with the demand of the users of the galaxy new phone. The internal memory is 64 GB and 128 GB and it has the dual micro SD card for an extension of the memory. The current operating system of  the smartphone 2017 will be used for the phone and thus it has not been declared still now. The glass like look of the phone is the new in of the phone thus allowing the people to own a phone that is having a good quality. And Samsung is thus making up the phone as per the consumers need them. The requirements are taken care of and thus people can make everything in their own bag with the new versions of the phone.

Samsung has also informed the media that a new version of the foldable smartphone is awaiting the launch. The launch of this galaxy is expected to be in the month of April 2017. In India the price of the phone will be approximately 55,000 INR. Thus many professional will prefer this phone for its high speed, rapid charging and proper security. It can be considered as the best smartphone 2017

  •  Edge apps are helpful .
  • Convenient Use.
  • Very High Price
  • Not Fully comfortable Holding

User’s guide:

Though it is waiting a launch time still now, but of you are impressed with the qualities of the new version phone then get the right amount to get the phone and make it yours.

3. One plus 4

This is the other phone which has allowed people to get the right phone for the professional usage. It is considered as the successor of the oneplus 3. Many people are using this phone for its performance rate and the excellent camera quality. But the new version of the One plus phone will get the more attraction with the new features of the phone and thus getting anew hype among the consumers. As it has been known that the people who have been using the one plus phone will be getting the right performance. And the camera quality of the phone has always taken the attraction of the people.


The best smartphone will be having curved body with the aluminium body thus offering a unique design. The screen size is 5.5” and thus it is quite large display giving a good view of the images. The resolution of the display is 4K and no other smart phones are having such a high resolution still now. That best part of all the specifications is that the screen is being designed in such a way that it can support the 3D technology very easily.

The one plus phone is better known for its high quality camera that has brought a high popularity among all users. It has integrated the Sony senor which allows a better capturing. The rear camera will be having 22 MP. There is some addition like the auto focus, eye sensor, and other camera sensor has been the new features that have been added to it right now. So now it has been changed a lot fulfilling the expectation for the people who are expecting to get the right one plus phone. The front camera has 8 mega pixels which will be having a great experience of the people.

The inbuilt RAM has 8 GB, the present devices are having 6 GB RAM. The processor will be the QUALCOM snapdragon which will be integrated for fast functioning of the phone. The battery life of the phone has 4000mAH for a long time back up and thus it can be rapidly charged too. The latest inclusion will be wireless charging that is being expected to be available in this device. The price wil be around the 40,000 to 50,000 INR. It is one of the                best smartphone 2017

  •  Rapidly charged with wireless technology.
  • High mega pixel phone camera
  • Good image capturing quality.
  • Still now it has been waiting a launch in the year 2017. Hoping that there will no such cons. But still the rumours are there with the cons of the smartphone going to launch.

User’s guide:

While buying the phone check out the price. It has not been launched yet and the price is still under determination. So check out the price of the best smartphone 2017 once it launches.

4. Microsoft surface phone:

After the Lumina 950 and the other best smartphone of similar kinds, Microsoft has been in the competition of launching a huge hyped smart phone that will be attracting the people with its best ever features. Nokia has been one of the top most companies to manufacture the smart phone. Accompanying with Microsoft, it has been the way to handle the best ever smart phones with the new features. Best mobile phones will be launched in the year 2017 with some nice specifications getting into the right specifications and getting the best ever Microsoft phones can be possible in the list of the best smartphone 2017.


It is a squared metallic body with an excellent design of the phone body. The most attractive feature of this phone is that it has an in build quick stand that will allow the user to use it at any place and at any time. It has 5.5 AMOLED displayed that has allowed people to get the right display of 1440 x 2500 the inbuilt RAM is 4 GB and the 128 GB storage by the dual core SD card is allowed for the phone. The processor of the phone is 64 bit Intel processor that has been allowing it to work very fast with the high processor and in build RAM. The camera of the phone is having 21 MP rear cameras. Though the front camera is absent. Processor will be QUALCOMM snapdragon which will be seen in most of the smart phones launching in 2017. Thus it has many features which were not in the previous sets of the Microsoft hardware by the Nokia. Thus it is one of the best smart phones 2017.
  • Fast processor
  • High RAM
  • High Mega pixel camera
  • High resolution display.
  • As the phone has not been in the market still now, so the cons have not been determined yet.
  • The cons that are available in the media is totally based on the rumours
  • About the specifications of the phones until the phone is being used, the cons cannot be described in details.

User’s guide:

The price of the phone will be around the $699. Thus while it will be sold it will  give you the ultimate guide to buy the phone with the latest specifications.

5. Samsung Galaxy X:

It is another phone of the Samsung Company which will take over a new fold in the world of the Samsung smart phones. This phone is one of the first smart phones that is foldable and thus is expected to get the high popularility for its new show up. The galaxy X is a new phone which is foldable and no other company still now have launched such a phone till now. The phone will be launched in 2017 and thus it will get into the best hyped and popular phone of the year. So the Samsung company will be the first one to reach the technology of flexibility with varied updated specifications.


It is the first foldable phone that Samsung that ever launched in its best smart phone series. Thus reaching the technological upgradation of the flexibility can bring in a great change in the series of smart phones.The display of the phone has the roll able OLED types which have been on experiment for a long period of time.

The other specifications of the phones have not been declared fairly. It is still in air and is total surprise for the consumers. Planned to be launched very soon in the year 2017, the phone has been in suspense to its users for a longer period of time.’ So we all are waiting to know about its specification and get the right desired phone specifications of the smart phones.

  • 6 GB RAM, so the phone will experience high speed.
  • High battery life
  • Large screen up to 5.5” to 5.7”
  • Dual rear camera and iris scanner is the new feature added to this best smartphone of 2017
  • The cons are still not having been reported. After it gets launched, reports can be created with the lag behind quality.

User’s guide:

The phone has been in the media for a limited time. The price and the specifications known till now is very limited. So a detailed user’s guide is not being provided. It can be considered underthe best best smart phones 2017

6. Nokia C1:

The Nokia has announced the new updation of the new smart phone launched.  And it has finally been released by the company. The new smart phone has lot of new specification that has been making the various specifications attractive to the people.


The technology is used for the smart phone is the GSM/ HSPA. The sim that is being used is micro sim. IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 5.5“screen size. Thus it is a large phone which has a high resolution 1080×1920. It has the multi touch. The android version is 6 and it has the latest version. The processor has the QUALCOMM with the Andreno CPU. Internal memory is 32 GB and with the 2 GB RAM. The camera has the quality of auto focus with the 13MP and the front camera has the 5 MP camera. With these Nokia will again proof that it can gift the best smartphone2017

Thus it has been seen that it has gained a lot of improvement and will be providing the smart phone for everyone in the society.

  • Good processor and latest one
  • High speed
  • Allows the phone for multi-purpose.
  • High Mega pixel Camera
  • Catching Look (Black Color Favourable)
  • Low front camera quality
  • Memory can be made more as per the apps used now a days

User’s guide:

The price of the phone is being determined at approximately 13,000 INR and thus it is quite affordable for all people to get it. Many people who are thinking of buying a best smart phone with such updated specification, then this Nokia set can be the best one for you.

7. Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi smart phones have reached the expectation of the people to a high level for the best smart phone 2017. It has created a new version of the smart phone that people desire to have it with them. Earlier the company has launched many other smart phones that have attracted the people and using the phone successfully. Now the new and latest version is yet to be launched with the best qualities. The new MI 6 is the successor of the mi5 and though the earlier version was very impressive, yet the new version has lot of expectation about it. The specifications are being mentioned here.


The specification outline of the new phone will give an idea of the phone that will help the buyer to get an idea about the phone. The Mi6 will be coming up with the 256 GB of internal storage. Thus it is a huge storage which will allow people to run the different apps and thus have a fast running capability. The Ram of the phone will be 8GB and the operating system of the phone is android N. This OS is the new and updated version of the android OS and thus it is the latest one. The rear camera has the 21 MP cameras and the front camera has the 13 MP camera. The network is expected to come with 5G network. Thus it is one of the most updated versions of the smart phones. It is expected to get launched by the last of the year 2016. So it can be enlisted in the best smart phones 2017
  • High memory capacity
  • High quality Camera
  • nice look (as being declared by the media)
  • Not expected still now.

User’s guide:

It has been said till now is said to be $399. But it is not sure till now. All have to wait until  the grand launch of the best smart phone 2017.

8. Le Max 2 Pro extreme:

LeEco is a company well known for its various products. But recently it has also gained a high popularility in the smart phone manufacturer. They are one of the companies that are creating some of the best smartphones of the last few years. The new launch has been declared by the company though not in details. It is being expected to get launched in the year 2017 in the month of June.


It has 8 GB RAM with 25 MP rear camera and the front camera is 16 MP. The display screen is having 6’ display size. Processor is of snapdragon 830.
  • latest piece
  • High speed processor
  • High MP camera
  • Large screen size

User’s guide:

The customer can expect the price range within affordability. Check out the specification that will be released during the launch of the phone. Check out for the best smart phone 2017

9. LG G flex 3:

LG is one of the phone manufacturing companies that have been considered as the next game changer. The LG has been known for its bend shape which we have seen in the flex 2 design. The flex 3 is also having the same design but with some more specification that will be handling the best ever. The mobile can be expected to get launched in the IFA Berlin in the year 2017.


The processor of the phone is Qualcomm snapdragon 820.

It has a Ram of 6 GB

The internal storage is 128 GB storage option

The fingerprint scanner is available

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • High RAM
  • Internal memory has low storage.
  • Except this for the other cons we have to wait until its launch.

User’s guide:

The expected price for such an updated version of smart phone is being determined at $399 which is near about 40,000 INR. The phone is slimmer in look and thus it can be the best one to handle the phone comfortably. Being the best smart phone 2017, the company can expect a huge hype within the market.

10. Sony experia C6 smart phone:

Sony is also a company that has gained a lot of popularility among its users. It has earlier launched many products that have brought a great product. Meeting the expectation of the people, Sony has been again taken the initiative to launch the best smart phone 2017 that has many new specifications allowing people to get a new smart phone in the year 2017


The most expected feature of the phone is that it has a high resolution camera of 21 mp camera. The OS is android v6.0 supporting 4g 3g and wifi. Thus it is another phone that is supporting high speed. The processor of the phone is 1.7 GHz with octa core processor. Hopingly with this characteristics, it will get the title of the best smart phone 2017
  • Waterproof sensory phone
  • 6 inch large display
  • Expandable external memory
  • No fingerprint scanner as in the updated phones in 2017
  • The technology of quick charging is absent.
  • No wireless charging is available.

User’s guide:

Get a good phone of the LG with the price within 26,000 INR. Various updated features are being provided in this best smart phone which will allow you to get the right phone. It is being planned to get launched by the month of December of eh year 2016. It is one of the upcoming smart phones of Sony to have highest camera and the largest display of the phone. You need to have the micro sim card for the usage of the phone.


Thus there are lot of best smart phones that will be coming up in the New Year or at the last of the present year. But among all of them some of these phones will be considered as the best smart phones 2017 for its various features and specification. This updated technology will allow people to get acquainted with the new technological advancement, thus allowing the people to us ethe latest devices with good features.Smart phones are the phones which have been in use in these recent years with a high rate. There are many companies which have been in the list of the smart phone manufacture and thus have gain high popularity with the people. There are many versions of the smart phones which are for different purposes. But these versions are coming up with every single company. So we are confused about the best one and to find the right buy. Various technological advancements are taking place and thus people can often go into the right option. Though different companies have different signature qualities but these qualities have to be studied to get the best ever smart phone.


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